Top Photos of the Month - February

Mar 2, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
What do you do if the UCI decides to host a road cycling world championships in your home town Build a jump over the peloton of course Josh slapped on his McGazza shirt and sent it for Kelly. As featured in Revolution Mag Issue 45.

1. Josh Johnston jumping the peloton. Photo by @Chamakazi. 27,373 views.

Jungle magic on La Palma.

2. The 2016 Photo of the Year taken by @SSPhoto26. 15,788 views.

Cmac and R-Dog shred in Granada Spain during the filming of Not 2 Bad with Anthill Films.

3. Cmac and R-Dog shred in Granada, Spain during the filming of Not 2 Bad with Anthill Films. Shot by @sterlinglorence. 7,327 views.

Reg Mullett riding Mount 7 from the summit to valley bottom. There was beer at the bottom so we rode fast.

4. Reg Mullett riding Mount 7 from the summit to valley bottom. There was beer at the bottom, so we rode fast. Photo by @ReubenKrabbe. 6,240 views.

Casey Brown in Madeira Portugal

5. Another banger from @sterlinglorence. This time it's Casey Brown in Madeira, Portugal. 5,969 views.

Honorable Mentions

Kaos flipping his DH bike for the first time during the 50 01 track launch at Revolution Bike Park. Photo by Moonhead Media


MENTIONS: @sterlinglorence / @ReubenKrabbe / @SSPhoto26


  • + 110
 #1 is awesome... emailing it to all the roadies I know. Smile
  • + 35
 MTB'ers know how to rack up them frequent flier miles.
  • + 12
Rbrings me back to 03 or whenever that dave guy did it...
  • + 14
 @ajax-ripper: Dave Watson, NWD 4 Ride the Lightning so 2003 or 2004? BTW best trailer ever with Marilyn Manson.
  • + 7
 some roadies are filming..... and is that a single crown??
  • + 7
 Some smartarse roadies emailed me back pic #6 'face plant'
  • + 5
 @thedriftisreal: yep, he's on a 160mm nukeproof mega
  • + 7
 MTB > Road
  • + 1
 @AntN: haha no that guy is steezn' hard.
  • + 40
 Huck over Spandex Peloton Sounds like a punk band
  • + 18
 Photo of February - 25000 views Photo of 2016 - 16000 views Well done 2017
  • + 13
 #1 says it all. I've told my wife that if I ever, ever wake up one morning consumed with the idea of putting on brightly colored spandex and then going out to play in traffic... that she is to immediately take me to the nearest mental health facility.
  • + 13
 Honestly I have no idea how #2 won photo of the year. Obviously subjective, but even #5 in this list looks better.
  • + 28
 that awkward moment when photo of the year doesnt even get the most views in one month...
  • + 13
 5 is better than 2? Are we looking at the same pictures? wtf
  • + 0
 I guess you should have voted moar
  • + 7
 The landing on the gap is dodgy as well, short, loose and a great many things to hit, and If you come up short, let's just say, you really don't want to come up short
  • + 6
 dont know how that inferiority complex MTBers over Roadies has existed for so long
  • + 3
 I don't think it has anything to do with the sport itself, but rather the SPANDEX outfits on men. Kind of like showing up on a public beach wearing a speedo.
  • + 5
 @vokes: No, it's the sport. I used to ride road, but I won't go back unless I need to train. I spend far too much time on concrete and pavement. I need the tonic of being out in nature. It feeds the soul. And, to top it off, the excitement of trail riding hands down beats the monotony of being on the road. +1 MTB
  • + 1
 haha, it might be little bit of both

anyway that "excitement" of the trail you are talking about, a similar exciment could be felt in road biking, the only problem is that you need to be in top performance to fully enjoy it, if you are not fit, is just like riding a bike to the store, but being at the top of your performance climbing a step road, sweating, knowing you prepared yourself for it, knowing that you can beat it, is just as exciting as going down a trail on an MTB.

In other words MTB is the path of least resistance toward fully enjoyment in Cycling.
  • + 4
 those roadies. They dont look like normal roadies with stick arms. All of em have big ol biceps.
  • + 6
 Maybe its too early in the season for stick arms. They haven't started weighing their food yet.
  • + 2
 The day before the race was arm day.
  • - 1

  • + 1
 @twozerosix, @owlie: looks like master world's race. I see a Italian, French, Australian, NZ and Slovenian jersey.
  • + 2
 always a tuff call , but , #4 . then #3 with a close second place . #2 is off the hook as well
  • + 2
 Am I crazy or was it not long ago that the top pics would have 50k views?
  • + 0
 Only one dude from peloton look above and saw a birdie Big Grin other are to busy being serious sportsmen...
  • + 1
 #1 is true ? mmm #3 its great!!
  • + 1
 these are really good.
haha no roosts to Big Grin
  • + 0
 Refreshing there is no token "roost" shots..... I enjoy them.... but only in moderation.....
  • - 3
 You know some of those spandex-wearers complained to the race organizer about the dude skying over the top of them. Those dudes are WAY too anal-retentive to let something like that slide
  • - 1
 So, so, so symbolically accurate on how much mountain biking owns road biking
  • + 0
 #1 MTB > Road
  • - 3
 "Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? NO! it's a real mountain bike you poofters"
  • - 1
 2! shure
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