TransAtlantis Enduro Race Announces Details for Debut 2021 Event in Azores

Jan 8, 2021
by TransAtlantis  

PRESS RELEASE: TransAtlantis

2020 was supposed to be the debut year for TransAtlantis, as we all know, 2020 had other plans, so let's try this one more time...

Entries for 2021 will open on February 1st with only 60 spots left, (40 entries kept from 2020).
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So a bit of recap of what is the TransAtlantis

If Legends were true

A brief reading of Plato's story about Atlantis tells us, if you travel west beyond the "Pillars of Hercules" (Strait of Gibraltar), you would find an island larger than Libya and Asia Minor protected by the sea god Poseidon and ruled by his son King Atlas.

In reality, if you draw an almost straight line from the Strait of Gibraltar to the west in the Atlantic Ocean, you will come across an island, or more accurately a group of islands, The Azores. Accessible with short direct flights from both North America and Europe.

We also grow up with legends and theories surrounding the birth of the islands and many of them linking us somehow to the legend of Atlantis. To honour that heritage we named it Trans Atlantis: A Journey Across the Azores.

Ocean views all the time

The Journey

100 racers will start their journey on the island of São Miguel and then adventure on 4 more islands, each with their unique character and trails, before returning, on the final day, back to São Miguel. The journey will take place from 2 to 7 of September 2021. Over the six days, competitors will race four to six stages a day, varying from 500m to 7km in length. There will be a mixture of tracks, from flowy purpose-built tracks, volcanic gravel, lush jungle single track to technical rocky trails along ancient trade routes.

Racers can look forward to riding around 250km over the week with about 60km of that being on timed stages with roughly 1400 meters of elevation gain per day.


Each island with their uniqueness

Sleep and Eat

While you are out riding the mobile camp will be set up each day, and your bags and tent will be moved for you. Each rider will have a large three-man tent, a big air mattress and pillow for the duration of the race. Multiple service tents, offering massage, bike and mechanics service area and chill zones will make up the village.

Because we believe a good meal is always very important, breakfast, lunches and dinners will be prepared by chefs of local restaurants and catering companies, cooking traditional Azorean cuisine. There will be strategically placed refuel stations on the route too.

Don't worry! We will have a bit more than just cheese and wine for meals

"In order to win, you have to first finish"

Safety is our first priority but it's still an enduro race, so we will be prepared with a professional medical team on camp and a rescue team with 4x4 following the route as well as medical riders on course. Stages and liaisons will be marked with visible signs and tape to show you the way. A system of danger signs will also be used for course marking which will all be explained in the racebook when signing in.

Riding on a trail that, much like Atlantis, was under the ocean

Be fit like a gladiator! Well, or almost.

Although the event is based on islands we do have mountains and volcanoes so the trails and route shouldn't be taken lightly, a good amount of fitness is required to pedal for hours each day and still race the stages safely. To help you achieve the necessary fitness, riders who enter will receive a cross-fit plan to ensure you enjoy the week and finish strong.

We're not saying you need to be strong enough to put trees down! But... it couldn't hurt.

Honoring the gods

You will not need to make animal sacrifices or other to enter the race, just simply head to and hit the register button at February 1st at 12:00 AZOT.

Although no ritual sacrifices are needed, we do have a limit on entries and for how long they'll be open, so best not to waste any time.

But we don't mind a free beer or sharing a Azorean pineapple cocktail with you

Equal effort, Equal reward

At the end of the journey the 3 fastest riders in both men’s and women’s categories will receive equal rewards from our, generous sponsors and we will have a finish gala celebration, with all the riders, vollunteers and important partners that will make the event happen.

But ultimately, the reward will be the smiles at the end of each day.

If the warriors are worthy, the gods may reward us with sunsets like this but in any case the hotsprings will be waiting for you!

Follow us at @transatlantis_ and see you in September

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 Seems like every photographer on an Atlantic island uses a fisheye to further their obsession with capturuing the whole island and a rider in one shot.
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 It's the new fish-I-phone...
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 The Azores are incredible - Brilliant place to ride or chill out!

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