Tuhoto Ariki Pene Joins MS Mondraker

Jan 21, 2022
by James Smurthwaite  

Hot on the heels of signing David Trummer, Mondraker has now announced it has signed Tuhoto Ariki Pene for the 2022 season.

Tuhoto previously won the bronze medal at the 2019 UCI World Championships and U19 gold medal at the 2019 Oceania Mountain Bike Championships, where Tuhoto also claimed the fastest time of the day. Since then, he has moved up to the elite category riding for the Union where he earned wins at the IXS European Cup and a 14th place finish at the 2021 UCI World Championships in Val di Sole. This off season, he took wins in both the Dual Slalom and Pump-Track along with an elite podium finish in the Air DH at the 2021 Rotorua Crankworx.

bigquotesBeing signed to a factory team has been a dream/goal come true. It’s an honour to be part of MS Mondraker. I’ve slowly watched all the Aotearoa bros growing up being on these teams, that’s how I wanted to roll and to be a teammate to Brook, even better. Just goes to show, that if you go hard and believe in your goals, you can achieve them. Something my parents always reminded me, “If you believe, you can achieve.

But I wouldn’t be here without the people that surround me, ‘Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini kē’, which means “My success isn’t just because of me, but the many that surround me” and I believe Mondraker will be a solid rock where I can start my new goals and begin a journey with an amazing team.
Tuhoto Ariki Pene


bigquotesI remember when former NZ junior coach Craig Pattle mentioned Tuhoto a few years back as being a raw diamond and probably the next big rider from NZ - last year he showed some amazing results which got him on our screen for the factory program and now we are stoked to have him onboard- Kia ora Tuhoto!Lukas Haider, MS Mondraker Team Manager

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 That's big. Dude's on a kick ass bike and I suspect he will be getting serious results. Great news.
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 I’d say that’s a kick ass team Mondraker has lined up
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 @Mr-Gilsch: They seem to always get it right. Even after they lose such huge talent. I'd love to get a glimpse behind the curtain to see how they run their team and figure out the bike setup.
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 I remember when he got the Wyn TV Privateer award after his Junior World Champs in 2019. He looked sooo young and every other word was 'shit'. It was so good to see him get that $1000
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 No shortage of vowels surrounding his success
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 Yeah well done! Super stoked for him. This guy is a killer, I love his riding. Future great champion in perpective!
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 @Mr-Gilsch: Incredible team, while still willing to take a risk, Mondraker now have massive talent on board, yet none of these riders is a save bet - will be great to see how they develop in their new team.
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 Wasn't he already on a sweet bike? v10?
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 @wheelsmith: it’s a good thing he didn’t join the cllctv. No place for vowels on that team
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 A few years ago, I was on a trip in New-Zealand. Me and my Girlfriend rented bike to go ride in the redwood. The guy who was setting up our bike was a small teenager that had a plans on going riding to whistler for the first time (if I recall), he wasn't yet of an age to travel alone, so he said that his mother was coming with him just for him to ride in whistler and try to advance even more in his ambition of racing bikes. He had that fire in the eye speaking about it. It's in inspiration to see how really put effort that realy paidoff.Just an amazing story that I got a glimps before it ramped up. Amazing guy that I will continue to follow through the world cup and cheer!
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 id like to think you paid a part in his success, nah jokes. You're right it's very cool to see
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 I would laughed so hard if your story ended like „I mean it wasn‘t Tuhoto but I really want to know if that dude went to whistler“ Big Grin
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 @High-Delberg: lol I was thinking the same thing
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 @High-Delberg: yeah sounds a bit like that hahahahaha
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 Brook and Tuhoto in the same team will be sick!
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 Awesome news Tuhoto. You have long been one of the best talents in Maketu. Go hard and good luck. Great news. Top team
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 His surname is unfortunate for joining a Spanish team
  • 15 7
 I’m afraid you’re tortellini wrong, pasta is from Italy. You must spaghetting old?
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 Why so serous, son?

It's gonna give a whole lot good mannered banter, id say.
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 @oatkinso: pene in spanish means penis
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 His first name in Spanish is also...
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 @derekbnorakim: i am lost there...
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 @kannamerano: Tu=You and I'll let you google the rest
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 Nah its sweet. Ariki means priest in Maori. Tuhoto Ariki was a suposed wizard famed for predicting a volcanic eruption and then being buried for 4 days in ash and surviving at 100 years old.

So ahh, the Maori/Spanish hybrid of his name means Wizard Pe....Ill see myself out.
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 @inside-plus: That'll be up to the ladies to confirm.
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 Definitely 1st pick in my fantasy team this year! Always interviews well, great positive attitude…. Absolutely rips on a bike! Future is in good hand.
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 Super stoked for this guy we need more Maori participation in mountain biking he can be a positive roll model, it’s really great to see.
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 Agree. He is a role model to me. I am old crusty broken mtbiker.
I follow him on IG.
He always comes across as
Hard working
High performing
Fast as
And Good looking for hopefully more tv adverts (he does weet-bix bites ad in NZ)
A great ambassador for any brand. Hopefully he can get more exposure (maybe or maybe not a bit more self promotion )and reward in a world where clicks and likes seems so important and clowns and fools are rewarded ( though very few are handsomely rewarded in MTB)
His professionalism reminds me of Anton Cooper (xc olympian ) and Nico Porteous (freestyle ski Olympian) but they seem to only make it to the tv news midweek when they have run out of rugby/league results and stories of their often appalling off field behaviour.
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 Probably the best announcement of the year aside from Neko’s program.
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 Him and David for sure. What a team.
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 The syndicate announcement was pretty exciting…
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 Great signing for a young kiwi flyer. This kid grew up idolising Bulldog and to be racing with him is going to inspire Tuhoto to big things. Guess that cheeky little Maori boy helping his dad load the shuttles in Rotorua is achieving his dreams, congrats bro.
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 Love watching this guy shred it. Recall that he as podium for about 3/4 of the 1st Snowshoe race of 2021 and just sitting there while other well known pros went down over & over in those rock sections. He got just about zero coverage for that and I think he even had the fastest time on a split or two (?) but anyway - effin' baller. Glad to see he got on w/ Mondraker and hoping to see him more front & center. PB - how about a cast w/ a Tuhuto interview? The dude's just cool as it gets.
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 Stoked for Tuhoto, massively deserved. Great rider and a overall super nice guy. Expect some big results this year with the extra support.
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 Ka pai.
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 This is epic! - stoked to see him get on a solid Team the extra support can only add to his natural ability and calm confidence - kid is on the up for shizzle!!! Genuinely looking at a Mondraker as my next bike. As a company they seem to nail it every time, even the leaving video for Laurie was amazing. PROPS.
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 Perfect Fit.
Great News and good luck for the upcoming season

I was waiting for this one. Are we all done now or is there anyone left to move?
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 This is so good to see!
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 Nice one. Podium in the first three races me thinks!
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 Awesome News. it's been years since we had a promising Kiwi sign for a big team. Tu Meke!
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 Mean bro!!!!!
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 ^^ This! Was just about to comment the very same.
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 Tuho - to this may concern - this is great news!
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 Pun Penealtys will be given soon
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 @Mr-Gilsch: shit yeah
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 so psyched for this! I'd bet Mondraker is going to be very happy with this decision by the end of this season
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 So happy for Tuhoto! Absolutely love seeing him reaching further! And can't wait to see what this year brings!!!
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 Yes! So happy to finally see where he lands for the season. Even happier to see that it’s not In-tents.
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 Bulldog and david will great team mates, cant wait to see him grow into a contender for the podium.
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 Stoked to see a young Kiwi doing well. I get the feeling he's going to be at the sharp end of results in coming years.
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 MS Mondraker becoming a Kiwi powerhouse!
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 Tu meke !
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 Well deserved for my bro! This guy will get the rainbow stripes one day mark my words
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 I am annoyed by almost all individual team update posts, but not this one. Tuhoto is gonna do big things this year!!
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 Awesome news! Good luck Tuhoto!!
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 This is awesome news - can't wait to see what he can do this season!
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 Well deserved! Can't wait to see what he's got with full factory support!
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 Helluva move for Brown Sugar.
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 Why the down votes? Don't tell me its because of Brown Sugar?
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 To anyone wondering, its his nickname, he has it on his jersey
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 @FilmSmith: Correct sir!
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 Fantastic news. He is an amazing rider and Seema like a really nice guy.
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 Excited for this! Well done Tuhoto!
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 Nice, definitely going on my DH fantasy team
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 So stoked for this guy!
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 The MS Mondraker Kiwi Collective, fuck yeah
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 TLD too
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 Awesome news!
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 Yes cuzzy !! .
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 Great move guys
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 Well done Tuhoto!!
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