Trailforks Trail of the Month: Deliverance - Squamish, BC

May 7, 2024
by Holly Duncan  
Photo by Rob Perry
Photos by Rob Perry


This old-school steep and deep trail, recently got a new-school makeover thanks to local trail builder Matt Bolton, his friends and the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association. Deliverance is located in the Diamond Head zone in Squamish, British Columbia - a place where riders flock to from all across the globe just to get a taste of some of the best riding in the Pacific Northwest, and for good reason given the massive variety of trails on offer.

This track starts by veering off the early stages of the blue trail "Your Mom" (insert yo mama joke here), and snakes through luscious greenery that leads to a committing drop to flat before sending you into a steep, unforgiving rooty chute, followed by some deep, soft loam. The trail then branches out into a technical rocky section with steppy drops (that can be cleared if you're up to it), this is also where the Tantalus Bike Shop spicy line was held during the Squamish Enduro, then 'chutes' you out to a rock slab with two line choices and fresh catch berms that line you up for the final straightaway.

Photo Rob Perry
Home loam goodness

Photo Rob Perry
Does it get any better?

Photo Rob Perry
Spicy line

Photo Rob Perry
Inside line

Photo Rob Perry
Do you ever get that feeling you're being watched...

Photo Rob Perry
Which line would you take?

Photo Rob Perry
Photo Rob Perry

bigquotesDeliverance is one of the oldest MTB trails in Squamish. When Dylan first thought about rebuilding it for the Squamish Enduro I was skeptical... The slope is extremely steep and the ground is mostly rock. We walked it a couple times and came up with a plan to realign some sections and fix the trenched in boulder field. My friend Anton and I got to work as early as possible, pushing through the late season snow and putting some big days in on the tools.

We moved a mind-melting amount of rock and repurposed it for catch berms and trail support. The lower section was a complete mess but with help from Anton and Jordan we turned it into a high speed DH section with some proper berms at the finish. Super stoked on breathing some life back into this classic, hopefully it can last for another 20 years! Thanks Squamish Enduro for making this happen as well as SORCA for supporting our trail work.

- Matt Bolton
Jordan and Anton on Deliverance
Jordan and Anton taking in the view // photo credit: Matt Bolton's phone

Photo Rob Perry
The crowd when they saw the recent trail work completed

Photo Rob Perry
Anton maintaining the track. He's also an 'overall' great guy

Photo Rob Perry
Repurposed rock for catch berms and trail support

Photo Rob Perry
Rake it till ya make it

Photo Rob Perry
Not riding this trail while visiting Squamish would be a grave mistake...

After the trail got an upgrade by Bolts 'n friends, the weather gods delivered with just enough rainfall overnight to make for some prime conditions during race day. I got to test the track out for myself (3 days in a row), and I can personally say, it delivered!

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 Squamish looks pretty lame - Bentonville trails are waaay better.
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 I guess all you can really do is laugh at this comment!
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 MTB Capital of the World!
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 it sucks don't go
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 Squamish trails are definitely better than anything elsewhere in BC, all tourists should continue to only travel to Squamish.
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 Nothing to see outside the sea to sky corridor
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 @slickwilly1: Also, trust fund kids, continue to only move to & buy homes in the sea to sky corridor. It is the only place worth owning or renting property.
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 There actually isn't any mountain biking in BC outside of the corridor.
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 No photos of the jankity sections that make this trail a legit double black?!
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 If any Canadians are wondering how Squamish is in the “pacific northwest”, it’s only relative to the old pinkbike hq in Chilliwack
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 Trail of the day today....blown out trail of the day tomorrow.
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 Squamish sucks don't go
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 Quit your grinnin and drop your linen…..that trail looks amazing.
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 Can confirm, it was fun as fuck. I am still yet to try the hot sauce i won on the spicy line though.
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 one day, one day Big Grin
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 That canucks fan seems like a cool dude.
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 looks like he's trying to start a wave in the crowd, lol.
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 Wow - the trail builder has spectators and a cheering section!!
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 This trail truly did not deliver in anything other than disappointment
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