Trek Dirt Series Releases 2021 Schedule

Mar 30, 2021
by Norco Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps  

PRESS RELEASE: Trek Dirt Series

Trek Dirt Series mountain bike camps has opened registration for our 20th season, offering 30 exceptional instructional camps across Western USA and Canada, in some of the best riding locations North America has to offer.

2021 US camps: Moab, Sedona, Reno, Hood River, Bellingham, Park City, Crested Butte, Corte Madera, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Tucson and St. George.

2021 Canadian camps: Fernie, Revelstoke, Calgary, Cumberland, Whistler, Edmonton, Kelowna and Vernon.

Whether you are new to mountain biking, or looking to brush up on your skills for the upcoming season, we have a camp for you. Our professional mountain bike coaches have years of riding and coaching experience, developing the skills and passion of over 16,000 women and men mountain bikers across North America.

We have camps in Moab, Sedona, Fruita and St. George for the slickrock lovers, and Bellingham, Whistler and Cumberland for those looking for some PNW (and Canadian!) root riding skills - just to name a few. But it doesn't always have to be about riding the most exciting destinations, we offer camps across the West to ensure that riders from everywhere can develop new skills. There’s always something new to learn, and our team of coaches are ready to help.


Predominantly focused on women-specific programming, we specialize in skill development for all adults - beginners through advanced - the only prerequisite is that you need to be able to coast on your bike, shift your gears, and be open to learning something new!

All camps start with a hot cup of Kicking Horse Coffee, and mornings are filled with comprehensive skill sessions for our participants to everything from cornering to jumps, climbing and drops. We spend our afternoons on instruction trail rides to use our new skills on the trail, taking time to session challenging sections and conquer fears on the trail.

After our rides, participants enjoy an evening of maintenance sessions where we snack on treats from Clif, and beer and wine from New Belgium, Tool Shed and Cono Sur, and learn about how to take care of the equipment we ride on. No question is irrelevant, and this is your time to learn everything you want to know about your bike.


Our sponsors make our camps even better, supporting our program and outfitting our camps with an exceptional line of demo equipment. We proudly offer Trek demo bikes outfitted with Fox suspension and Maxxis tires, Race Face protection, Smith helmets, Crankbrothers pedals and Five Ten shoes - all free for our participants to try. Every camp includes a massive sponsor prize raffle, and to top it all off, we have custom Dakine x Trek Dirt Series jerseys, hydration packs and hip-packs for sale - a must have to spot new friends on the trail!

If you don’t believe us, just ask around. 60% of our participants are referred by their friends, and 30% are return customers. Camps are already selling out, so be sure to secure your space as soon as you can. Visit today to sign up - we can’t wait to see you at camp!


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 Trek just bought out a local shop in Austin Texas that had multiple locations( I think 5) and turned them in to Trek store and not one camp there?
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 Yup. That doesn't say much about community outreach, does it? Over a hundred miles of trails and well over that in the surrounding area and plenty of bikers using said trails. I thought someone at Trek would have thought to have one here when they made that move. I guess profits matter more than the community.
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 Texas is flat.
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 @MrMentallo: To be fair, they only opened the store like 2-3 months ago (I live really close to one). This might have been too short a time frame for them to organize it, but on the other hand, I would imagine they were doing negotiations for months to reach a deal. Who knows. Maybe next year (@dirtseries said they might in a different thread).
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 @Narro2: You're pulling folks' leg, right? Austin is plenty hilly and full of technical, wheel-eating limestone.
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 im a part of one of those shops... its a shitshow. we used to be a MTB heavy shop then trek came in with mostly road and hybrid gear and zero mtb gear. we have seen a huge reduction in our usuals that have started shopping elsewhere due to the lack of our focus material.
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 @TylerG96: Really? I noticed the old store was kinda mtb focused (but still with good road selection) but I didn't know it now the trek store isn't. I haven't been in the trek store but my friend bought a set of (mtb) tires and he seemed pretty happy with them (he also got 2 free shirts - kinda cool).
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 I assume that these camps have been planned longer than the four weeks since Trek opened those shops in Austin. I imagine trying to travel anywhere right now is hard enough, let alone trying to squeeze another few camps in. Plus, Trek doesn't own Dirt Series, they just sponsor it.
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 Trek are buying local shops all over the place (I live in RI, we now have 3 of them). 2020 and 2021 is likely their big push into retail, on a national scale. I'm not complaining, over here they bought locations from stores that were in financial trouble, or wanted to sell, for other reasons – so in a way they are helping keep staff employed. But I doubt they'll be able to establish new locations AND invest heavily into community outreach at the same time. (Although I hear rumors that there is some interest on doing so, out here.) Maybe there will be more next year...
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 @rodeostu Austin is problably the only spot, SpiderMountain is pretty cool tbh.
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 All the stops on their tour are mountain biking destinations. Sorry, Austin isn't a mt biking destination. Don't get me wrong, I love Austin and I promise I won't move there but I wouldn't travel there specifically for the riding.
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 @vandall: other than Austin and El Paso, what other Texan MTB destinations would you recommed? rmember... no flat places....
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 Trek has been buying shops that intend to sell out or go out of business. They bought a three shop chain by us a few years back and it really is sort of a poorly managed shitshow. We are an independent Trek Shop and when Trek bought out the other shops they showed up and tried to undercut us on price, which is really bad form. Luckily, our shop as been a Trek retailer since the 90s and has super high volume so Trek ended up making right with our shop owner. Plus anyone that goes to a Trek Shop gets the typical skinny jeans, hipster, bike elitist shop employee which is a turn off to virtually every customer ever (except for hipster bike elitists) which drives customers from bike shops like that to a shop like ours that concentrates on commuters and millionaires incapable of inflating their own tires.
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 @Narro2: I haven't ridden all over texas, so there might be some hidden gems I don't know about, but don't come here expecting harrowing DH sections on 2000 feet of vert. It's fun, but not crazy. I think Dallas and Houston have some good stuff, but it's probably pretty flat (but maybe a bit hilly).
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 In the picture with them fixing a tube, the one lady looks really bored.
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 The "schralp everything" class was full
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 Just confused as to why the guy is wearing a beanie not covering his ears.
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 Tbh I think the only thing more boring than replacing a tube must be watching someone else replacing a tube.
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 @Rigidjunkie: or confused as to what that 'tube' thing is and why they are watching him wrestle with it. Haha
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 @Rigidjunkie: "style"
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 Pretty much us when watching Pinkbike Academy
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 @me2menow: speak for yourself i liked the show.
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 @Narro2: there was an awful lot of tube changing no matter how you cut it
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 @Rigidjunkie: Not familiar with the 'tiny hat' phenomenon?
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 @me2menow: i dont care, i liked it, dont speak on my behalf ;P
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 Wife and I did the Whistler camp at the end of summer. Was skeptical about how much I’d take out of the camp but they worked hard to tailor the coaching experience and your riding group to what you want to improve on and as a result I improved my riding a ton. This was my wife’s second camp and she has nothing but good things to say. We’re registered another camp this summer.
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 I did the Dirt Series camp in Whistler in 2009, the first year it was 'coed'. Some of the best time I had on a mountain bike, period. Dirt Series was sponsored by Rocky Mountain at the time, but I understand they basically do their thing and the sponsor isn't really dictating anything on how camps are done.
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 My wife has done one at SilverStar and loved it so "talked me into" the Whistler coed one (thank-you DirtSeries). Can't say enough good- all levels and they go all-out to ensure everyone has a great time.
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 Why is there not one in Texas? It is a big state and there are lots of mountain bikers.
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 Hey! We will be expanding into Texas in the near future, but unfortunately not this year. Keep an eye out for our 2022 schedule Smile
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 @dirtseries: We dont need your "skills" on the best coast...The riding sucks here....not worth your time! Plus we dont have any dirt...only rock and clay....
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 @dirtseries: thanks, cant wait!
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 Two words: Ted Cruz
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 @ReformedRoadie: If something goes wrong, Trek will probably bring the camp down to Cancun last minute.
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 LOL. 12 camps total in the USA. and folks complain "hey, why not in my area...we have Trek stores...." Sheesh, as if there aren't Treks stores all over the place, add LBS trek dealers and the number is over 1700.
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 all ranting aside, this is an incredible opporutnity. I wish they had these camps when I was maturing into MTB.
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 how'd they get an x2 on the new slash?!!

edit: nvm thats the old slash
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 FYI you still can do that. new slash runs same eye to eye with a longer stroke. Same hardware kit too. just take any 230 eye to eye shock and have the stroked capped at 62.5mm. Granted the new super deluxe thrushaft is still pretty sweet.
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 Its not even a slash, its a remedy lol
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 @youngtech89: I can't find any 230 eye to eye in trunnion. But yeah I am actually really digging the super deluxe with thru shaft, it is really well shimmed and everything. Just thinking for the future if I wanted to mess with the damper on the fly it couldn't hurt to get an X2 or dhx2.
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 @its-joe: How can you tell? Genuinely interested to hear
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 @DAN-ROCKS: the seat tube gusset is different and slash has bigger wheels.
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 @its-joe: Oh, didn't notice that. Cool
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 @DAN-ROCKS: there’s no such thing as 230 trunion. You use the trek hardware to convert to pin mount.
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 @youngtech89: oh i see. ill have to figure out how to do that. Thanks
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 Hmmm... I notice a pattern here. These are almost all in western cities. West coast > east coast.
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 maybe they are based and live on the west coast
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 @Dlakusta: yeah that is probable.
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 We offer a variety of coaching equipment for all types of MTB Skill Building! Check us out Coaches in North America!
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