TransCarpathian: Get to Know the Last True Wild Mountains in Europe

May 23, 2019
by Yaroslav Alpizar  

PRESS RELEASE: TransCarpathian

Nowadays everyone is looking to have the adventure of their lives, traveling for more than 24 hours to get as far as possible from civilization, where no one else has been before or at least somewhere not on Strava. Africa, Australia, deep in South America in the Andes. But what if I what told you that there is a place, right here in Europe, only a few hours flight away, where one of the oldest and wildest forests of the continent is still standing, untouched and with the lowest population density of Europe? It's Romania and the Carpathian mountains, yeap, that's right, Dracula's home.

Carpathian mountains are the 3rd longest mountain range in Europe, just behind the Alps and Urals. About 1600km long (thousand miles for non-metric) and 150km wide on average, a vast part lies inside Romania. The biggest number of wolves, bears, lynxes and other wild animals can be found here. Long cultural, historical and culinary traditions that remain unchanged. And amongst that, the Trans Carpathian MTB Raid, to be held from 20 to 24 of August, 300km, 6 stages, crossing Rodnei Mountains National Park and Calimani National Park

Two longtime friends, Calin and Marcos, started their guiding company, CarpathianDreams, years ago and after getting to know and discover what Romania got to offer they choose the best trails, the best landscapes, best hostels and local restaurants and created a 300km long route, with +6000m (19685ft) cumulative climb and same on descent, to be done in 6 days. Getting to know the local culture, food and traditions while pedaling on the best trails in the country.

Starting in Transylvania, home of Irish Bram Stoker "Dracula", sleeping on the charismatic Dracula hotel. From that day on, about 60km per day, highest point 2100m (6889ft) and lowest 500m (1640m). With a timed section inside each stage and different events at the end of the day, fun will be guaranteed. Each day will discover new landscapes and trails, sleeping on traditional lodging with all the amenities.

Check official event page for more details, prices, packages and offers. There is a limit of 50 riders, my advice, run for it.

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 Too bad these fuxxers ripped off the hard work done by others before them, more precisely, pretty much everything The North Quest are doing around MaramureČ™, and are also totally shameless about it. A disgrace, they don't deserve this kind of attention. Pfff...
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 See you this summer Florin
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 See you soon, buddy!
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 Beautiful Romania! Cheers Marcos!
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 Hey, FloFlorin, why did you steal from The North Quest people? Wink

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