Trailforks Trail of the Month: STRAIGHTline

Jun 23, 2015
by Brent Hillier  

STRAIGHTline, Lenzerheide Bikepark, Switzerland

Trail of the Month

With the 2015 World Cup season in full swing, this month's trail is the next track on the circuit. This past weekend saw the World Cup's elite racing on a Bike Park track. Despite never lacking drama, Leogang is often criticized as not being worthy of world cup racing. For Round 4 of the UCI we'll be heading to Lenzerheide, Switzerland to the Lenzerheide Bikepark. So what makes this Bike Park track different? It's not just designed for World Cup racing, but designed by two World Cup racers: Steve Peat and Claudio Caluori.

Making of MTB Worldcup Straightline Bikepark

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A steep course with huge jumps and drops. This course is not for everyone, making it a perfect fit for the World Cup. STRAIGHTline is the newest trail in the Lenzerheide Bikepark. The black trail descends straight down the mountain below the Rothorn 1 gondola.

The process of STRAIGHTline getting onto the World Cup circuit started in the Spring 2013 with the application for World Cups in 2015, 16 & 17. The UCI gave confirmation in February of 2014 and construction began. With advise from Claudio and Steve, the track was built by Trailworks. Track highlights are the 14m Full Gas step up, two road gaps (“Peaty’s Plank” and “The Wave”) and the 17m Cabin Hit. The course is open to the public and can be ridden up to a week before the race.

Making of MTB Worldcup

Conceptualized in 2012, construction was started on 2013 on the Lenzerheide Bikepark and ended in July 2014. The park offers a wide variety with 5 tracks ranging from Blue, Red and Black. Trails include the fast and fun FLOWline and the aptly named SHOREline.

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 Claudio previewing this course behind Gwin: "Aaron! Wait! I just ran over your chain! Wait! Wait for me!"
  • 9 2
 Gwin would leave him chained to the start.
  • 18 0
 But at the end, what would be more deflated? Claudio's lungs or gwin's back tyre?
  • 11 2
 "Wowooaowaoooawaa! Insert Foo Fighters chorus> "This is really good."

Claudio is awesome. Love his previews.
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 Cappuccino Steve
  • 10 0
 ya dont know Steve?!
  • 3 0
 Steve m888
  • 17 1
 Dear PinkBike,
Could there be a Claudio, Peat, Kovarik, Tippie course preview??

This website is awesome!
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 I would love to take an "Old Guys" skills clinic from that eclectic group.
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 Stop beating a dead horse with Leogang bike park track, already...please. Chainless victory isnt just enough? The racing was truly amazing there
  • 14 1
 Agreed, if you can win without a chain its a proper DH track. End of argument.
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 Everybody calling it as a non DH track, I'd love to see them race it, actually i'd like to see a lot even ride it. Most people have no freaking idea what it's like to actually race a WC track.
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 Cant wait to see a full course preview!
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 Hello, will the DH race be on Saturday if its a shared meeting with the XC boys? Same question for the rest of the WC races particularly the Val di Sole one as I'm going to be there to watch it and would be a bit of a lemon if I turned up on the wrong day! Cheers if anyone knows
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DH finals on Saturday, XCO finals on Sunday! See you there. Wink
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 Cheers mobweb. Can't make it to that race this year unfortunately. Maybe next year. Looks as if the XCO/DH share always results in a Saturday race for DH. You've made me think though - perhaps the best way to check the other races is to look on the web for an update from the venue itself.
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 That last pic makes me want to travel to Switzerland
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 That last picture also looks like Whistler. Lots of great riding in both places I'm sure. I can vouch for the greater Vancouver/Whistler/Pemberton/Sea-to-Sky corridor and beyond. Would love to ride in Switzerland as well. Bikes are cool, and we get to ride them in some amazing places too!
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 Im hitting Switzerland next year in july....cant freaking wait
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 someone needs to man up and just trademark "Straightline" already. about a dozen products, events, trails, things, etc use that name in mtb. it apparently is attractive enough to continue to be used.
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 My brain's all ajumble... Is the next round this weekend, or is the break on for a little longer?
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 July 4 and 5.
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 July 5th
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  • 1 0
 I need to move to Switzerland...

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