TweedLove Returns in 2021 with Chain Reaction Cycles Partnership

Feb 4, 2021
by TweedLove Team  

Press Release: TweedLove Bike Festival

TweedLove Bike Festival has announced a new headline partnership with Chain Reaction Cycles for their 2021 festival weekend based in the Tweed Valley, Scotland. The online bike store will also sponsor two of TweedLove’s other events this year, covering gravel and road riding.

The Tweed Valley is synonymous with UK enduro racing - home-grown organisers TweedLove have been hosting races for a decade

Over the last 11 years, TweedLove Bike Festival has become one of the UK bike industry’s major annual events and features a wide range of events for different types and ages of riders including one of the country’s biggest demo opportunities. This year riders can expect a big increase in E-Bike activity over the weekend and while the biggest emphasis is on mountain bikes, many other styles of riding will also feature.

Will social distancing still be needed in September? Hope not.

“TweedLove is about riding your bike and having a good time – for all kinds of riders,” says TweedLove founder Neil Dalgleish. “That’s why TweedLove always has a wide choice of events. For a lot of us, it’s about racing technical Tweed Valley enduro stages, but for others, it could be about demo-ing a gravel bike or hitting the trails on an eMTB - or taking part in a kids’ event. It’s also about checking out the latest bikes and kit, finding a bargain and enjoying some great beer and food with mates.”

The festival weekend is all about riding bikes on one of the UK's top trail destinations

Grant Norris of Chain Reaction Cycles said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to partner with TweedLove this year, which is set to be a superb celebration of cycling. There’s so much to get involved with throughout the weekend in such an incredible setting and Chain Reaction Cycles are excited to be there and revel in the joy that two wheels bring!”


The bike events world has been hit hard by Covid, so the TweedLove team are gearing up to make the festival both Covid-safe and more fun than ever when the events return. “It’s been a very difficult time, we’ve lost members of staff and the uncertainty has been grim, but now we’re building a stronger team than ever, and it’s awesome to have Chain Reaction Cycles involved now, too” says Neil. “It’s going to be a fantastic weekend and all the events will be supercharged like never before. Bikes have kept so many of us sane through the pandemic, and now we can’t wait to celebrate. The positive vibes will be like never before.”


Chain Reaction Cycles TweedLove Bike Festival will be held in Peebles, Scottish Borders on 17-19 September 2021.
Chain Reaction Cycles Gritopia is on Saturday 12 June, and Cycle Law Scotland Skinny Tweed presented by Chain Reaction Cycles is on Sunday 13 June, both also starting and finishing in Peebles.

Photos: Ian Linton


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 No danger.... Wee Krankie says we’re not allowed out this year
  • 6 18
flag mtb-scotland (Feb 4, 2021 at 5:51) (Below Threshold)
 You can always take someone serious when they take the piss out of someone's appearance.
  • 4 1
 Why are tickets even for sale. Were not even allowed over the Border. It'll be a small festival if that's the case.
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 @mtb-scotland: bigger fool you for thinking that was a serious comment!
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flag mtb-scotland (Feb 4, 2021 at 9:22) (Below Threshold)
 @Medacus: doesn't matter if you were serious or not. You look like a prick.
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 @mtb-scotland: Honestly? That’s a bit rich coming from you is it not? But I suppose. They do stay “it takes a prick to know a prick”
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flag mtb-scotland (Feb 4, 2021 at 10:42) (Below Threshold)
 @Medacus: I don't comment on peoples looks so why is it rich?
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 @mtb-scotland: awwww snowflake do you feel offendedc
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 @mtb-scotland: your previous comment literally says "You look like a prick."...
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 @mtb-scotland: who commented on anyone’s looks? Are you trying to tell me that there is something wrong with the way Wee Krankie looks? Shame on you!
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 Bloody hope I am vaccinated by then, bought my ticket 2 months ago! The Uk had managed 10million in 5 weeks, I was hoping I would have had at least one shot by Mid summer.
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 McFingers crossed
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 Signed up for the Tenduro. Will be my first Tweed Love. Looking forward to it, so fingers firmly crossed we are in a position for everyone to enjoy!
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 eeeeerrrrrrmmmm september 2021 in the Scotland? Hate to bring you some bad news but the target audience for these events most likely won't have been vacinated by then (dentists dont count as they dont race there carbon yeti's)
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 We don't all need to be vaccinated to reduce the need for social distancing - only the more vulnerable groups e.g. the elderly. In the UK 99+% of deaths have been from the groups scheduled to be vaccinated by the summer.

After that there is obviously still a small risk to the target audience of a bike event but many will see it as proportionate given the tiny chance of serious illness in that demographic.
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~10% of covid deaths are between 15-44 (target audience for an event like this) WE 22 jan 2021.
I do hope you don't have to go through someone you know dieing due to this, and not being able to be with them as they die in a hospital bed without loved ones with them, as 87 did week ending WE 22 jan 2021 in the UK.
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 @l0key: I only gave age as an example - I said 'more vulnerable groups', where the majority of younger people who have sadly died can still be found and who presumably will be avoiding large events like this for quite a while yet. I am quoting widely-used figures - I accept they may be a broad brush but they can be found in the JCVI literature amongst other sources.

Thank you for your bleak message of 'hope' regarding people I know dying of Covid without loved ones around them, but sadly you are too late as this has already happened to someone in my family. For this reason I won't be attending bigger events like this until I feel safe to do so, but I was speaking more generally as I do think people will weigh up these risks and find them acceptable once restrictions have been eased.
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 All my entries rolled over from last year, fingers crossed we can ride bikes or maybe race
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 E-bikes what joy........

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