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Trailforks Tutorial: Adding Builder Details to a Trail

Jan 23, 2017
by Brent Hillier  
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Trail listings can include a wide variety of details including Builders and Date. If a trail is missing this information it's simple to add. Just click the Yellow Add/Edit button at the top right corner.

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Every trail that's tagged to a Trail Builder company will be listed on their Directory Page. Bike Parks and Trail Associations looking for a Professional Trail Builder can not only find Builders using Trailforks but also explore their past projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at brent@pinkbike.com

New to Trailforks? Learn more about the App here, and more about the website here. Have a question you would like answered about Trailforks? Leave it in the comments below and stay tuned for more Trailforks Tutorials.

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 For those of us who build legal trails on public land with approval, this works well. Cheers!
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 Speak for yourself pinkrobe, our trails are fully approved by the forestry,we have to do design sheets we just don't want them on trailforks. If you haven't built it you shouldn't add it, you however have added 262 trails.......They should do builder 2 the film just for you !
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 @holdandhope: The vast majority of the trails in my area have been around since the 70s and 80s, and somebody needed to add them to Trailforks for there to be even a partially complete view of the riding opportunities in the region. When Trailforks was launched, I took it upon myself to load the preexisting GPS tracks for all the trails I had data for. As these trails are all on public land, that served two purposes:
1. It provided Trailforks users with information on where they can ride, and the difficulty/condition of the trails [the primary function of Trailforks]
2. It helped legitimize the few trails that may have been created with... less than full authorization

The trail group I'm with works with municipal and provincial government to help make sure that we have as much trail to ride as possible. We have been able to use the data in Trailforks [in conjunction with Strava] to prove that trails are needed in certain areas. This has lead to successful collaborations with local government where trails that might have been reclaimed are kept, and also new trail has been built. We believe that public trails should have public accessibility, and Trailforks helps achieve that goal.

As the local Trailforks admin for Kananaskis and Calgary [total ~5000 sqkm and ~1.3 million people], I am often asked to add trails to Trailforks by those who don't have accounts. Thus, my "trails added" count is quite high. Personally, I have only built and/or maintained 30-40 trails in this area, and I don't feel that a film should be made about my trail building exploits. However, it's very nice of you to suggest it. Thanks!
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 @pinkrobe: I'm in the same boat.... as a professional builder I add trails that my company builds, no brainer. BUT as a local and regional trail advocate, I'm often asked to add existing trails to TF. If I know the builder, I've added his name in the past without complaints. Often we just don't have that historical info available. Of course, all of us that show up high in the TF submitted trail rating have not built all these trails themselves.

Great discussion and I'm sure of interest to TF, PB and other trail advocates. Thanks for keeping it civil, in the end we all just want to ride bikes and keep politics to a minimum.
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 It was nice to use Trailforks in Barcelona to ride Collserola trails without any guide. Shame there was nothing in the app advising about car thief's that brake thru windows to steal things and I got my car stolen like many others there. Last week I had a terrible experience with Trailforks here in Brazil, went to a city called Itaipava where there was some trails in Trailforks, arriving there in the top of the mountain most of the trails was closed by new buildings and by the vegetation... I think Traillforks needs to find a way to update weekly the trails that are in the App.
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 Users update it. Did you?
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 this is a potential problem with ANY online database/directory of trails or any info. What we are building has many features for users to update info to let others know of changing conditions. And the growing popularity of audience size, makes it more likely this type of info will be updated on Trailforks compared to other sites.

If a trail is edited, that info is synced to the app once an hour or less. You can also goto the manage regions page in the app and manually sync regions. So we update the app info almost instantly if its online.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck with theft.

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