Video: Trail Makeover 2014

Aug 25, 2014
by NR8 Productions  
This shovel was bought back from Bulgaria in a suitcase and placed in my loving arms back here in Blighty. Best present I ever received- thanks to Bob and Will.

I was just sitting in an armchair having a brew like any average day when a mate offered to show me a home movie. Now, knowing the person in question, I thought that I would firmly yet politely decline, but he assured me that only bikes were ridden in this particular ‘production’. He took the mini tape out of his retro camcorder, put it into larger VHS tape adaptor and threw it in the player. Without warning, I witnessed what I can only describe as heaven on screen in front of my very eyes. A series of hand sculpted golden dirt jumps that seemed to go on and on in every direction. It wasn’t even a conscious decision, before I knew it I was up on my feet telling my friend that we were going there...right now.

It was a bit of a drive, well over a 100mile round trip, but I’ve gone on to do the journey every week ever since and that first visit was nearly 8 years ago. Yep, I know, I need to move closer.

I always had a ‘no dig, no ride’ approach to riding and was eager to help build at the trails, but I soon learnt my skills were not up to scratch. The main guys here could sculpt dirt with the methodical precision of a Swiss wristwatch. The place was adorned with smooth, square edged kickers and perfect transitions. Years of perseverance saw improvement in my shovel skills, but more importantly working with these guys formed the basis of friendships I hope will last a lifetime.

Fred throws estimated spade number 3 076 382 onto the I line.

Building takes forever. Was what designed and agreed in 10 minutes then goes on to take months to dig by hand. Wheel barrow loads look like just a spade full of dirt when you dump them at the base of what will become an 8ft high landing. Every estimate in the ‘guess the number of barrows we’ll need’ contest always comes woefully short. It’s hard work, but when you’ve got a good group of mates with a shared goal, a stove and a kettle then it never feels that way.

Always wanted to do a spinning timelapse- have failed before but this time I made a better rig to show a kicker being built from scratch.

Every year we work hard to keep the trails in good shape, but this year we were hit by the worst winter on record. After a month long battering from a succession of violent storms, every line at the trails was blocked by fallen pine that had previously stood for decades. It created a lot of extra work but every cloud has a silver lining... we now had the material to build a shelter. The wetter yet warmer weather also meant we had no snow or frozen ground to stop us. We just kept digging.

A shiny shovel.

For the last few years I have filmed the work as I still remember that feeling when I first watched my mate’s camcorder footage all those years ago. I believe the main guys here to be true artists and I’ve really appreciated them letting me document what they do. I’ve strived to make a video that reflects the group and the masterpiece they have created. I hope you enjoy it and we all hope it inspires people to get their spades out of the shed and get creative.

Bob - Good bloke awesome builder and ridiculously flowy rider- oh and he has the work ethic of a soldier ant.

If you are lucky enough to know where these trails are, please keep it to yourself.

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 Awesome video and write up man. Its incredible the amount of heart and passion you all put into this project, I know everyone on this site loves to ride but you guys bring that love to a whole new level, serious props to you and the whole crew. Keep shredding.
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 Thanks dude, really appreciate your comment. I'm truly blessed to have found these guys. Making this video took over my life a bit- nearly all my camera rigs were designed and built in my spare room at home in the evenings! It's been raining a fair bit over the last month and we've already started digging a new section... I think we're all addicted!
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 that was one of the most beautiful things ive even seen
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 MEGA good work dude, some very good shots and cuts i noticed. VOD for sure again this year. well done you have made me very stoked.
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 Cheers buddy, much appreciated. Relieved you like it. Dunno if this one is VOD worthy to be honest- don't think it quite has the impact of last's years' because it was such a mild winter and we didn't get any snow. Also we never really got the jumps looking as sexy this year as the weeds just kept growing!
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 VOD for sure
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 Holy sweet mother of jebus!! The quality of that dirt is mind blowing, and the work you put into it is amazing. I love trailbuilding, riding and feel good movies.
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 Cheers buddy, we're blessed with near perfect dirt in places but we have to distribute it to the really sandy areas than would turn into a sandy beach without it. The shaded area is also the lowest part of the trails and the dirt there is just awesome. I watch videos of guys building in mountains around the world and really appreciate the work they do just to find and sift decent dirt in those locations.
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 All of the Above ^ plus the 28 things i would like to say about that video Smile Whaatttttttttt...
1. Outstanding
2. Astounding
3. Staggering
4. Kryptonian*
5. Breathtaking
6. Stunning
7. Prodigious
8. Stupendous
9. Righteous
10. Wicked
11. Superb
12. Sublime
13. Indomitable
14. Transcendent
15. Marvelous
16. Resplendent
17. Phenomenal
18. Remarkable
19. Funkadelic*
20. Magnificent
21. Virtuosic
22. Rapturous
23. Flawless
24. Majestic
25. Splendiferous
26. Badass
27. Kickass
28. Legendary
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 Give that^^ guy a medal!
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 I've always wanted to be funkadelic ha ha. Your comment made my day!!
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 I was totally wrapped in this, thinking it was some US dirt jumps/crew until I saw everyone turning up to ride in their UK numberplated cars...IMHO this just makes it better because it seems so hard to find, create and keep dirt like this in this country. Awesome job on the jumps as well as the edit and long may your special place remain Smile
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 Some proper dedication and hard work put in here, fair play! wish there were more people like yourselves about, most of the riders over here wouldn't bother to get off their arse to lift a shovel and help out, most of our trails are falling apart because of this and only a few people are actually commited to rebuilding them and putting the work in
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 Very inspiring video. I would love to have a crew like that. There are no trails were I'm from, Im only just getting into downhill And Dj, I drive 2500 km to spend 2 days at mount saint Anne or Bromont, quebec. But I'm addicted as well, I'm trying to get some people on board with me to build a downhill trail and hopefully a pump track. Videos like the one you did keep my fire lit. Good work, keep tearing it up.
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 look at them cheese wedges!! Amazing work guys!
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 Ive only been riding for a couple of years and its watching videos like these of places like that which make me want to grab my bike and send some jumps, well done guys, a real achievement there!
P.S where is it?!
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 I know where it is and im not telling you!!!
  • 3 1
 you GUYS rock!!! All my faves from france!! You've built your dream, which is heaven for all of us!
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 haha and i love the guinea pigs!!!!! congratz! sweet edit
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 Are you mocking the legendary trail dogs Bee & Monty?? How dare you!!!?? Ha ha.
Bob was on holiday for a few weeks and we don't know who we missed more, him or the dogs!
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 That was a thing of beauty. Great digging, riding, filming and editing. nice one lads
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 An awesome edit finally where it belongs on the home page. This place kept me sane after I broke my leg earlier this year.
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 beautiful dirt and a lot of work - thats all i have to say
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 Man that dirt look perfect
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 So great effort, such great flow, such great riding, such great trails, such great hut thingy, such great everything!!!!!
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 *Plt plt plt plt ptptptptptpt plt prt pltplt ptptptptptptpt pt pt pt plt plt* What a pleasant sound!
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 fucking hope these guys have permission for this trail i will die inside if this beauty gets ploughed
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 They have permission
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 i thoroughly enjoyed that!!
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 @cameron14 @kevinhickey7 this is what kind of dirt we need.
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 Those may well be the nicest dirt jumps ever built
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 It did pain me to see all the cases in the end messing up the jumps
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 is it weird that i spunked a bit? cus i did
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 Really impressive.
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 loved every second, can we be friends?
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 Congrats on getting on the front page dude!! Put the kettle on!
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 im lucky enough to know that the trails are in this video
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 WOW. I wish I was part of such a motivated team!
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 Nice one chap

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