Video: Trackside Carnage From Red Bull Hardline

Sep 14, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

MENTIONS: @wideopenmag


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 I think we need to review the definition of carnage in relation to what is being shown in this video. I would propose renaming the upload as " dudes riding parts of the course in practice and some of them coming up a bit short". not quite the clickbait that CARNAGE offers, but at least its accurate.
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 If you are a shock, this actually is carnage.
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 Those cases looked fairly carnagearous to me
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 No, carnage means destoryed wheels and bent frames. this was not carnage.
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 I like Dan,but it is so stupid to build dirtjumps in a DH-track,the takeoff is much to steep for this bikes !!!
That´s not the way,we should develop our Sport. It is an outdoor sport with wind and rain... it have to be ridable at every condition!
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 Anyone else think the PB coverage of this has been weak? Vital and Dirt have brought this to life, PB have only embedded other people's stuff.
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 "Full race recap and photo epic coming" - on the pinkbike results article
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 That guy blaring the siren as riders go past needs to be slapped.
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 At least he's actually watching. Its the dummies filming with their phones I don't understand. Do they actually go back and watch that shit quality clip when there's proper videos like this? ....Anyways, what a gnar course!
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 Isn't that what hecklers do? Heckle? I thought it was kinda funny.
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 Yeah, screw those guys yelling and banging their hands together too.
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flag rigodon777 (Sep 14, 2015 at 23:20) (Below Threshold)
 Wow! You would be the kind of guy to refuse to take his shirt off on the Heckler's rock at Crankworx.....
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 I was stood next to that bellend with the siren for a short while. I had to leave before ramming his megaphone down his throat. He was an absolute cock as well, saying monumentally unfunny things and getting strange looks from a lot of people.
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 A diesel jeep wrangler unlimited!, why can't they sell those over here. That looks totally treacherous and slick plus learning massive gaps.... wow
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 Because of stringent bullshit emissions over here. Much more lax on that side of the pond to my knowledge.
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 Factual on being more lax, although the Canadian market still craves the diesel Jeep!
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 Same down here. You could always just buy a 12 valve Cummins and do it yourself Smile
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 ^you mean a 4bt. there are many reasons why a 12 valve wouldnt work...
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 you said, just buy a 12 valve and DIY, within the first minute of the video the guy says almost a year and a half build time, and alot of one-off parts. that build cost at least 30,000$ or more if a shop did it, not including the jeeps original purchase price. You're correct its doable, if youve got dumb money or time. ill eat my words but a 4bt is still the only real choice in my eyes.
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 Hahaha just wanted to have fun with you bud. Go big or go home! (And go broke)
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 I put a 4bt out of a wrecked excavator (17 hours on the engine and practically free) in a Jeep CJ 7 and it was awesome. Nobody needs more torque than that.
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 @somismtb We dont have the same emissions bullshit that you guys do in California. Just that manufacturers have to equip all their trucks with the DEF and EGR bullshit which makes them severely worse on fuel to clean up what comes out of the tailpipe. Whats worse, a little soot or burning more of a non renewable resource? Sure glad I live in a place where I can straight pipe my truck (not technically legal) and run a programmer and get 26mpg in a 6000 pound truck. Good luck getting anything near 26mpg with all the emissions bs on a brand new diesel.
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 Hope you've got a turbo to go along with those straight pipes
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 You bet man she howls pretty goodSmile
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 Ive been watching diesel videos on YouTube for an hour now.
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 First world problems
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 Forgive me if I'm being stupid, but Al[ex] Bond who featured in this event and video is the same Al Bond that is/was on Dirt/Orange?

If so, anyone know why he's on a fury here with different kit?
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 Yes mate it is the same Al Bond. As far as i know he quit racing but turns up for some events when invited. On his Instagram he says he borrowed the Fury from Dan Atherton and the kit from Bernard Kerr
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 Ah I see. Thanks for filling me in.
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 should have used a landrover
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 Hahaha,one of the craziest DH tracks ever seen and half of the comments are related to the vehicle in the clip!
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 Where's the Carnage???
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 No vid of the huge step up?
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 Don't think it was used in the end
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 don't think any of the riders actually hit it in the end, i don't blame them though it looked huge!
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 Wow at least the Jeeps in the UK get a decent engine package. I believe I was hearing a turbo diesel. Hopefully the US spec gets one shortly.
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 I heard that and got real jealous haha I wonder why so many cars you can get diesel over there, but not here?
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 Europeans really have their shit together when it comes to anything automotive. They understand the benefits of things most Americans turn their nose up to. Such as wagons, hatchbacks, and diesel motors. Jeep has confirmed in a round about way that they should be offering a turbo diesel from the RAM 1500 in the Wrangler, thank god. IMO that is the perfect motor for a vehicle like that. Tons of torque and relatively good fuel economy. Simply put our friends across the pond do it better when it comes to cars. I mean the only reason why Cadillac is relevant is because Johann was poached from Audi, LOL.
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 Dont get too excited, they could barley make it up a grassy slope at hardline. Wasn't the best advert for them
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 haha yeah everyone in my family drives a TDI and I have a 07 Versa Hatchback (the cool body style), I know my dad was stoked about some diesel Jeep coming out but it never happen, hopefully it does cause it would be absolutely perfect. Oh well, Murica.
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IMO, Since the Athertons are English they should have Land Rover sponsor them (even if they are owned by an Indian company).
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 Too bad there is no such thing as an internal combustion MOTOR. Everything else is spot on. The torque of a diesel in a jeep combined with its short wheelbase and lightweight would make quite the crawler!
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I know better than that... 12 lashes with a wet noddle.
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flag humoroususername (Sep 14, 2015 at 11:08) (Below Threshold)
 Americans....stop wishing for diesel engines! WTF is wrong with you?

Almost everything sold here now is a diesel. A filthy, particulate, spewing diesel. In a off roader, truck or agricultural situation diesels are the only logical choice here. However, they are noisy, smelly, characterless, expensive and unreliable and almost every car is now coming with one. And every single diesel car emits well over the allowed figures of particulate which is proven to be cancer causing.

Not to mention the reliability issues of modern diesel engines.

As for having our shit together when it comes to cars... Try finding a euro car with anything other than a small turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. Unless you have €70,000+ to spend you won't find one too easily. Loads of power, fuel efficiency but zero character. European cars are really boring right now. American cars are well ahead of Europeans when it comes to reliability too.

My disdain for euro cars is more to do with VAG and BMW than anything.
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 Go home Canada.
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 The Canadian defending American Cars..... Its like the French finishing a battle... You just dont see it.
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 Yeah but like 48mpg out of a wagon with almost 300hp is pretty rad, especially when we can haul the whole fam for a weekend trip over the mountains and still get 40mpg with plenty of power. And like 250,000 miles and still trucking ain't too shabby either.....diesel.....
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I think you are referring to a product from about 15 years ago. I will agree that V.A.G. and BMW are lacking some character. However other brands such as Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Mercedes, Mclaren, shit even Renault has a product with tons of spirit and character. My EVO X is a four cylinder turbo and I hate when people start the cylinder and displacement argument. Its total bullshit. In terms of power most people couldn't handle more than 200 BHP with out knowing what there doing. Secondly the only thing that matters is power to weight. I will say Chrysler producing a car with 707 BHP and selling it for roughly $68K that's pretty competitive. However with Dealer/Private mark ups that Hellcat will cost around $100K im sure.
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 I do appreciate that diesel is dirty, but mile for mile you do burn less of it than unleaded. Also, lets face it, unleaded didnt come straight out the ground that clean. Lets bear in mind the insane amount of energy required to get unleaded petrol. That muck has removed and its gone somewhere. At the end of the day they are probably about as bad as one another.
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 Oh I'm not really slating all Euro cars, its just that when Americans think of european cars they tend to think of German cars only. I have two Alfa Romeos. One is a 2.5 V6 and the other is a 2.2 4cylinder. Similar power output and torque from both but the V6 is leagues ahead in terms of how fun it is to drive. Not to mention the sound from the V6. I just think people tend to buy cars based exclusively on figures on a page now which is bullshit. Nurburgring fastest laps are a major marketing tool as well. Who gives a f*ck? I drove a Seat Cupra R which is one of the fastest FWD cars ever around the nurburgring recently and it was incredibly boring. You would have to drive at license losing speed for it to be fun. That is the case with most modern cars. My V6 alfa is fun pretty much all day, every day. Mainly because of the engine.

I love Evo's and WRX imprezas. Small displacement with mahoosive turbos are fun cars. Absolutely no lack of character. Just spine tingling fear when the turbo kicks in.

Anyway, my point is that there is now no viable replacement for my v6 available as everything has been replaced by small 4 cylinder turbo diesels. They are so boring. So much so that BMW, Audi, etc have taken to piping in fake engine sounds to make up for the lack of noise from the engines. In the US there are still plenty of everyday cars on the road with silly characterful engines. I almost never hear a car that makes me turn to see what it is here.

Modern diesels are quieter and more powerful than in the past but have serious reliability issues because of all the technology required to make them even remotely clean. Diesel is still filthy in comparison to petrol, they are just better at hiding it now.

PS. I'm not from Canada.
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I think we are really on the same page. I hoped on your page and saw the photo of your Alfa, Its beautiful. I am looking forward to the return of Alfa here in the States. Where are you from originally?
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 Clearly you know nothing about diesel cars then. Modern diesels even in vans and 4x4s are doing over 40mpg and around 60mpg in cars if not more. Most only need a service around every 20000 miles. Their reliability is generally excellent. The UK has strict emmision laws on its annual MOT. We also use much higher quality fuel than in the US so stuff runs better. Your more than welcome to try out my VW T5 TDI van doing 110 mph. Its got 200,000 miles on it and ten years old. Its stock and still hauls at the lights. Then tell us about diesels.
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 I agree with you. Diesel is filthy. But so is petrol. After all, they both come from the same place, crude oil. The only difference is that with petrol, the harmful hydrocarbons are removed by the oil refiner so you dont have to feel guilty about releasing them. But lets not for a minute imagine petrol is any cleaner, those hydrocarbons have gone somewhere. They both stink and we should look elsewhere.
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 @ilovedust - Sorry, but where did I say diesel cars dont get massive MPG? We have 5 diesel vehicles in our household. They are torquey and make fantastic work vehicles and long distance cruisers. The older ones are also very reliable as they were not complex. Our older ones have never had any engine problems. The new ones have all suffered some sort of engine related failure. Our petrol cars have never had any engine issues. Modern diesels (which your 10 year old van is not) have DPF, complex EGR valves, dual mass flywheels etc all of which have massively increased the complexity of the engines. . All of those items are very prone to failure and are often very expensive fixes which will cancel out your fuel savings unless you do high mileage. They also suffer from carbon build up. Modern diesels are a disaster if you do lots of short journeys. A modern petrol will also easily get over 45mpg and wont have the same issues. Even GTI Golfs are able to tip 40mpg now. My 14 year old petrol Volvo used to get 42mpg regardless of how hard I drove it. They also have stupidly long service intervals (and it is quite stupid to leave your car go 20,000 miles without a service).

As for having strict emissions tests. A diesel car would never pass an emissions test for petrol cars. They just have higher limits. The most harmful to humans thing that comes out of an engine is particulate. Petrol cars produce almost zero. Diesels all produce large quantities of it. DPFs reduce a lot of it but they fail so people remove them, Diesels are so dirty that they are soon to be banned in Paris and London. In Japan they are banned and are as good as banned in many states in the USA. Diesels have their uses, but if stupid CO2 rules which are now being repealed had not been brought in they would never have become as popular as they did in private road cars.

Basically the only thing diesel has going for it is MPG and low down torque. And modern petrols also have that now due to the proliferation of turbo charging.

So yeah...did i just tell you enough about diesels as you requested?

@carlitouk I'd much rather the pollutants were removed in a desert in UAE than in the middle of a city with millions of people around to swallow up the residue.
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 Dream on. I want a diesel Land Cruiser, but it aint gonna happen in 'Murica.
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 I dont really want to drag this out, it is a biking website after all, but although i realise you may prefer all those nasty bits of oil to remain in the uae, the only problem with that is that canada is the fifth largest producer of oil in the world, above the uae. Sadly the largest oil producer globally you have right next door. Sometimes nasty oil production is right on our own doorstep.
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 It's safe to say I would'nt ride it!
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 Looks like Hope has their gas to flat competition already figured out.
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 Your frames are shadowing, it aint hard guys, get a better editor.
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 This edit was brutal. Not one piece of carnage in it Madder
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