Troy Lee Designs Chito Helmet - At least I look fast......

Feb 25, 2008
by Tyler Maine  
“Well Tyler, at least you look fast”……I’ll always remember those words that Shaums spoke to me while heading to the chair at Silver star resort last season. There I was in my riding “kit” which consisted of 5.10 shoes, socks pulled way up high (might as well ride in pants), TLD knee pads, Sombrio Pinner shorts, jersey over Dainese armor, TLD XC gloves, Spy goggles and the number one item I’m often found wearing while biking-My 2005 Troy Lee Designs Tank Helmet in Olive Green. “Yes Shaums you are right, I do look fast!”

You see, I’m a huge advocate of safety and riding with proper protection on (unlike Dolla Bill), so I tend to try a lot of different items out through out the season. In the case of my old faithful TLD D2, I’ve tried to replace it, heck I even sold it once only to buy it back a few months later. It’s not the only helmet that fits my head right, but I can’t get over how good I think it looks-yep a little bit of vanity there, but really if you’re spending $350 on a lid, you’d better think you look good in it too! That first TLD was bought while working at Calgary Cycle in Alberta right before I made the adventure west and took on my tasks here at It won’t get sold again, but I have to tell you that it has been replaced as my everyday riding helmet.

The early days of the D2.

Retirement is closing in.

This past weekend I decided to head into the big city of Vancouver to visit some friends and to see what the local bike shops have on their shelves at this time of year. Some shops are a little bare after Christmas still, while others seemed to be packed to the gills with bikes and products (not sure what scenario is best really). Our team rider Dancie met up with me for the perusing trip and we hit up 4 shops on Saturday. Everyone at all the shops had one thing in common to say about the time of the season and it was that they were all chomping at the bit to get out riding and they were feeling like winter was dragging on. I had to chuckle at this as I’m from Alberta and back home you put your bike away for half the year it seems sometimes with all the cold, windy weather blowing across the prairies.

While visiting my good buddies up at On Top Bike Shop in North Vancouver I saw what would now be my heads new best friend. Dan and John have been running On Top since 1996 and they always have some sick parts, bikes and clothing on display for me to drool over and Saturday was no different. While talking with Dan about how beautifully made Knolly bikes are, I noticed the Troy Lee helmet rack just above the counter. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed that shelf, but I’ve never wanted/needed a new lid while at the shop. That day was different as it’s been months since Vegas and the last time I saw the 2008 TLD D2 line up and there right in front of me was half the current models and all looking for new homes. “Hey Dan, what do you have in a medium?” were the words I heard coming from my mouth. “Here try this one on” was his reply as he handed me a carbon D2. Hmm that felt good and smelled a lot better than my current lid-kinda like the smell of a new truck. “Ya you know what Dan, I think it’s my birthday today and I’d like to see what other mediums you’ve got before I make any decisions”. The next lid to be handed to me is now proudly part of my personal riding kit and sitting on the shelf here at home waiting for that virgin ride to happen.

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The 2008 TLD Chito in black/green is the boldest and loudest looking lid I’ve ever owned and I’m stoked on it! Thanks for pulling it out of the box and handing it to me Dan! Yes nice parts are an extravagance that not everyone gets to indulge in, but every now and then you get to treat yourselves, hell maybe it’s just a new head set top cap for you, but you’re stoked too. I know that Visa is happy when I buy things like this and I’m sure Dan was ok with selling it to me too! After that stop my buying slowed down drastically, yep a few magazines for reading and a tank of gas are about all I’ve bought this week, but some things are worth it and at least I look fast!


Another fun Troy Lee Designs story:


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 Troy Lee Design is the louie vuitton equivalent in the bike industry. Trendy and over priced. Now go ahead and give me negative props!
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flag jamba256 (Feb 25, 2008 at 8:21) (Below Threshold)
 ^it's actually louis
  • 2 0
 haha couldnt agree with you more
  • 1 0
 yeh i want a louis vuitton helmet that would be sooo kl. i would be pimppp
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 It always makes me laugh when I see riders arrive fully decked out with all that flashy stuff. Just come out and ride the damn bike. Flashy clothes & junk just makes it all look so hollywood... Now don't get me wrong, I belive in a good quality helmet to protect your head but when you hear riders say "Oh did you see the new paint design on that helmet??" it reminds me of high school girls with their new jeans or soemthing..
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 And once again it's all an example of personal preference, like all bike parts and clothes. Some folks kill it in jeans and t-shirts, while others prefer to wear clothes that are created to wick moisture off their skin and for them it helps their comfort. For lids, I say folks should buy what fits best over what looks best. I'm just happy that this is one of the lids that fits my head really well. In the end I just to see riders out riding and don't overly what they are wearing as long as they have a helmet on in the end.
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 kick ass welmets! awesome!
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 why did he get negative props for a positive comment?
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 Maybe because he spelled helmet "welmets"??....or some pb users don't have any sense! Yep, thats it
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 i dont like these helmets that dont protect your neck...just a thought...
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 the remedy was my second choice but in the end tld comes through with the other sickest paint job.... the phobia!! plus it matches everthing else i own cause its all tld. but i do agree with the fasion statements, but hey i worked damn hard for my shit and i want it to be it the best and in my opinion, troy lee does it best!
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 If you don't care what you look like you might as well ride in Spandex and Lycra. It's faster you know....But honestly. Troy Lee rocks. and there equipment is as solid as it is cool looking.
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 i dont really see why some of you are going to rag on troy lee. they have arguably the best fitting helmets, a crash replacement policy, sick graphics every year, are insanely light and they generally just make you look fast. i vowed when i bought my first troy lee 4 season ago that i would never buy anything else. needless to say i picked up another D2 carbon this season.
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 nice helmet
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 Both are awesome, but I prefere that older one! It's the best helmet ever for meWink I hope I'll have one of them someday, but they cost so much;/
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 Both of them helments are so nice. TroyLeeDesign by far makes the best helment on the go, and does the sickest Graphic Designs.
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 they look great but i'm perfectly happy with my flat black gyro remedy.
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 Remedy is WAY more cute than this TLD... I got a white/red Remedy with some nice stickers + my name painted on it in 2 spots.. i looove it :-)
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 Troy lee is the sickest company , I love my Troy lee shit, Anyone can say what they want about it but deep down in side everyone wants a TLD helemet
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 I love this helmet.. gotta love the kids fully decked out in Troy Lee kit though.. you can only get away with that if your super super quick or actually racing. Otherwise you just end up looking like daddy bought it all for you! Nothing wrong with appreciating a cool paint job though!!
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 Acually just purchased one. If you have the extra cash$,
defintly look into getting one.
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 Its a wicked helmet dont get me wrong, but when your riding does it really matter if it LOOKS good. Sweet helmet dude
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 I love the Chito helmet . Comfortable and fits well.
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 sick dude. i have the 08 steve peat helmet. love it
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 agree with you!!
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 iv got a chito, one of the best helmets iv ever owned, soo confy, super light, sick pait!.. its awsome... the only thing i would say is that it gets hot on long runs, and constant use 20 mins +.
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 I have the same helmet as the one in Black and Green but in Blue and white Smile
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 sick looking for both!
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 i would definatly buy one bbut im broke Frown
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 exactly... broke as a joke...
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 i have one too and i love it$
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 I guess most kids might want it... I don't
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 i got the exact same help
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