Video: Remy Metailler Follows Dylan Wolsky Down One of Squamish's Longest & Hardest Trails

Sep 7, 2019
by Rémy Métailler  

Is this the longest (legal) mountain bike lap in Squamish? Could be! Also one of the hardest ones!

I had ridden these two trails only once before and I will definitely go back! They are steep, technical and a lot of fun.

To lead me down Rigs in Zen and Pleasure Trail I followed Ergon Bike teammate: Dylan Wolsky (@dylanwolsky). He has been racing the Enduro World Series for several years and has also done multiple adventure races. Pleasure Trail is I think the best trail and starts at 5:26.

Trail Preview video with Dylan Wolsky on Rigs in Zen and Pleasure Trail.

If you enjoyed this trail and want to ride it, I advise you to join the Squamish Off Road Cycling Association, this way you will be able to support trails like this one! Thanks a lot to the trail builders for the work!

What trail should I ride next?

Thanks for watching, see you on the trails or Youtube


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 Every time he saya "nice" or "fun" I would have pants full of shite Wink
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 It sounds like he's beating the boss on every level of a video game he really likes.
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 That GoPro effect--didn't even recognize the tight chute on Rigs that I rode around because it was too steep. Didn't seem like Pleasure was much (any?) harder than Rigs. Loved 'em both.
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 They skip that chute for some reason. It's on the right where a rider is standing at 2:53.

Pleasure is a masterpiece but no harder than Rigs.. both are borderline black/double black, nowhere near the hardest in Squamish.
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 @ThunderBear: Really? What's harder? Moved away from squam in ~2014. Used to think Larvicide was pretty tech-gnar. Thought Pleasure trail was pretty hard when I rode it a year or 2 ago...
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 @dglass: Treasure Trail, Chossy Schlabs, SourKraut, Tree Hugger, Dope Slope, Labour of Love, Silver Spoon, Gouranga (slab line and lower sections), Larvicide (new line), and a bunch more that aren't on the maps
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 Nice, I rode rigs in zen yesterday for the first time, super fun trail. Didn't ride pleasure trail though (was on my own) - looks sick, that's one for next time!
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 We are so fortunate to have trails like pretty much in our backyard. Pleasure is an instant masterpiece of trail-building! Nothing better than a Treasure to Pleasure loop when I'm in Squamish!
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 Great to see these trails!
I’m a little surprised that the longest lap in Squamish is only just over 4km long!
Makes me realize that my home trails in Rossland are loooong by comparison.
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 I think they mean the longest individual double-black trail. But it's true that the various trails in Squampton tend to be short (although you can link up plenty of long loops).
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 There's def longer trails in terms of km. I think they mean it's one of the longest hard ones maybe? Rossland trails are for sure longer though.
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 Awesome riders. My daughters watched and said "Dad can't do that."
They were right.
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 Another great video, these trails are just wow, were they hiking trails beforehand, or has someone planned them out ?
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 purpose built
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 These two trails are so gnarly, especially in the wet, but still you guys made it look like it's nothing.
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 I love steep techy trails , the stuff in this vid is all next level , excellent .
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 Awesome.. rode that lap yesterday! Excellent trails..
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 I can't imagine how much work it took to build all of that. Wow.. just wow.
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 Just rode this loop yesterday fun and challenging
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 That's with a Hero 7 black with the setting Gopro media team recommended. But I have a solution for the next one hopefully!
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 Remy is so smooooooth!!
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 What do these compare to that is in Whistler bike park?
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 It’s a little more tech than easy does it not quite as steep and b-line
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 Now that's a MTB trail!
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 Hard to watch.
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I tried to watch it on my TV and it was blurry and shaky whenever Rémy was moving...

@remymetailler please get a better camera !

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