Trailer: Fabio Wibmer Evades Security and Faces Fears in 'To The Limit'

Dec 26, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Fabio Wibmer presents a full-length, behind the scenes look at one of his most ambitious projects to date and our readers' Video of the Year - Urban Freeride Lives III.

It's available on Vimeo on Demand now and will be coming to Amazon and iTunes in early 2020.

German Version

English version (with subtitles and dubbed interviews)


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 Specialized can’t be happy about this. Behind the scenes: six BB shell cracks, two headtubes, and a rear tri.
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 common knowledge that their bikes break often, nothing new here
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 They don't build bikes like they used to. Dual crown alloy hardtails and monster ts with a foot of travel on bikes with 10 inches out back were the Masters of the Huck to flat.
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 @j-t-g: yah these mountain bikes are really meant to land on a slope so no real surprise all that plastic keeps snapping when hucking to flat on pavement, take some old school steel bmx bikes with 14 mm solid steel axles and a solid steel fork, 48 spokes and triple wall rims, I guess your legs would break instead of the BB
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 They need to build him a special bike for this stuff obviously it can’t handle the riding he’s doing
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 I want to know how they feel about him riding illegally on all this private property. Not to discredit his amazing riding, but street edits like this don't exactly make friends with the public eye. I feel like companies as big as specialized tend to try and avoid anything that could be controversial like this without permits.
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 @learmiller: always wonder the legalities to bmx street and skate edits, has to be a way that the companies isolate liability for them even though they are paying for them
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 @learmiller: young customers just dont give a funk about that
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 @funkzander: Ya but the US court system does when someone sues, dont know how legal liability works in germany, the US is absurd and stupid
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 @funkzander: The youth in Germany and Europe is going down the river.
Ha ha you know what i mean Wink
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 @learmiller: we’re kidding ourselves if we think this has somehow hurt specialized bikes image. They have a reputation for being the most anal and un fun bike brand in the industry. They would need lots of street cred from videos like fabios to remotely change that image
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flag justinhoelzl (Dec 26, 2019 at 8:53) (Below Threshold)
 @mkotowski1: kids who know nothing about biking and sit on computer all day dont know that, watch this see specialized sponsored, look up, get mommy and daddy to buy some shitty hardrock with rim brakes thinking its the same thing, ride once, go back to watching youtube videos, same marketing strategy with hyper and how they sponsor mtb riders but dont make actualy mtbs
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 @justinhoelzl: thank god Wibmer is Austrian ;-)
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 That dude could break any bike it says nothin about a bikes durability
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 @learmiller: Agreed. Sick riding but the permits that are required to film and do "stunts" are largely to protect the public when things go wrong. Imagine a little kid ran out on one of those stair cases. It's pretty careless and selfish and companies like Spech and Redbull should and do know better.
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 Their engineers can't keep up with him. Breaking the bank.
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 @justinhoelzl: I have been wondering about this for years! How has there not been some sort of 'damage to public property' court case that has come as a result of a full length BMX video of street destruction?! Let us not tempt fate!
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 @learmiller: get off my lawn!
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 @brappuccino where did you got this information from? I was unable to verify it anywhere.
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 @IDVert3X: Nah I was just making it up in jest.
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 why is there so much hate towards fabio on here??? the guy is awesome, sick riding (pun intended) and a great personality. unless you think you can do better shut up and go ride
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 Keep doing what you are doing Fabio!!! Don’t let the Twitter Mob peloton riders tell you different. People always hate what they will never accomplish.
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 Title should be “ Fabio Wibmer Stages Evading Security...”
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 Any press is good press in this situation...

The dude is getting all your clicks (even from the haters) every time he posts a video, because you know the riding is next level no matter what side the needle of the moral compass spins to.

I personally like the idea that there are some riders who don't want to operate within the construct of the rules and just want to do crazy shit.
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 absolute nutter
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 He looks to be uninsurable for healthcare.
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 Not really, he is probably no more of a risk to the insurers than any of the millions of obese diabetics. Plus he is Austrian and therefore covered by mandatory proportional rate insurance.
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 @Ttimer: us americans don't understand foreign healthcare systems. We just assume they are identical to ours i think
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