Transition Days part 2

Aug 11, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
The crew at Transition Bikes love to ride what they build and it was evident that they ride a lot by the way they charged on all the rides we did. The bikes they build are built to get out there and ride hard on, because that's what they do on them. Both days were filled with lots of riding and information on the company.

Here's a look at some new models coming out soon:

Transition Bikes has a few new models in the works for their hardtail series of frames. Both remain un-named but sure look like they'll get the job done on the trails, the bike parks, DJs and pump tracks. One is aimed at the All Mountain crew, while the other is for the 4X, Slalom racers, DJ and pump track rippers. Here's a look at the new frames:

All Mountain Hardtail:

This frame is made like a Swiss army knife-super versatile and ready for all trails. Steel is the material of choice and putting in the miles is on the agenda with this bike. Integrated headsets are becoming the norm on Transitions steel frames too. You can easily run a Single Speed or geared set up on the rear drop outs. The horizontal drop outs are a must for single speed set ups, but what if you want to run gears? Well Transition has taken the time to design a rear drop out that bolts into place and makes gear installation a breeze. This is the do all hard tail frame.

Single Speed Set up:
Non Drive Side SS Set up

Non Drive Side SS Set up

Geared Set up:

The second hard tail that still remains un-named is an aluminum offering and is made to rip on 4X and slalom tracks, hit up the DJs and pump tracks and then cruise around town too and enjoy a late night skate park session. Rumor has it that Kyle Thomas even won the Phat Wednesday Giant Slalom in Whistler on one of the prototype frames, so that tells me that it's built to go.

A very unique rear axle/drop out/chain tensioning set up and clean cable routing for the rear brake and rear derailleur (should you choose to run one) are two stand out items on this frame. When running a SS set up you can tension your chain by simply rotating the eccentric drop out until the desired tension is reached. Beauty system!

While snooping around for other goodies, I saw these prototype pedals on Kyle's bike. I am a pretty big fan of their Step Down pedal and how it felt on my shoes, so I'm keen to learn more about this new one. It has no bearings and runs on DU bushings and you can apparently adjust the spinning resistance on them too. Look for more information once they come to market.

On day two we headed out to Glacier for some real big mountain riding. The crew was loving the big bikes in the woods and the lack of others around you, like you experience when riding at bike resorts. Here's a video from Glacier, the Pump Track and DJ Session, enjoy.

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Two days of riding and a few hours of company information rounded out the first ever Transition Days. It was a great experience and the riding and crew were top notch.

Check out all my pics from the trip here.

If you missed Part 1, read it here.

-Tyler "Brule" Maine


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 Good on TBC for expanding their product line-up to more XC/AM & single-speed offerings. Those AM hard tails with horizontal dropouts will be a hit with east coast hill climbers.

As a Dirtbag owner myself, I can't wait to see a life size proto of that new Dirtbag!
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flag carbuncle (Aug 10, 2008 at 12:19) (Below Threshold)
 I have to disagree with you on this one Phil, I hope we never see that Dirtbag as a life-size production model... The rest look cool, I love the look of the steel AM hardtail and I'm curious to see what's in store for the Covert!
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 i want the mini proto dirtbag
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 the AM frame looked very nice, It looked a bit like a gt triple triangle frame only with the second triangle flipped upside down!
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 I must say, Transition is what all bike companies should be. If I was not a poor college student, I would already own one. Anyways, the other day I had the chance to finally ride a few of their models, and I fell in love with the Bottlerocket. What an awesome bike... everything just felt so natural on it. There is just something about a bike that can put a smile on ones face from the moment you start pedaling. I can not wait to own one and be part of the elite.
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 Remember how you mentioned the peacefullness of having no one around. Well, that will probably be a thing of a past after that little video.
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 Exactly! What's the deal? No respect.
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 the old transistions where nice but they just got a whole lot nicer!! they are beauts!!
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 Good job guys. Let us know if the Blindside will be revised on 2009 (I don't know why but I'm pretty convince there will be some new features...).
Bye Wink
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 we got pink bottle rockets...
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 i really love the riding at glacier. it truly does feel like your out in the middle of nowhere and it the trails almost seem to be built for transition.
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 dude, no bearings in the new pedals??? the one less 29'er
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 straitline pedals don't have bearings either
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 nice article.because of that holiday i haven´t got my bottlerocket at home nowFrown Big Grin
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 transition 4ever
  • 1 0
 lol those chains dont look oiled
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 i really want that transition wheel barrel:P
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 love the colors, love it all sick rides. cant wait to get one. Razz
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 wheres the t.o.p?
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 sick, and ya were is the t.o.p
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 i want that Siren !!!!
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 Do you think that frame will replace the T.O.P?
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 what is the name of music and the group that sings in the movie?
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 nice as transition
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 sick articals
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 nice movie
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 Big Grin Song by Cunninlynguists... See this word in a medical dictionary... Wink
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 your thinking cunilingus, yes it sounds the same, but thats not the name of the band.
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