Trailforks Tutorial: Adding to the Directory

Nov 1, 2016
by Brent Hillier  
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The Pinkbike/Trailforks Directory is a massive collection of bike shops, clubs, trail associations, professional builders, guiding outfits and race organizers. Listings have been integrated into the Trailforks site and App. The latest Trailforks Tutorial will show you how to add any missing content. Help us complete the directory so that we can continue to help Trailforks users all over the globe.

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New to Trailforks? Learn more about the App here, and more about the website here. Have a question you would like answered about Trailforks? Leave it in the comments below and stay tuned for more Trailforks Tutorials.

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 Major shoutout to @trailforks for getting me out of the forest when I took a wrong turn a few weeks back. Real life-saver, loads more reliable than google maps or strava.
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 That is awesome to read. It's been a real game changer for a lot of us that like to get out there. I know of a racer that does 50+mile races and those courses aren't the best marked and they ended up 6miles off course, but only thanks to TF and how it works offline were they able to ensure their position and get back to the correct area.
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 Ditto, trailforks saved my butt a few weeks back; helped me find my way out of the woods when I got off trail. With dusk approaching and no light, it would have definitely been a cold night in the woods. Likewise, I've also been more inclined to check out new trail systems without having to try to find someone to guide me around. Great app, recommend it to every MTBer!
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 I'm repeating myself, but have to give kudos to PB for creating Trailforks.

Best App on my phone and definitely a game changer. Using it for work as a trail builder and using it as a rider. Road trips are
much more enjoyable: less planning and always great trail info on hand.
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 I am contributing as much as possible. this is definitely the best app for mountain biking!!!
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 I'd love to see a follow up showing how to add shops that have multiple locations. The system has errored telling me that I'm adding a duplicate even though they are separate locations with separate phone numbers, street addresses and Website addresses.
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 You're on the right track. With a listing that has multiple locations you'll need to add two seperate listings but it's important to index in the name that it's a different location. Here's a couple example:

Feel free to send me an email and I can help with this.
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 My question has to do with tagging trails (from trailforks) in a video posted to pinkbike. Is there any way to identify more than one trail? For example, if I upload a video composed of shots form 5 trails, it seems I can only tag 1 of those trails. I tried separating the tags by commas etc, but it didn't work. Can you imagine if you could input the time-frames in the video where a certain trails exists? For example: 1 - 1:56 = Northern Lights, 1:56 - 3:39 = Stickrock, etc?
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 currently there is not. You could add the video to the region on TF rather than a specific trail.
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 How you do go abouts editing incorrect info about a shop?
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 are you logged into Trailforks with your Pinkbike account?

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