Trans-Cascadia Opens Registration for 2020

Feb 25, 2020
by Trans Cascadia  

PRESS RELEASE: Trans-Cascadia

Registration for the 2020 Trans-Cascadia Backcountry Enduro opens today (9 am PST on Tuesday, February 25, 2020)!

The event will take place from September 23 - 28, 2020 and out of respect for the pristine environment that hosts the event, only 100 spots are available. This race has sold out every year since it began six years ago, so don’t miss out. Visit the website to register!

bigquotesSome of the best riding I’ve done – I don’t even know really how to put it into words.Thomas Vanderham

This year, the blind-format race will take place in a brand new location in the Pacific Northwest Cascadia region. Racers will meet at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to be shuttled to basecamp. In honour of Trans-Cascadia’s commitment to true blind-racing, race maps and course details will only be handed out during the event.

This year’s racers can expect the same truly remote experience of racing on natural and diverse trails that are steep and challenging with high alpine ridges that descend to seemingly bottomless valleys. Access to the tracks will be gained through a mix of pedalling and shuttling - and racers should be prepared for long days.

bigquotesIn my riding scene, I’m a bit of a ride organizer so I’ll bring a barbecue or whatever and get people organized a little bit and I showed up here and I was like, ‘Woah, who did this?’ It was pretty amazing.Matt Hunter

Each participant will be provided with their own solo tent and sleeping pad – set up for them at each basecamp. Gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided daily by a hand-selected team of top chefs from Portland – each showcasing their own specialties.

Back at camp each night the bar will be open and the campfire will be in full swing. Again, the base camp will be isolated at the edges of the wilderness creating a lack of access to cell service and wifi - something that has become a big part of Trans-Cascadia’s culture and valued by everyone involved. This creates an event environment that is incredibly social as everyone swaps their stories from their day about the inspiring highs and sometimes comical lows. Participants can expect to drop into their tents fully exhausted each night and filled with anticipation for what the next day will bring.

Each year the Trans-Cascadia team goes to work uncovering long forgotten or neglected sections of trail that open up access to backcountry riding and link existing trail networks together in the areas they visit. The trails are used in the event but are also left as a legacy for the locals and visitors to continue enjoying. In order to make this happen the team works both in advocacy and trails building with local authorities and builders. Since 2015 the team has opened up and/or maintained over two hundred miles of pristine backcountry trail riding, as well as, contributed over $60,000 dollars and over 20,000 labor hours to make it all happen. Check out this video series from Freehub to learn more.

bigquotesBest trails, best conditions, best times, best feeling I've ever had on a bike - ever.Loris Vergier

As a part of this program, in 2016, the Trans-Cascadia Work Parties were introduced. During these 4-day work events – three formal parties held each summer – the team, along with volunteers and sponsors, get together to contribute hard work and long hours to uncovering some of these long-forgotten sections of trail. Accommodation, food, and good times are included on these weekends. If you’re interested in participating, please visit the website to sign up.

Trans Cascadia 2019

If you’re looking for more information or to sign up for the race, please visit the website! Don’t miss out – it’s going to be a good one!


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 I personally have an incredibly hard time getting past the cost. Some people can. But this event is around 50%+ more expensive than other trans races on a per day basis. Trans BC runs $2100 USD for 6 days of racing or $350 per day. Trans NZ is $1500 USD for 6 days or $250/day, Trans Sierra Norte is $1600 for 4 days or $400/day, Trans Madeira is $1800 for 5 days or $360 per day....Cascadia is running $575/day with tent accommodation while a lot of those others are condo/hotel....I know they give back to trails and that is awesome but I just wish it was a bit closer to the others so that it wasn't so unreachable for so many people.
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 You get what you pay for. I've done BC and volunteered at TC; both great events. The level of food and drink, quality of transport, not to mention the ridiculous amount of schwag you get at TC more than makes up the difference. It's really a different level.
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 There's multiple complaints every year (sometimes the same person 2 years in a row!), yet every year it sells out. They could reduce the price, but then they'd have to bring in more people which only increases the costs... gas, drivers, food, tents, vans, maintenance...

Seems like the race organizers are right where they want to be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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 well how else are you going to be able to afford to pay loris vergier to say it was the best experience of a lifetime.
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 Its not a $ to day thing, or shouldn't be, it's a $ to enjoyment / experience thing. I've not talked to a single person who was disappointed after doing TC, not one.

I gurantee the food, drink and level of care with TC is second to none.

I spent more on the BCBR and ate mediocre (at best) food, killed myself everyday racing, not partying, not drinking and dealing with 600 people....great experience, but 1/2 the fun of TC.
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 @jlfskibikesail: I was there, he was having just as much fun as me, along with Minaar, Peat, Kabush, Shaw, etc
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 @jlfskibikesail: Go ride those trails, the trails alone are that good. I've never done TC but I have friends that have and volunteered for it. I also worked with in my professional career with one of the chefs that they bring on. You 110% get what you pay for. If you ever get around to riding those trails just take a second and think about organizing the type of logistics needed for the experience TC delivers.
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 @RadBartTaylor: But are all those pros paying pull entry or is the high entry fee for everyone else paying for them so that cascadia gets the coverage and visibility? I know thats "tin hat theory" but its pretty common that pros get comped entries and that cost is covered by us mere mortals.
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apparently 100 people are just fine with the price. its probably going to sell out in a day. why would they drop the price??????? Seems like you just wanna bitch or can't afford it and want to go. If the later, get a side hustle.

seems like the market demand is there for this type of event.
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 @wiscodh: Oh, I know the demand is high, never said it wasn't. That's why I said "I personally have a hard time with the cost....some people don't". If you read, you would know that. Of course I would like to race it, just can't bring myself to drop that cash (yes I can afford that), when seemingly every other trans race is noticeably more reasonable is all.
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so I called your opinion, bitching and I can't read. Got it.
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 @ianswilson815: probably not full price, but the pros are not at the races every year and the price is always about the same.

Good for TC to have the exposure with those big names.

It was a lot of fun riding with them...I'd rather have them there than not.
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 Only in 'merica mate!
But lets be honest if there are folks willing to pay the cost for a week ride in the bush... why You or Me gonna have to change the entry fee. Just enjoy those mental dudes, feed them Michelin * "gourmet burger" + "handcrafted beer" every night, and don't forget to share $$$ fee to support the trails.
Actually TC team, if u r reading here 4 the next time do some improvements & give it a shot $3K+, Primitive PNW for dummies!
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 Given that it sells out rapidly, pricing seems to meet what the market is willing to bear.
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 I bet those races don't spend nearly as much on reclaiming 50 yr old trails that haven't been used in 30 yrs, let alone mountain biked on. Last year was my first TC. Best $2200 bucks I've spent in a long time. This year will be my year my 3rd. Haters gonna hate, we're gonna be party'n in the woods if you wanna come join us.
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 $44 bucks per week. How many people blow that on coffee and other stupid crap? I bet a lot of people could scrounge up $44 bucks per week if they tried. Getting the week off to ride bikes is another story. Unfortunately if they made it any easier it would sell out in seconds instead of hours, so I think that's just going to have to be the case.
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 True, but they didn't mention how much weed you can smoke or what they may or may not supply. So that adds to the cost.
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 @ianswilson815: Most of the cost is covered by sponsors, it's not a moneymaker, its a style maker and brand enhancement vehicle with an absurd amount of shredding and fun. Sure, Pros get brought in, but generally their sponsors foot the bill. If you can afford it, why not, you're just gonna get old and die anyways
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Yeah @jlfskibikesail you should really go ride those trails before you bad mouth them! bahaha!
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 I did it last year. Trails were unreal, even with the rain and snow. I will say that you should not do this race if your employer drug tests with any kind of frequency- hotboxing the vans started at 8:30am and went all day. You literally can’t not het high on this trip. I’m not against weed, don’t get me wrong, but it was everywhere and all the time regardless if you wanted it in your system. Also people exploding beers in the fire most nights seemed pretty dangerous.
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 I actually know someone who got a severe concussion from a beer bottle rocketing out of a fire pit
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 Ross Rebliotti, is that you?
  • 2 0
 Granted I skipped last year, but I had no issue not getting high in previous years. Yes, weed is ubiquitous, but you don’t have to get high if you don’t want to. I wouldn’t be doing it again if that were a concern.
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 Registered! WTF have I done. hahaha! Awesome times!
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 See you there. It's going to be a great time!
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 Signed up, and excitascared. Did the BCBR last summer as my fist ever stage-race. Loved the riding and the community, but it was a bit XC-focused for my preferences. Watched the coverage of last year's race, and decided it looked like about the most possible fun I could have over a long weekend. Now I've got to get back into some-kind of riding shape, and decide if my Smuggler's enough bike for this ride.
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 It is. A beefed up smuggler is actually the best bike for this event
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 @Boosting: My wallet likes hearing that. I did the BCBR with a DPX2, and 2.3 DHF/DHRs. Any beefing up I should plan on beyond that?
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 @atourgates: nah that's what you want. Assuming you have 150mm fork travel. Did you really do the BCBR on a dhr? That must have been painful! I think it's a good tire combo for Cascadia but too hard to pedal for BCBR!
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 Ha, I did BCBR last summer too and am signed up for TC this year (did it in 201Cool . Smuggler is bare min, but really depends on trails. The stuff over the last couple years has been fairly burly but things change year to year so who knows. I think a 140ish bike with a 160 fork is about right, but being a blind race, a conservative bike, aka more travel, is not a bad idea IMO. I was under biked when I did it and got beat up on the rowdy stages.
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 @atourgates: Good tire combo, I'd run DD casings and insert in rear.
  • 3 0
 @Boosting: yeah. I tried to switch to an Ikon/Ikon setup a couple weeks before the BCBR, but had two bad wrecks in two rides.

Obviously people do great on those tires, but I was pretty sure I’d die before my brain figured it out, so I went back to the DHF/DHR and made it through the BCBR without any major wrecks.
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 This is on my bucket list!!
  • 9 5
 That's a $2300 high-five thanks
  • 2 0
 Hoping that someday I have the fitness and the time to enjoy this incredible event.
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 Love the event but you’ll should release the event course after each race so all those trails can keep getting love.
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 they do.get just have to be committed to ride it. ITs not just going to sandy ridge or duthie.

Its a big ol committed day or weekend. 2.5+ hour drive from Sea or PDX. 6-8 hours in the saddle 20+ miles and 5k+ climbing. Then you get to drive 2.5 hours to get home! Not many food options after, so you're stuck with huff n puff, great wall, or Burgerville about an hour after your finished riding. ITs a day of suffering for sure. So well worth it tho.


you can book one of there excursions and have a blast.
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 @wiscodh: there's also a ton of camping around, so you don't have to necessarily drive same day. But yeah, requires more commitment that most people can/are willing to put vs riding around I-90
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 Anyone know which general region it's going to be in this year?
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 airport is Seatle this year... so a bit more up north
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 Wenatchee Leavenworth area it appears. Stoked.
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 @Rockydildoa: Mad River?
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 @rx1ton: I’m not sure
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 Will a certain rider be at the camp fire each night or will he be invoking a certain clause?
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 He might punch you if you force him, be careful.
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 Hello bank, id like to take out a loan. Every year I drool at the pictures and wish I was there. Maybe some day when I make it as and I N F L U E N C E R Ill get my chance.
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 Pristine moto trails lol
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 Its OK...………. they made a cool video showing how much time they teamed up with horse riders bucking out trails. Moto clubs don't even carry chainsaws, or organize slash days, or pay ORV license tabs.
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 Go ride the stuff they put together the last couple years....pristine is an understatement.
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 @RadBartTaylor: ridden before tc and after
  • 3 1
 @chasintrails: then u get it
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 Hell yeah!
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 Okay, who makes the “beer me” gloves?
  • 1 0
 Handup Gloves. not sure if they`re still available....
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 Mad River bro
  • 1 0
  • 1 1
 Can I buy a spot then sell it for triple close to the event?
  • 2 2
 fuck fat tire!

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