Tough Conditions on a Tough Track - Red Bull Hardline 2017 Highlights

Sep 25, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

If there's one thing we have learned from Red Bull Hardline, it's you never can know who will take the win. This year it was proven again with Craig Evans putting it to a host of World Cup downhillers in the Welsh countryside, holding it together and coming away victorious.


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 Hopefully there's prize money involved so Craig Evans can afford to get a haircut from someone other than his mom.
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 Yea, I thought he likes medieval moviesWink
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 yeah and maybe he can stop washing windows for a living! seriously though that would suck, being able to ride at such a high level and being considered one of the best in the world at your sport yet having to wash windows for living.
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 My money's on Ratboy working the scissors!
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 It's a 50 to 01 haircut, what'd you expect?!
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 Not enough! More, more, more!!!
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 Now I see why World Cup tracks have pads on the trees. Oooooffff!!!
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 What is it with red bull putting on events and everyone wanting to relive them in highlights and it's all of 30 seconds riding from the live feed.... Bring back dirt TVs finally
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 just watch the whole replay on RB.
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 looks like a hard line
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 yeah the clue was always in the title Rolleyes
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 What a crappy Video. If they really want / need to make it so short (although I don't see the point other than saving money), they shouldn't fill the first half with intro content. Now you barely see each rider for some brief seconds. I'm sure there would be plenty more footage worthy of the label “highlight“...
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 Brayton hitting that tree was gnar. At least it stopped him from hitting the big boulder right in front of it.
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 He CRUSHED that tree! I hope he is ok, those crashes are no joke!
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 @boulderbasher69: I disagree about it not being a joke.
Example 1: What type of tree did Brayton hit? A cr-Ash.
Example 2: What did he say after Brayton hit the tree? "You son of a birch!"
Example 3: What did Brayton do after hitting the tree? "He pined for his mum"
(Disclaimer: I never said anything about a *good* joke.)
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 Insanity with a purpose. My favorite kind.
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 So Brutal, but man that didn't show enough of how rough that course was.
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 This is Highlights??? Really bad job
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 I would take a chainsaw to that tree. If that wasn't there he would have won...
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 No, he would have eaten dirt and lost more time!
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 Next time I have a tree to remove I'm going to take an Adam Brayton to it though
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 What happened to Gee?
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 Looks like suicide attempt.
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