Trek Gravity Girls: 2014 Retrospective

Mar 12, 2015
by Clemens Capeller  
Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images



Girlstrain above Lago di Garda Mai 2014.

Another year is in the books for Trek's four women team of lady-shredders; Steffi Marth, Katja Rupf, Kathi Kuypers and Birgit Braumann. The season kicked off in Europe with the Riva Bike Festival at Lago di Garda in Italy with the girls taking the chance and get out for a little photo shoot. There's always some breathtaking scenery to be found.

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Enjoying the amazing views, riding bikes and eating gelato...all part of the dolce vita at Lago di Garda. What more do you want to start your season?

Bikes & Beats Festival, Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

Bikes & Beats Festival was the next stop for Kathi, Birigt and Katja. Time to hang out at the Trek Booth and put the laps in on the mobile pumptrack.

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

#QuiteGood- The Sella Ronda Experience

The girls had an excellent adventure together in beautiful South Tyrol, the Dolomites.

Trek Gravity girls Sella Ronda


A look back with Katja: TGG's Swiss All-mountain Extraordinaire.

bigquotesMy first highlight this year was the trip to the Italian Dolomites together with Steffi and Kathi. The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges I've been to so far. Great scenery, awesome trails and Italian dolce vita thanks to the Bike Hotels South Tyrol who took care of us. The second one was my first race since I quit XC racing over 10 years ago. Together with my boyfriend, Rene Wildhaber I took part in the 6 day stage race Swiss Epic the beautiful Valais part of Switzerland. Six days of racing and riding on some sweet singletracks in epic scenery - Katja Rupf - Trek Gravity Girls

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Trek Gravity girls Sella Ronda

Shooting at Lago di Garda with IXS pic IXS Sport Division Ale Di Lullo
Shooting at Lago di Garda with Ale Di Lullo for IXS Sport Division

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images
Growing up in the mountains around Flumserberg, Katja is a real mountain girl, enjoying every minute playing outside

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Swiss Epic Flow was the first race in years for Katja and more importantly a chance to holiday with her boyfriend, Rene Wildhaber. In Katja´s words "It’s true that we haven’t had much time together this year. And we do usually take a break together in September, so I suppose the event is kind of like our holiday for this year – in a different context, of course."

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images


A look back with Birgit: TGG's Austrian Enduro Racer.

bigquotesFor me, 2014 was an even more successful year than I was hoping for. The main focus when planning my race schedule in winter 2013 was riding the SSES - Specialized Sram Enduro Series, a well established series in the German speaking countries. Finishing consistently in the top 5 and aiming for a top 3 podium in the overall ranking, in the end I managed the 3rd place overall - Birgit Braumann - Trek Gravity Girls

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images
Birgit riding above Lago di Garda

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Race Recap European Enduro Series - Treuchtlingen
Birgit on track at European Enduro Series - Treuchtlingen

bigquotesAt the beginning of 2014 another new Enduro series - the European Enduro Series EES, showed up in the race calendar with interesting stops in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Apart from the race in Flims, which collided with one I wanted to do in Saalbach I managed to take part in all the others. And with a little luck on my side and a win at the last stop of the series in Treuchtlingen I even took first in the overall ranking of the European Series. - Birgit

Race modus for Birgit during European Enduro Series race at Punta Alta

bigquotesAside from these two Enduro Series I was racing a handful of other events. First of all the (as for me by now almost legendary) Trek Bike Attack in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. After winning this race in the past two years, I could only finish in second place both in qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday. New game, new luck! - Birgit

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images
Birgit on the race track during Trek Bike Attack in Lenzerheide, Switzerland

bigquotesThen there were the Austrian National Championships in Kirchberg, Tirol with a silver medal and the Bikes and Beats Festival in Saalbach with a second place in the Gang Battle - a mass start downhill and a third at the Dual Slalom the night before. I'm looking forward to the 2015 season with similar stops and similar plans, hopefully accomplishing similar results on my beloved Slash and the new Session! - Birgit


A look back with Kathi: TGG's German Dirt Specialist.

bigquotesAfter a chill season last year, the new year couldn't start any better for me. As a new member of the Fox Head family and on a Bontrager wheeled Trek bike, I'm ready to shred this season. Here is what I got up to in 2014. - Kathi Kuypers - Trek Gravity Girls

Trek Gravity girls Sella Ronda

bigquotesI started the season, as always, at La Poma Bikepark near Barcelona. The season had ended, there were bad weather conditions everywhere and well there I go again, heading towards Spain for another off season riding at One, without a doubt, the best dirt jumping spot in Europe. All different ages and levels of dirt jumpers encouraged by each other, amongst World class riders having a good time. And so did I, that's why I jumped on the plane three times! Some German dirt jump dudes came along with me as well as Oszkar Nagy. It was amazing to have them on board helping me to get confident on the jumps. - Kathi

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Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images
Progress under Spanish sun.

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images
Kathi enjoying some Mediterranean pumptrack action

bigquotesBesides my life as a full time student in sport, event and media management, a Trek Gravity Girl and a guide at camps, I try to find some time to coach kids in mountain biking. Every Tuesday I go on a mountain bike tour with kids aged 6 to 13. They improve so much and I love shredding with them, because they are so motivated and they love being on their bikes. It's pure passion and that's what makes it so much fun and they are actually pretty successful at XC races as well! In the summer time I attended some Jam Contests in Germany. It usually takes a few tries to make me confident on new lines, but those events are so much fun! It feels like a nice jam session with friends but it's still a contest where in the end the best one wins - Kathi

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

bigquotesI'm gonna continue that series, because my new favourites are tuck-no-handers and 360s - Kathi

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images


A look back with Steffi: TGG's German Downhill Racer and Freerider.

bigquotesFor 2014 I wanted to give myself a go in the DH World Cup. A clean cut with my 4X career was followed by competing at six out of seven DH World Cups and just as I expected, it's a hell of a rough road to ride on; the stage of the World's best downhillers. To be picked for the German National Team at the DH World Champs in Hafjell, Norway, was of course a big honour for me as a newcomer both nationally and internationally. After BMX and 4X this was the third cycling discipline I've been able to compete in at the highest level - Steffi Marth - Trek Gravity Girls

Steff shredding Scottish turns

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images
Bronze medals at the 4X World champs at Leogang and at the German DH Championships at Albstadt.

bigquotesAlthough I quit my 4X career, people convinced me last minute to give it another go for World Champs in Leogang. Downhill was my main focus so I wanted to do both, making it by far the most challenging weekend of the season. In the end I won bronze, my first World Champs medal and a big dream that came true - Steffi Marth - Trek Gravity Girls

Ben s mega berms
Steffi took a starring role in Pinkbike's big feature at the Dakine HQ in Hood River

Steffi also enjoyed an exploration of South Africa with fellow German Jasper Jauch and photographer Nathan Hughes - "SOUTH AFRICA CALLING"

Adidas Eyewear Apt South France November 2014 Copyright Markus Greber Rider Steffi Marth
Riding out the year with the Adidas Eyewear Evil Eye Pro launch in Apt, South France, November 2014.

bigquotesLast season had me satisfied but hungry for more! I did well at the German DH champs, but I want to get gold to be able to call myself German National Champion in the three disciplines BMX, 4X and Downhill. So 2015 is gonna be a very competitive year for me! - Steffi Marth - Trek Gravity Girls

That's it for 2014 with the Trek Gravity Girls... See you on the trails in 2015! Follow us through our season

Trek Gravity Girls 2014 Retrospective images

Thanks for the pics Trek Bicyles, Christoph Breiner, Katja Rupf, Swiss Epic, Steffi Marth, Nathan Hughes, Adidas Eyewear, Markus Greber, IXS Sport Division, Ale Di Lullo, Birgit Braumann.

Last but not least a big thank you to our amazing team sponsors for making it possible - Trek Bicycle, IXS Sports Division, Bontrager and Adidas Eyewear

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 The dirt jump video is quite relevant I think in proving the recent argument over women's prizes in slope contests. She is a sponsored gravity rider who did a dirt jump video and did zero tricks in it, next to Ozskar who tricked every jump nicely and smoothly yet in the men's slope contest that wouldn't be a winning run at all? To me it's great that women are getting into the sport, the sports categories should be unisex too I think as I think it would push female riders harder and we would see a lot more progression in the female riding. But giving them the same prize for showing a lot less skill is mad. There is no reason a woman could not do every trick Semenuk can do.

I'm not hating though, she is still a smoother jumper then I Fab
  • 10 5
 What's wrong with having the same size prize purse? I mean, it's like saying riders should be paid more today than 10-15 years ago because of all the progression of the sport. I don't really agree that tricks should be proportional to payout. It's all about pushing your limits that counts. It's all relative. Maybe women haven't shown the same progression (not saying they can't catch up) as top riders in the field but paying them less seems weird to me.

They're still competitive, still pushing their personal limits and one day hopefully there will be no need to separate the riders anyway; though for now I don't see the harm in separate categories-- camaraderie counts for something and hate to say it, but many guys do not help in creating a welcoming atmosphere for women in any given activity, intentional or not. I say, leave women categories intact BUT also combine their scores into men's leaderboards. That way you're pushing for more progression and sparing women from the boy's club and their little goofy boy antics. I mean, come on, one documentary video I saw of a pro rider involved so much sexual innuendo (e.g. sucking on brake levers) it was ridiculous.
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 Women aren't getting equal prize purses because they're equal as riders, but as people. Maybe equal prizes will get more women into racing competitively, and ultimately, get more women into riding bikes.
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 I think unisex classes are a good idea. Allows for equal prize purse while encouraging a progression equalization. It would be awesome to see women take podium spots too. My brother is a scholastic wrestler and they allow unisex matches. The girls most definitely hold their own and it is a very physical sport. Let's be honest here, Semenuk probably weighs less and wears tighter skinny jeans that most of our girlfriends. With training, dedication, muscle memory, and pushing comfort levels women could be flipping, spinning, and tailwhipping, with bone density and bone-muscle ratio being the only hurdles. Bone density would also only apply to crashes. Either way for the time being, equal prize purses should be happening based on equal rights, and these contest have the $$$ to pay the ladies.
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 Good luck at the world cups this year steffi, you've got some tough competitors to try and beat
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 So pressing thumbs for her this year. Hope she can make it into the top 10 this year. Would be awesome.
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 Living the life, awesome.
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 i like trek bikes, so i support this.
  • 5 1
 I like anything featuring women who can shred mtb, so I support this.
  • 1 0
 I like bikes so i support this
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 I like women, so I support this... And bikes. Definitely women and bikes.
  • 10 0
 I like turtles.
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 @pdxkid You just made my night. If anyone is unaware of the zombie turtle kid here's the link:
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 Hey Ladies Awsome Pedal Power ! Purple is my favorite! Love to see a lady Wrench her own bike very Good !
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 Where is Tracey Mosley?
  • 3 0
 Tracy Moseley is sponsored by Trek, but she isn't a part of the Trek Gravity Girls team.
She was before with Trek World Racing (DH WC team).
And now that she is racing on EWS she has her own structure if I recall corretly the name is TMO Racing.
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 Tracy is on the Trek Factory Enduro Team together with Justin Leov & Rene Wildhaber
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 main reason im asking is because im not sure if trek gravity girls is for publicity or for getting the best female riders in the world racing around the world. i know its an accusing statement, but it is one id like the answer to nonetheless
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 its not a pro team.... Steffi is trying to make a living as a pro rider. Birgit, Katja are working full time in a normal job and Kathi is going to university...its about having fun on the bike, getting more girls stoked on bikes, doing wat they love and not winning races
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 Well summed-up @Clemson
Trek Gravity Girls is about promoting women on bikes, and also about giving support to these 4 women into their passion.
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 thanks for clearing that up, i dont have anything against promotion like this, but i do have a slight issue of a 'pro' team of riders that are there because they are girls or they have connections or whatever. this im fine with
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 FAIR ENOUGH?!?!?!?!
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  • 2 0
 is that supposed to mean something dirty?!
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 So who's going to roll that roof in South Tyrol and transition to the hillside? Needs to happen
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 mhhhmhmmhm......athletic females riding bikes really gets my gears going
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 Yay girls!
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 Awesome once again pb
  • 5 6
 what's a girl?
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 Why does that girl have such a good bike but just straight airs everything?
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