Video: Trek's Factory Prototype Lab with Cam McCaul

Oct 6, 2015
by Trek Bikes  

Join Cam McCaul as he goes behind the scenes at Trek's Waterloo, WI headquarters. Engineering Technician, Kevin Williams, gives us a peek at development in the prototype lab.



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 i was uh.. slightly let down.... saw that new looking DH frame and got stoked only to be quenched with an aluminum stem..... i did enjoy the 3D printing bits though
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 IKR....big let down!
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 First thought: it DEFIANTLY does NOT look like a session.
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 hahahaha dude that is exactly what peaked my curiosity! @Aarrce
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 Defiantly not.
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 Speaking of which: When did "defiantly" become a thing? I definitely don't remember that being a problem more than a few years ago, right? It's everywhere now.
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 i knew this damn spell check gave me the wrong word...
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 def letdown. we want top secret sht!
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 I was excited when I saw the word prototype from Trek and it doesn't look like a session.
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 Certainly not a new prototype. Head tube looks suited to a 1 1/8 steerer and tube profiles look pretty old. Vertical dropouts too
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 yeah, it looks exactly like a 2009 Karpiel disco volante, that was not expected!
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 i think it was a old trek diesel frame just before session
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 This vid wasn't the most exciting, but I would actually like to see more of this behind the scenes stuff. Perhaps something with a bit more detail, a trip to a factory in China or whatever.
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 Wait did he say "fruition" ? 10pts to Gryffindor!!!!
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 looks like old school azonic eliminator ?
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 This is the bike that was hanging in the rafters at the end:
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 Were you guys really expecting them to show us current pipeline stuff?...
I thought it was a cool video.
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 I wasn't expecting it, until they uploaded a video called "Trek's Factory Prototype Lab." Then I was expecting it.
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 DUDE, definitely looking forward to seeing a 29er Dh bike! I went up against a stumpy 29 er @ sea otter dual slalom... no beans. definitely hoping to see something come out of this!
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 Cam buddy, you can make your buttocks 3 dimensional effortlessly with a 3D printer.
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 What is this? A superman seat grab saddle for ants! It has to be at least three times bigger than this.
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 Lol hope youre joking thats a mini model of the kids trainer seat on the 16-20 inch bikes.
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 Lol yea just a zoolander quote
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 lol, i laughed petty hard
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 Video's been up for at least 15 minutes now and no "looks like a session" comments yet? Surprising.
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 clicked on article just to see highest voted 'looks like a session' comment. a bit disappointed
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 Safety meeting....or two before entering the room. check.
Printing machine pumping out cute plastic toys check.
Cool prototype stuff???
Good thing i had a safety meeting. lets go watch the CNC machine whittle aluminum.
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 And let's wear my safety glasses on the peak of my cap, whilst watching the CNC machine whittle aluminum Wink
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 Nice to see some of Trek/Bontragers work being done in America!
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 All the concept, design, testing, prototyping happens in America.
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 Man I want to work there!! Trek bikes are amazing,.
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 Where is the new non-proprietary i2i frame design allowing riders to use other rear shocks?? Maybe sell a custom rocker...or spacer set?
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 That 29er DH prototype was in Mountain Bike Action a while back and they said that they were not pleased with it's performance so they are not pursuing 29ers in DH.
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 Some Trek riders have been actively racing it this year.. I won't be surprised if it shows up later in 2016.
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 Looks like a small operation with some high tech eq. Cool
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 I wanted to see bikes
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 I do want the green frame.
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 Who else saw the green bike and thought it looks like a voltage?
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 Zoom in on the old DH bike, all i wanted to see
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 Stem looks like a Deity Cavity.
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 This is the worst video I have ever seen,wow.
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 safety glasses are overrated.
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 plastic lobby
  • 2 1
 So are eyeballs in your opinion
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 clearly the joke was lost on you.
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 29er DH frame... KILL IT WITH FIRE
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 it's coming!
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 So empty there...
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