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Trek Factory Racing welcomes Katy Winton and Casey Brown

Jan 18, 2016
by Trek Bikes  
Trek Factory Racing is proud to announce the addition of two immense talents in the mountain bike world, Katy Winton and Casey Brown. Both will join the Enduro contingent of Trek Factory Racing, with Katy Winton taking on the full Enduro World Series circuit and Casey running a multi-disciplinary schedule of Enduro and Gravity events.

Trek Factory Racing - Enduro

Trek Factory Racing - Enduro

Katy Winton joins Trek Factory Racing as the 2015 Scottish Enduro champion and the 10th overall finisher from the 2015 EWS season. Relatively new to the Enduro scene, Katy began her mountain biking career in cross country, switching over to Enduro in 2013. Katy will focus her efforts on the Enduro World Series, where she will undoubtedly be a talent to watch.

bigquotesIt's an absolute dream come true to be a part of Trek Factory Racing! To race alongside the World Champ and the other awesome riders on the team on amazing bikes is the ultimate set up! I can't wait to get racing! - Katy Winton

Trek Factory Racing - Enduro and Gravity

Trek Factory Racing - Enduro and Gravity

Casey Brown comes to Trek Factory Racing as the former Queen of Crankworx, bringing with her a huge breadth of experience in numerous disciplines of mountain biking. In addition to her full schedule of filming, Casey will race several Enduro World Series events, take part in Gravity competitions, and pursue the coveted Queen of Crankworx title.

bigquotesI'm stoked to become part of the Trek family, and am excited for the opportunities this professional team will bring! - Casey Brown

Trek Factory Racing is a global professional cycling team that competes at the highest level with the utmost passion and respect to the sport. Woven around unique, rich personalities that create perfect unity, the team is open, engaging, and welcomes all to come experience the grit and glory of professional cycling.

MENTIONS: @trek / @caseyjayne / @KatyWinton


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 Sam Pilgram's match made in dirt heaven!
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flag Waldon83 (Jan 18, 2016 at 0:48) (Below Threshold)
 Missing that tooth somehow adds sex appeal.... Like she's vicious 110% of the time, all the time.
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 pretty sure its just blacked out with pen Wink
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 Casey did actually knock out her front tooth not too long ago, so it could be actually missing in the photo
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 yeah she knocked it out. Great news for Casey!! she's got so much talent and with a full factory backing from trek, she's going to destroy at whatever genre of riding she does. This is huge! congrats!!
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 I love trying to tell whos genuinley excited for the team transfers, and whos just going through the professional motions. Katy, clearly very excited and fair play to her who wouldnt be. Casey brown has been on a world cup team before and perhaps the novelty has worn off a bit warranting just a sentance. Just my thoughts
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 @drfunsocks they do have Rachel focusing on DH. The fact that she's on a factory team is huge for Casey. Once she gets tuned up for enduro, she'll be queen of crankworx again. There's 3 rounds, meaning 3 times the races and she races in pretty much every race. that's insane alone. She's been deserving of a factory sponsorship for a long time. super humble with tons of talent, experience and all around great individual.
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 Well played Trek! Finally a bit team that has as strong a female presence on their team as male. Spec, GT, SC... or almost any other team out there - pay attention and do the same!
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 Stoked for Casey, well deserved!!!
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 It's great to see a talented rider like Casey get solid backing
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 True, T-Mo hadn't really a strong presence!! But I think it's cool to see the number of female riders increase! Even more when they are on the rise!
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 trek is bringing up a solid team for 2016...
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 Great news for Casey but what's happening to Eddie Masters Bergamont team now?
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 On his FB he seems to still be reppin' for Bergamont
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 I bet when Gwin's team is anounced pinkbike will explode...
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 If he waits any longer it will be anticlimactic. We all know where he's going, just waiting to hear it from the horse's mouth.
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 Hope Greenland ends up on the same team or some other rad 'young talent'
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 Hate to burst your bubble but Greenland is on Moondraker with ol' Danny boy. Check the entry list for elite men here,-Fort-William
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 Two of my favourite riders of the last few years! Congratulations to them both. And big up Trek for putting together a well balanced team (Yeti; take note). The Trek teams are now strong!
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 Well said !!!
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 Have a great year Katy .... you deserve it ... you'll defo be a contender for the EWS title with Trek behind you ....Best wishes and good luck...
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 Trek looses Brook and gains Casey...Favorite girl rider to watch. Can't wait to see her send it huge on the small bike too.
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 Good to see casey back on a trek. You killed it on your old trek and I know with a full factory team behind you,, you will achieve. Good on you casey, we are real proud of you.
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 Go Casey...have a blast
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 Great Addition for Trek!

But does that mean no more Casey at DH Worldcups? Frown
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 Spew hey
  • 4 3
 Can you read friend?
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 Ok I'm getting confused. If Trek World Racing was dissolved and sponsored by GT now, and Atherton Racing is now riding Trek, then who are the members of Trek Factory Racing?? Is it a new team altogether?
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flag dannygoesmtb (Jan 18, 2016 at 5:50) (Below Threshold)
 There is no trek factory racing anymore.
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 There is more Trek Factory Racing than ever before :-)
Trek Factory Racing XC
Trek Factory Racing DH
Trek Factory Racing Enduro
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 This is really ironic that this awesome bike you cannot buy in Europe in 2016 but only North America. You can buy only frame and full bikes only Remedy 27,5. So sad, seems European are too much conservative for 29"

Trek, get me Trek Remedy 29" available in Europe and I will buy it !!!
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 Are they riding with in the same team as Dan Atherton ?
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 Joining the existing riders of Rene Wildhaber (SUI) and Tracy Moseley (UK) will be Casey Brown (CAN), Katy Winton (UK), and Dan Atherton (UK). The experienced Rene and Katy will race a full schedule of Enduro World Series (EWS) events, with the rest of team joining for individual events. After dominating the women’s category for three seasons, Tracy will take a step back in 2016 to focus on select races. Dan Atherton will also participate in select EWS events, balancing responsibilities between the Enduro and Downhill teams. Casey will balance select EWS races with other disciplines.
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 i wonder what that means for casey....seems a step back from last year? what do you think?
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 @clemson Thank you.
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 @clemson somehow at first I read that as "Dan Atherton will also participate in secret EWS events…" Heh.
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 @decom maybe the dark side of ews events :-)
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 Glad to see Casey Brown got herself a larger factory sponsorship. She kicks ass and has a ton of Style. Now all she needs is a gold tooth in her grill.
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 Tmo's replacement breaks cover ?!
Good luck Katy & casey
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 Congrats Casey! Hopefully she will still do WC.
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 yeah trek! signing the baddest chick in the game!
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 Although I'm kinda bummed she won't be teammates anymore with the Masters :/
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 casey can only get stronger now with a big company behind her
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 Super excited for Casey Brown, sweeeeet!
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 Well done a TREK factory racing...balanced and strong team with a great mix if experienced and up and coming riders!!
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 WINTON for the WIN !! Well done lass :o)
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 this year for MTB keeps getting better and better.
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 So stoked!! Awesome that trek's family is getting so big!!!
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 Yeah Casey!!! Well deserved!. Yeah Trek- supporting some ripping women!!
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 This is nice to see! GO GURLLLS.
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 Awesome news for all involved! 2016 season will be amazing.
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 Get that tooth sorted
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 Says the Englishman...
  • 3 0
 Welsh actually
  • 2 3
 You need a good team if your gonna convince people to pay your ridiculous retail prices.
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 Casey racing enduro??
  • 2 4
 No downhill for Casey ?
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 Did you not read the article? She will do EWS events, Gravity events, film projects, and go for Queen of Crankworx.
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 what i meant was the downhill World Cup @robd420
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