TSG Launches Two New Knee Pads

Apr 19, 2021
by rideTSG  
Knee Guard Tahoe Zip A S021

Press Release: TSG

Tahoe Zip A and Tahoe Cap A Kneeguards are the latest additions to the Tahoe range of protection joining the original Tahoe A Kneeguards.

Tahoe Knee Pads have been the trusted go-to pads for Sam Pilgrim, Max Fredriksson and many more team riders over the years, as they offer pro-level protection and comfort. Continuous updates from rider feedback, plus the very best in material technology, add up to knee pads that you can rely on when the unexpected and unplanned happens.

Tahoe Zip A (RRP €109.95)

The Tahoe Zip A Kneeguard is TSG’s brand new edition of a tried and tested essential piece of bike protection.

The pad sleeve, which has a vertical zip to make it easier to get fit and wear, is made from supportive stretchy neoprene fabric and is secured by a top Velcro 360° strap and bottom Velcro strap to keep the horseshoe-shaped knee shield in place.

The shield has a two-layer construction: A body-conforming soft cup forms around the knee and absorbs shocks while a thin hard cap directly on the foam prevents puncture wounds from pedals and stones.

The pads open-backed design adds to its comfort and all-condition usability. It is the essential all-mountain, dirt and park riding protection for your mid-leg.

Knee Guard Tahoe Zip A S021
Knee Guard Tahoe Zip A S021

Knee Guard Tahoe Zip A S021
The Side Zipper sits on the outside of the pads and makes putting them on and taking them off a cinch!
Knee Guard Tahoe Zip A S021
The Side Zipper zips downwards so when it's done up the pads stay secure.

Tahoe Cap A (RRP €124.95)

The Tahoe Cap A features an injection-molded hardcap seamlessly integrated into the knee pad.

It ensures easy sliding action in case of a bail. Below sits a removable and soft ACF impact-foam pad. It adapts to your body and offers high-performance shock absorption.

This full-coverage pre-shaped knee guard features a true anti-slip fit and lateral Flex Zones for increased flexibility and ventilation.

The Tahoe Cap A is your reliable partner when hitting home trails, bike parks or backcountry descents.

Knee Guard Tahoe Cap A S021
Knee Guard Tahoe Cap A S021

Knee Guard Tahoe Cap A S021
The pads slide on easily when the Top and Bottom Velcro Straps are loosened.
Knee Guard Tahoe Cap A S021
With the Top and Bottom Velcro Straps tightened the pads are secured in place.

Features found in both Kneepads:

ACF Impact Foam
ACF is engineered to mimic the physical structure of human cartilage with molecular freeflow technology. Flexible and soft in the normal state but when met with impact the molecules in ACF form a hard, protective shell. The remaining impact energy is converted into barely noticeable heat before it can reach the body.

Removable Foam
Allows the pads to be washed without damaging the ACF foam's properties.

Pre-Shaped Design
Our pre-shaped body protection comes with a pre-bended articulated design for unrestricted wearing comfort and superior fit.

TSG Horseshoe Tech
Horseshoe Shape
Our custom Horseshoe shape that greatly surrounds knees, elbows or shoulders. The compression-moulded foam pad with a raised top part sits perfectly around your protected joints. This shape minimizes shifting and down-sliding to keep your pad in place during action.

Stretchy Neoprene Fabric
Very strong and at the same time flexible over a wide temperature range, Neoprene offers great temperature regulation and shock absorbing qualities. Perforated for breathability.

TSG Anti-slip NBR Tech
Anti-Slip NBR
An NBR neoprene stripe at the inner top of the pad supports an anti-slip fit, keeping the pad in place during action.

Lateral Padding
Foam padded side walls offer additional coverage.

Top & Bottom Velcro Straps
The straps wrap around the whole limb offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection.

CE Certified with test methods based on EN 1621-1:2012 (Motorcyclists’ limb joint impact protectors) and others.

Tahoe Zip A Additional Features:

TSG Amplified Soft-shell Construction Tech
Amplified Softshell Construction
Softshell look and feel but Hardshell performance. A thin and flexible pierce-proof insert inside the pad on top of the multi-impact soft foam secures the foam and your joints from crushed rocks or other sharp objects. Your choice when you want comfortable soft but reliable impact protection. (Insert removable for some products).

Watch as Sam Pilgrim talks you through the technology behind Amplified Softshell Construction:

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Knee Guard Tahoe Zip A S021
Side Zipper
No need to remove your riding shoes (or race pants/jeans) to put on or take off your kneepads. Now it's easy!

Tough Stretch Cover
Strong abrasion-resistant fabric offers great resistance against wear and is used in areas prone to high abrasion. Extremely durable but still light and flexible.

Tahoe Cap A Additional Features:

Hardshell Construction
Hardshell covered pads reduce friction against the ground in case of a fall. Maximum protection from impacts often associated with pedals, rocks and other objects found on varied terrain or falls from great heights on concrete or wooden ramps.

Knee Guard Tahoe Cap A S021
Injection-Molded Hard Cap
Seamless integration with the knee pad.

Both the Tahoe Zip A and Tahoe Cap A knee pads will provide you with all-day comfort and the highest quality protection so it's up to you which one to choose for your next riding adventure! See you on the trails!


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 The removable foam is a big one. Awesome guys!! Most folks don't realize they shouldn't be washing these newer technical pads in the laundry. And TSG's classic horseshoe does feel more solid than others, and make the pad stay in place. Plastic caps haven't been as popular in MTB as they should be... we need to slide over rocks! GREAT UPDATES ALL AROUND GUYS!
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 Thanks heaps for the positive feedback! And yes you are right, never machine wash impact-absorbing foam. It looses its performance with each washing cycle.
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 Thanks heaps for the positive feedback! And yes you are right, never machine wash impact-absorbing foam. It looses its performance with each washing cycle.

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