Trash Free Trails Launch the Autumn Litter Watch to Help Clean Up Our Trails

Oct 27, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

We have all seen it while out on the trails, it could be a gel wrapper, a drinks bottle or discarded inner tubes, but no matter the form it comes in trash carries an extreme risk to the environment and our access to trails.

Trash Free Trails, a UK based group looking to help clean up our trails, have launched their latest campaign which aims to get us out this Halloween and remove "the horrors of plastic pollution" from our favourite riding spots.

bigquotesOur trails and wild places are haunted by the horrors of plastic pollution, but this Halloween we're fighting back! We're calling for trail loving trash-busters to join our week of Autumn Litter Watch actions this October the 23rd - 31st.

​We've created a fun series of activities, spooky films and downloadable toolkits that we'd love you to use as inspiration to protect your home trails and habitats from terrifying trash this Halloween. Good luck.
Dom, Lion and the TRASHMOB

The Autumn Litter Watch features four different challenges for riders of every age to take part in and once you finish cleaning up remember to log any rubbish you find with Trash Free Trails to help with their State of the Trails Report.

Trail Bandit Bingo

Muc Off Trash Off Challenge

Presca Plastic Bottle Hunt

The North Face Halloween Cleans

You can find out more about the Autumn Litter Watch here and if you want to report any trash you find to help Trash Free Trails with their State of the Trails Report then head here.


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 Finally a cause with truth behind it that we can all agree on!
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 It should be simple. Pack out what you brought. But most don't get that.
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 Agreed. This includes the little black bags filled with dog poop.
  • 10 0
 @CircusMaximus: Can someone explain to me why some people go to the trouble to bag their dog's poop, then leave the bag sitting neatly beside the trail? I'd personally prefer if they just flicked it into the woods...
  • 3 0
 @plyawn: I downvoted your comment by mistake. Sorry about that!
I used to live in Scotland and found that many people there had this shitty habit to leave bags filled with poop beside the trails. It really pissed me off!
You could literally find everywhere these "scoop the poop" signs but no sign telling "take your trash with you!".
Too bad!
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 @plyawn: I live across the road from forest and trails. Every spring I fill a 5 gallon bucket with crap bags. I love dogs. Some of their owners however...
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 Yep it would be better if they didn't use the bags at all and just clicked the poop somewhere people aren't walking..
  • 6 0
 @CircusMaximus: So this is a global phenomenon? I've always been curious who told these people the poop fairy will clean up after them.
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 I commented to a dog walking lady about the litter in the area as I was picking up a discarded bottle. She said "It's all you mountain bikers, tell your friends."
I replied "But we're not the ones leaving bags of dog poo hanging in trees, are we? Tell your friends."
She just walked off muttering to herself.
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 @plyawn: Mind bottling, just so crazy it traps you thoughts in your a bottle. I feel like I see these poo bag mines all over but have yet to catch the poo bagging SOB that drops the bag.
  • 2 0
 where's the logic in leaving the poop but adding plastic to it??! Maybe they think the bag will help people see it,so it's easier to avoid stepping in? So stupid
  • 1 0
 @nordland071285: It's more about them having to stop and collect it which they will do when people spot them pausing with dogs, they just don't want to carry it however far to the nearest bin (which in some cases could be a fair distance, but that's no excuse) Same reason why some people leave litter, laziness.
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 @lukeisdumb: Yep, it's everywhere. I honestly wouldn't even mind if they left it as it is in the middle of the trail, without the plastic..
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 A habit I picked up from hiking is to carry a trash ziptop bag with me. It's a place for my trash and small pieces I see on the trail while stopped. I'll empty the bag when I get home or at the trail head head if there is a bin, then toss the ziptop back in my bag. I'm not pulling out large trash bags out, but it adds up over time.
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 Rad! To add on a little, ride your bike to the trailhead. Cars kill wildlife, create noise pollution, erosion on dirt roads and sedimentation of local watersheds, and warm the planet.
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 I find the trails in Whistler are always really clean, rarely do you see garbage in the woods maybe the odd bottle that fell off a bike. The highway getting to the trails on the other hand holy crap! Pickup trucks losing a full bag and exploding everywhere is extremely common
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 It’s about time we get all of those yellow, red and green pieces of garbage off the trails! What is it about autumn that makes the trees think they can litter in the forests???
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 I have a trail centre about 10 mins away. Its not that big. I dont go there unless its mega wet. You can get round the blue and red in less than an hour. Overtake a few pushchairs and dog walkers in the process..... As such it confuses the crap out of me why I always see gel sachets and Lucazade Sport bottles everywhere.
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 Great project
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 Great work from Dom and the team. Looking forward to getting my lad involved when out on the trails of Kernow.
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 Looks like a nice project. I usually ride with extra carrying space to pick up any trash I come across. Every little bit helps!
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 Yeeeeeesssssss! Its all about getting involved and role modelling positive actions rather than blame and shame. Top work to anyone who has a go!
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 I've noticed a lot more trash as more and "newer" people are getting out. Getting out is a good thing but sadly, all of the Tread Lightly principals have been largely ignored. Whether camping in dispersed camps or local trails, it's just unfortunate that people are leaving so much behind.

I have also noticed a lot of small groups taking action and cleaning places up. Pretty stoked to see that too. Maybe there will be a time we don't need have big cleanup parties?
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 This is awesome! BC has garbage free trails for the most part. In fact littering is rather uncommon. It does happen . What a perfect way to say you don't give a fuck about the planet. Garbage. Mountain bikers care. Thanks.
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 Kudos to all involved in this. Beer
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 Should be able to Free post branded items back to their factory?
Plus CSI could finger print or DNA test trash & fine the people with no respect?
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 Good idea
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 For that to work it would be very costly and you would only catch out formally convicted people whose prints and DNA was on record and those records are usually confidential so it would require police assistance.
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 If I had to rank the MTB scenes the UK would be pretty close to Pac NW for coolness.1. Pac NW, 2. UK, 3. SW US, 4. NE US, 5. SE US
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 Congrats to the Trashmob team!!!! Awesome and thankyou for making part of the community here in the Himalayas, Nepal thankyou ????????????????????????????????????????
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 Yes!! Protect your local trails

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