Typical Trail Ride… With Energy to Burn - Video

Oct 4, 2017
by Kriss Kaczmarczyk  

Backstage ...
My name is Kriss Kaczmarczyk.
I'm 16-years old polish rider.
My favourite style of cycling is downhill, but I also love to ride on my enduro bike – Kross Moon 3.0.

This short movie is the result of very long and intensive day with my friend Jakub „JK” Kocjan.
It was such a fun day with a lot of high fives.

I hope you will like the result.

Rider: Krzysztof Kriss KaczmarczykGoRide Racing Team
Camera: Jakub "JK" Kocjan

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Backstage ...


Whip it

Backstage ...

Photos taken by Jacek Słonik Kaczmarczyk.


  • + 26
 My name is Kriss Kaczmarczyk. I'm 16-years old polish rider. My favourite style of cycling is downhill, but my sponsor really needs to sell a few Enduro bikes for flow trails.
  • + 15
 actually Kross doesn't have a DH bike in their lineup
  • + 14
 Great video to wake up to! You should be called Kriss Kross
  • + 3
 Would that be Kross Kountry or Ciclo Kross?
  • + 3
 @nozes: oh I like it !!! I like it ! 4 kross
  • + 9
 Great video! I love the intro on the lift, the clips of the parking lot tricks, the shredding of the bike park, and the soundtrack. So basically, I love it all! Keep up the good work (rider AND filmer).
  • + 2
 Great editing on this one! Always fun to see people having a genuine good time on the bike.

But... this is pinkbike so I need to complain: This is not an "enduro" ride... you just went to the bike park.
  • + 4
 But why Fox didn't provide him with the polish national flag kit instead?
  • + 2
 Hi my name is matt. I am new to mountain biking, and someone needs to teach me how to kick out on berms. Do i break? If so, with which? Oh yeah, fun video.
  • + 8
 go into a turn straight.... straight.. stay straight an then turn an lean BANG into the berm at the last instant! send dust flying, get a friend to film it for instagrom an dont forget about 30 hash tags like #cuttysfodays or #sendbrownpow
an then run like fk from the pissed off trail builder
  • + 4
 @nojzilla: You forgot the part where you grab a fist full of your front brake, super important.
  • + 6
 @pbfan08: trust me, I've learned the fist full of front brake on a skinny. It resulted to endo, tuck no hander, to summersault ghost ride, to terre
  • + 1
 @JCHILLTOPPERS: you missed out on the scorpion there.
  • + 4
 Kinda fun right there.
  • + 3
 Aaaand another high five for Kriss! Petarda edit duża piątka dla JK!!!!
  • + 4
 Kurwa dobre Wink
  • + 1
 idi najuy
  • + 4
 WoW! Very nice!
  • + 3
 This yong energy boy need have sponsor))
  • + 4
 git !
  • + 2
 Awsome vid! Smile what's the song ?
  • + 2
 left boy
  • + 2
 that kind of video we need; not a ebike going up and down.
  • + 2
 King Kriss !
  • + 1
 Super fun vid! Nice riding and filming!
  • + 1
 nice! where in poland is this?
  • + 3
 it's Kasina BikePark, near Cracow
  • + 1
 Sweet video ! Keep it up
  • + 1
 Who is the music artist?
  • + 1
 Left Boy
  • + 0
 Nice Riding! Strange music

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