Video: Tyler McCaul's Huge Drop - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 15, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  



Tyler McCaul's Huge Drop

More updates at Tune in live at starting at 10:00AM MT on Friday the 16th of October, 2015.

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 I'm pretty sure Cam McCaul could get me hyped enough to hit anything.
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 cam could get anyone to jump off half dome.
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 It's awesome to see how psyched he is for his little brother, even though Tyler is about to overtake him as far as rampage skills are concerned.
Tyler is a beast, but still I could not watch my brother do that kinda stuff.
Also I really miss Cam, he was my favourite rider since he was thinking about getting a big bird tattoo on his forehead.
I would love to know why he took some steps back from competing... I mean it was even before he was having a family.
Maybe it had to do with his ever popping shoulder? Does anybody have some intel?
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 I believe he doesn't want to risk injury as the field is becoming stacked with tons of new talent. Plus with the household name like Cam McCaul, he doesn't have anything more to prove. So now he can enjoy the lack of pressure of competition while riding for fun.
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 Who else could you get to judge speed better though , rad
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 @mazze It seems like he's doing things for fun now, making movie, appearing in nitro circus, judging, commentating... I wouldn't blame him, if he can still be part of the scene without the hassle of competitions he'd better enjoy it !
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 Cam mcCaul, the serious looking brother
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 Why didnt he ride finals?
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 Concussion during practice runs
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 If who ever produced this segment is reading: Thank You. Last weekend, my daughter was afraid to drop into our local dual slalom track. She was embarrassed, in spite of myself and her friends telling her it was OK to be scared and back off if she wasn't feeling it. She watched this with me tonight, and without any input, immediately recognized the same sorts of fear and emotions. A few seconds of video - T Mac rolling up the drop over and over - was able to convey what I could not with my jumbled explanations. Thanks for showing us the side of a top level rider that most of us can relate to.
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 Good on ya dad. There's dads everywhere that could benefit from behind the scenes stuff like this to share with our kids as springboards for talking about the exact same kinds of things that might scare them.
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 "...and test all the stuff, even if it's just the easy stuff." What's that easy stuff you're talking about?! This is Rampage! D:
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 I watched the drop about 5 times, sat here for about 10 minutes thinking of something funny/cool/witty to say but couldn't come up with anything except holy f*cking wow!
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 yeah. idk. i'm suprised he didn't hit it a couple more times so come competition day he has the speed he needs SET in his mind
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 You can hear is voice wavering a bit after he hit that because he's all jacked up on adrenaline and redbull. So stoked for him right now.
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 No lycra, not interested.
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 I'm pretty sure there's Lycra in Andreu's skinny jeans. You should look there.
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 ^^^^LOL.... Lycra jeans....
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 this rampage is on another level.
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 always thought t mac was shadowed by his big bro, but this proves that completely wrong, rock on T MAC !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Any idea how big this compares to the Agassi/Lacondeguy (sp?) drop? When Strait won with the no hander, I remember TMac hitting a dirt drop of the same size but he didn't get any recognition for it because it wasn't the Redbull Sender.
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 it was not so much of a diffrence i guess altough i believe that one andreu did was even bigger also cause he overshot it a bit; and also i think so because ive seen the pictures of that drop maybe if we see the pictures of this one maybe we can guess; anyway this was scary big with bonebreaking or even worse concecuences
props for hitting that only the best of the world can hit that stuff... 650db now oh well bigger wheels bigger hits i guess still i will remain 26. any lads out there riding 26?
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 All 26
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 really? Smile
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 Yeah, so that the wind doesn't affect them as much on the big drops and jumps.
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 Bunch of build up for something he made look sooo easy. These guys (and their builders) are f*cking next level.
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 For how monstrous that is, he made it look easy. This contest shall be insane. Just .....F-ing.......insane.
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 I've had flights that were shorter than that. Jesus, what a nutter.
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 He hit that so smooth! And the rest of his line looks gnarly too!
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 He cleared the landing these guys took 5 days to build!
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 Reminded me of his 2013 huge drop
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 Let me quote his brother, "gnarly, gnarly, GNAAARR-ly"
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 T mac is the man.
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 T mac dialed that so precise....dam nice work.
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 "Little hand says it's time to rock and roll."

"100% pure adrenaline"
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 Are we coming back to the Bender era of mountain biking??? Bender.... where are you..!?
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 He's one of the judges Smile
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 This is awesome coverage. The best Rampage coverage by far.
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 He's basically built a clone of the oakley sender?
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 "Life 's too short not to go big, gotta go big"
Timeless quote from Josh the-man-without-rebound-damping Bender
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 My balloon knot will still be puckered a week from now!
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 my heart was pounding just watching it, a steel set for sure!
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 This fucking video won't play thru
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 jesus fucking christ.
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 8h to go!!!!!
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 3.2hr now. its like Christmas, only much much better!
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 big respect
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 Song name ??
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 that was crazy!!!
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 where was he in finals?!
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