Trailside on A-Line - Crankworx Whistler 2019

Aug 12, 2019
by chris pilling  

For ten days every year, Crankworx brings riders from across the globe to ride together and share the same trails. While the big contests and races take the lime light and companies offer up their latest and greatest for all to see, it's good to take a step back and focus on why we're ALL here in the first place. Crankworx Trailside gives a look into what's happening on the trails around the bike park and who's riding them before and around the time they're being raced.

First up is Upper Aline ahead of the Air DH competition. The jumps are buff, the corners are smooth, and the times are good.

Casey casually cruising cause she can
Casey casually cruising cause she can

There are many different styles of whip. Which one do you fall under?

How could we pass by the jump affectionately known as the "tombstone". An extended lip that sends you sky high. It's been tricked, floated, boosted, scrubbed, and flipped. So it can appear daunting at first, but this mellow jump is pretty nice once you get to know it.

Easy to see where he gets it from

The kids are all right.
Alright buddy, save some talent for the rest of us

The table. A classic trick that takes years of practice to get that muscle memory just right

For me personally, it's not just the jumps that make Aline such a great trail. It's the moments in between. Each corner effortlessly links up with the next and rollers are placed everywhere to keep the flow. No need for breaks, let your body gauge your speed. This is something that has taken decades for the trail crew to perfect, good job fellas.

If there was ever a trail for party laps, this is it

Not to worry buddy. we ll have that bike fixed up in no time and get you back on the trail
Flat tires do happen, even on flow trails. Bring a spare. Or bring your mom and make sure she has one

9-year-old Sebastian was up and running in no time. Not a moment to spare when the riding is this good

Regions in Article
Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Trails in Article
A-Line - Upper, A-Line - Lower


  • 30 3
 Your mom has a spare tire.
  • 3 0
 I read this post as in a trial slide like a mudslide/rockslide I was very confused at first when it was all people riding to say the least... lol
  • 5 1
 i need to go back....... for like...... a whole month..........
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 "Flat tires do happen, even on flow trails. Bring a spare. Or bring your mom and make sure she has one" Smile )))))
You guys made my day !
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 very much i like

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