2011 Trek Remedy 9.9: First Look

Jul 15, 2010
by Mike Levy  
When the Remedy was first released it garnered immediate acclaim from nearly every camp. The bike was an instant hit with riders and reviewers alike due to it's competent nature at not just descending, but for being able to climb proficiently enough as to truly be a "one bike" kind of machine. For 2011 Trek doesn't mess with the Remedy's ingredients, but fine tunes the recipe. For the upcoming 2011 season Trek will make three complete carbon Remedy's and three aluminum versions that feature ISCG tabs (the carbon models don't), as well as a frame only option in carbon.

Trek employs their Full Floater system out back

The 2011 carbon frame uses Trek's latest OCLV technology to produce a mountain specific carbon layup that differs greatly from a carbon bike that isn't designed for the same abuse that the Remedy may see. Not only is the frame about 100 grams lighter than the previous year, but it's also stronger. The chainstays remain alloy, but the seatstays are also made from the Trek's mountain specific OCLV carbon. The end result is a frame that is not only lighter, but also claimed to be stronger.

2011 Trek Remedy 9.9 details
  • OCLV Mountain Carbon front triangle
  • OCLV Mountain Carbon seatstays
  • Uses Trek's ABP Convert for active suspension while braking
  • 12 x 142 mm rear axle (convertible to 135 QR with supplied hardware)
  • Custom tuned Fox RP23 DRCV rear shock
  • Custom tuned Fox 32 Talas FIT RLC
  • E2 Tapered headtube
  • SRAM XX 2 x 10 drivetrain
  • Routing for a telescoping post
  • Three OCLV Carbon models: Remedy 9.9 (shown), Remedy 9.8, and the Remedy 9.7
  • Available as a frame only

The one piece EVO link activates a custom tuned Fox RP23 DRCV shock - a lot of technology in a little package

At the heart of the Remedy is the Full Floater suspension and Active Braking Pivot (ABP) combination. Full Floater is Trek's wording for not rigidly mounting the Fox RP23 DRCV shock to the front triangle, instead it is attached to a forward extension from the chain stays. This gives Trek's suspension gurus another place to tune the bikes rate as it goes through its travel as well as not feeding suspension forces directly into the main frame and having to add beef to the shock mount.

The ABP Convert system lets you easily swap between 12 x 142 mm and standard 135 QR rear wheels

ABP is short for Active Braking Pivot and is exactly what it says. The chain and seat stays pivot directly in line with the rear axle which lessens the amount of rotation between the caliper and rotor, making for a more active system under braking. The less the distance changes between the caliper and the rotor as the suspension compresses, the more active the bike will be under braking. Simply put, it is a sort of built in floating brake. 2011 sees the introduction of ABP Convert that allows the use of both the newer and stiffer 12 mm x 142 mm rear axle system, as well as the option to easily swap it out with the supplied hardware to accept a standard 135 mm QR rear wheel. The 9.9 comes stock with DT Swiss's Tricon wheelset, the rear using a 12 mm x 142 mm axle. This is a great feature for riders who have their preferred wheelset that doesn't use the larger diameter axle design, or if you happen to damage your wheel and need to replace it, but only have a regular quick release version.

Trek put together this video that does a great job of explaining how the DRCV shock technology works

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Inside Fox's RP23 DRCV shock - I love cutaways!

The Remedy uses a Fox RP23 rear shock, but the trickery doesn't end there. Just like in 2010, the shock is a unique to Trek DRCV (Dual Rate Control Valve) that acts as two shocks in one, without the added complexity of actually using two shocks as can be found on some other bikes. It does this by using two air chambers and an internal plunger to open the smaller secondary chamber at just the right time. The shock also has a custom rebound tune to allow it to better handle it's return stroke from large impacts. Trek also worked with Fox to create a custom valved Float 32 Talas FIT RLC fork that uses an entirely different piston and shim stack configuration. Watch the video below to learn the why's and how's of the custom tuning.

The new Remedy has some very advanced suspension - Watch the video to learn all about it!

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All the Remedy models, including the carbon framed 9.9 you see here, use a tapered E2 headtube

2011 Trek Remedy 9.9 specs
Frame and SizeTrek OCLV Mountain carbon front triangle and OCLV seatstay (alloy chainstay)
•E2 Headtube, EVO Link, ABP Convert, Full Floater
•150 mm
Rear ShockFox RP23 DRCV, Custom tuned
•7.75" x 2.25"
ForkFox 32 Talas FIT RLC
•Air sprung
•E2 tapered steerer
•110-130-150 mm travel
HeadsetCane Creek Frustrum SE Light Edition
CrankarmsSRAM XX
ChainringSRAM 38/26
Bottom BracketSRAM
CassetteSRAM XX 11-36, 10 Speed
Rear DerailleurSRAM XX
Shifter PodSRAM XX 10 speed
HandlebarBontrager Race X Lite Carbon
StemBontrager Rhythm
BrakesAvid XX
Front WheelDT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon
•15 mm thru-axle
Rear WheelDT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon
•12 x 142 mm (convertible to 135 mm QR by using supplied ABP Convert hardware
TiresBontrager XR3 Team, 2.35
SaddleBontrager Evoke 4, titanium rails
SeatpostCrank Brothers Joplin 4R

Carbon Armor - extra protection just in case

The OCLV frame uses Trek's Carbon Armor for some extra insurance against rock strikes from debris thrown up from your front wheel. Carbon Armor is a dual density pad located low on the downtube, the outer material being slightly softer to absorb impacts and the inner layer being a harder shell to prevent any possible chance of damage.

The 9.9 sports SRAM's top end XX group

The 9.9 picture here is Trek's top end offering in the Remedy lineup and is built using a suitable parts selection. You'll find a SRAM XX ten speed drivetrain and DT Swiss's Tricon wheelset, along with custom tuned Fox suspension on both the front and rear. If that's a little highbrow for your liking, they also have two other less expensive carbon framed models, as well as three aluminum Remedy's that are just as capable, but won't drain your kids collage bank savings.

Visit the Trek website to see their entire lineup.

All photos by Sterling Lorence


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 I WANNA SEE A 2011 SESSION REVIEW tup tup tup tup tup tup
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 Fivered?.... Fithered?..... F*$k it, ME TOO Wink
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 sixthed! But it is goin to be bloomin expensive!
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 seventh but so is a ferrari and we all like looking at them anyway and wishing we had them same diff
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 HA look what i started
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 "Ninethed"....and I did it! Loved my 2010 Fuel EX but sold it...my new 2012 Remedy is KING! (both of my Fuel & my new Remedy are the Aluminum Frames. I have the Remedy tricked out for AM riding and Enduro and its at 28lbs running 2.4 tires & a bash ring so I'm happy!) Would love a Carbon frame but those prices are North of...Whoa!
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 I love this bike and respect Trek's engineering team, but when are these companys going to get real with their technical jargon BuSh. 'One piece EVO link'... Uh, it's actualy a two part weldment assembly. Maybe I'm jaded engineering in the aerospace and defence industry where we call things what they actualy are, but this is almost as bad as Norco's 'ergonomic' link.... That being said, it wouldn't stop me from buying it.
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 Anyone else find it funny that engineers just HAVE to let everyone know that they're an engineer?
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 Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the same rear shock they used on some Gary Fisher bikes? Pretty sure my Roscoe that's sitting 3 feet away has that shock. "Unique" to trek. lol But I digress, it looks like a solid bike. Little disappointed with the lack of ISCG tabs on the carbon frame.
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 Fisher has been owned by Trek since '93. As such, they have license to all Trek's technology (like ABP and DRCV etc). And just recently I believe the Gary Fisher name will cease to exist and all Fisher bikes will carry the Trek name instead (marketed under "The Gary Fisher Collection by Trek").
  • 3 3
 I know all that. I'm also disappointed they dropped the Roscoe line when they did they whole merger thing. My whole point though was saying it's "unique" to trek is a misnomer.
  • 2 3
 I think you're confused. It's still unique to Trek because Fisher is owned by Trek. Personally I'm glad they did away with the Roscoe. Probably one of the ugliest bikes I've ever seen.
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 I know Fisher was owned by trek. But they acted as two separate entities until the "official merger." And to add to that I believe that rear shock was used by other companies not legally held under the trek/fisher franchise. Like I said I'm not trying to shit on the bike because lord knows I'd love to have one of these bikes. If anything I'm wondering if they have the shock specifically tuned for their frames. In that case I understand their claims. I'm riding a trek fuel from 07 as my XC bike so it's not like I dislike the company or their bikes.
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 Bury legitimate opinions with no counter argument. Stay classy pinkbike.
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 acually the man fisher owns trek... its been that way for a while
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 Actually no, Trek owns Fisher and has for quite some time. They also own Bontrager and Mirraco, and used to own Lemond and Klein as well.
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 didnt fisher own shwin at one point??
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 네이버까페 - 왕초보클럽에서 왔다갑니다

자전거가 아주 멋집니다
내 자전거 스캇하고는 비교가 안되는군요 ^^
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 I have no clue what you just said but I agree 100%
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 i think he said he hates north korea
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 But North Korea is BEST KOREA!
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 I think this is what he said:
The Naver cafe - came from the king elementary club

The bicycle is quite beautiful
My bicycle Scott does and ^^ where the comparison does not become
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 I bet the price will kill reality, but for this day I replace my Autumun checklist's Cube Fritzz with this ride. Maybe 9.9 is overshot for my taste, but the whole chassis gives a lot of promises. I'd be happy to see if it keep its words.
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 treks are all expensive but damn they are nice
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 Always liked the Remedy and looks understated for such an amazing spec. Agree that XX seems like needing to dress up the spec of the top bike though, can't see any problems with XO or XT/XTR combo for plenty less. I guess if you can justify buying this level of Remedy then the fact that it's an all-mountain bike with cross-country race gears and a frame material that needs armour wont worry you that much.
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 XTR was the best build for this bike 2x10 are not needed in AM
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  • 4 3
 I love a 2x9 setup for my AM bike, having another gear certainly can't hurt.
  • 1 1
 i guess it couldnt but the chain rings are differnt sizez on the 2x10 its a different the over all drive train is gona have different gear ratios it prob wouldnt hurt but it would be way different
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 osobiscie jezdze na liqid z 2005 roku po małum upgrade , własciwie to orginalna jest tylko rama , reszta zmieniona lite dh stuff
niezamieniłbym na nic innego , jezdze xc , dh czasem na dirtach poskacze , genialna maszyna do wszystkiego pozdro
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 They arent doing that at all. This is a Carbon frame, it wont dent, but it could chip or scar and you wouldnt want that, hence the guard. That being said, I think the guards on their aluminum frames is a perfectly acceptable solution to the denting issue.
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 I'd hate to see the price tag, but it looks sick.
  • 6 2
 nice to see that there are no more bontrager shit wheels on there anymore
  • 5 1
 prob just for this show bike when its realised its prob gonahave all the brontrager junk
  • 1 2
 I hate to burst ur bubble but DT swiss wheels arnt any better then Bontrager. In fact there rims are so soft and weak that I would be willing to say the Bonty's a better choice. Every pair of DT swiss wheels I have to deal with is worked, great spokes, ok hubs, and terrible rims. If U dont like bonty stuff go mavic, nothing touches mavic.
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 DT's are butter.... Don't count out Sun on rims... The MTX series is pretty solid. And Spank rims are the stiffest going
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 really i like the dt swisss 1750s and fr 2350
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 cyrix you have a glittering korea in comedy ahead
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 Career... Korea... Career... Korea... ah, never mind Wink
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 so sweet, but I think larger forks like Fox 36/Lyrik would match the bike better.
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 Does anybody know if you're able to switch a DRCV for regular RP23? The DRCV doesnt seem to take drops higher than 5 feet that well.
  • 4 2
 The remedy's are looking sweet these day's
  • 7 1
 yeah they're beautiful!
When trek will come out with a slope-style remedy not only for their team?
  • 5 2
 scratch ?
  • 4 0
 Nahh the scratch is more FR orientated he means the one that Semenuk uses.
  • 2 1
 probally a custom remedy for slopestyle?
  • 4 2
 Looks like a good Enduro-bike! tup
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 im liking the carbon armor
  • 3 1
 Wow, I wanna sell my Fuel EX for a Remedy now
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 niiiice Smile Between Ibis, GT, and Trek, you guys definitely got the carbon down.
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 dont know why they put the joplin on there.... we get almost every customer complaining about it.
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 OMG!thru-Axle adpted ! it's too early to buy remedy... my 2010 remedy8 had big problem on ABP system. it couldn't use my Hadley wheel,so i returned.
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 LOL I like Atrokz comment.
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 Eek wow that is for us over 7000 euro!,insane pricing
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 Funny how they fix the problem with all the dented downtubes with pieces of carbon armor. Still A sic lookin bike.
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 who ever said bontrager is shit is gunna die
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 he's already dead actually, you just thought it and he keeled over.
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 Bradesabridge....L....O...L! That line made my night. Now I can go to bed. @@
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 gooooooooood im happy now
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 Bontrager Wheels have been great for me.. The two wheelsets i've had. Solid and dont always have to true them.. thats important isnt it ?
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 yes very haha
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 is it me or the lowers on the fork look paper thin?!?
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 don't you guys have a scale? how much does this thing weigh?
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 Metal Flake paint is pimpin! just need some gold parts!
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 ridid ba in charkh sakhtaneton damavand az in behtare
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 so when can we buy these ?
November ?
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 anyone know if the 2011 Top Fuels are going to be announced at this event?
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 I highly doubt that the parts spec listed here is final. Trek barely ever uses someone else's wheels on their bikes.
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 nice bike
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 Awesome spec and build, but that is one ugly paint scheme and color!
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