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U23 XC Results from the Val Di Sole XC World Cup 2023

Jul 1, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the fourth U23 XC World Cup of the year in Val Di Sole.

For the fourth time this year, it was Sofie Pedersen who was unmatched in the U23 Women's race as an attack at the start of lap three proved to be too much for the rest of the field.

Sofie Pedersen had a slower start than past races this season with Ronja Blöchlinger looking stronger in the early laps. The third lap proved crucial as the series leader's attack saw her take the lead and build a gap that couldn't be closed. Samara Maxwell had an incredible race with a performance that was almost good enough to catch the leader but she ends the fourth round 38 seconds back. Ronja Blöchlinger struggled to find speed in the later laps ending the day in third.

Following the race Sofie Pedersen said in a post-race interview: "I think it's the hardest race I have ever done, I'm so tired. Sami was so fast today, I could feel from the beginning she was faster, I knew she was super strong."

The U23 Men's racing provided plenty of drama as Luca Martin looked unstoppable before a final lap double flat allowed Carter Woods to take the double win in Val Di Sole.

Carter Woods had a great ride as he stayed calm and controlled to ride his way into the lead and secure his first XCO win in 2023. Adrien Boichis also showed his strength by staying at the front of the race to take home 2nd. Riley Amos had one of the toughest rides as he had a rear flat in the early laps but fought back from 13th to take home 3rd. Luca Martin would cross the line in 11th.

In his post-race interview, Carter Woods said: "It's pretty crazy, that last lap a lot of things happened. I was on the hunt for first and then as I was cross-eyed trying to catch up I heard like 'mechanical in the front' and I just started like 'oh my gosh I can't believe it.' I'm super excited but bummer for Luca, yeah that's racing at the end of the day."

Stay tuned for live results and updates.


U23 Women

1st. Sofie Pedersen: 1:07:09
2nd. Samara Maxwell: +38
3rd. Ronja Blöchlinger: +2:02
4th. Noemie Garnier: +2:21
5th. Sina Van Thiel: +2:37

U23 Men

1st. Carter Woods: 1:08:57
2nd. Adrien Boichis: +31
3rd. Riley Amos: +45
4th. Jente Michels: +49
5th. Mario Bair: +50

The U23 Women's Race as it Happened

23:30 pm PDT: The U23 Women are Off
The U23 Women are off the line with a big mid-pack crash as riders head into the shortened start loop.

23:36 pm PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger Leads After the Start Loop
Following the short start loop it's Ronja Blöchlinger, Sofie Pedersen and Ella Maclean-Howell leading the race.

23:41 pm PDT: There is a Leading Group of 3 at the Front
Sofie Pedersen now leads a breakaway group of three riders with Ronja Blöchlinger and Samara Maxwell joining the current series leader.

23:42 pm PDT: The Roots are Causing a Few Issues
We are seeing some of the riders struggle to maintain momentum through the roots, this could become a key area in the race if we see riders stay together until the last lap.

23:46 pm PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger & Sofie Pedersen have Created an 8-Second Lead
Ronja Blöchlinger and Sofie Pedersen are pulling away as they have built an eight-second gap back to Samara Maxwell in third place.

23:48 pm PDT: Samara Maxwell has Caught the Leader
In the second half of the lap Samara Maxwell has closed the eight-second gap to catch up to the leading riders.

23:51 pm PDT: The Top 5 Riders After Lap 1 Are:
1st. Sofie Pedersen: 20:33
2nd. Ronja Blöchlinger: +1
3rd. Samara Maxwell: +2
4th. Noëlle Buri: +32
5th. Noemie Garnier: +32

23:56 pm PDT: Ronja Blöchlinger is Building a Gap to Sofie Pedersen
Ronja Blöchlinger is keeping the pace high on lap two as she has created a four-second gap to Sofie Pedersen. Samara Maxwell is now 12 seconds back before the chasing group who are over a minute off the pace.

0:01 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen has Closed the Gap & Now Leads
Sofie Pedersen has caught Ronja Blöchlinger and has moved into the leading position. Samara Maxwell is also starting to catch the two riders at the front.

0:08 am PDT: After Lap 2 the Top 5 Riders Are:
1st. Sofie Pedersen: 36:20
2nd. Ronja Blöchlinger: +0
3rd. Samara Maxwell: +22
4th. Sara Cortinovis: +1:21
5th. Noëlle Buri: +1:22

0:13 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen has Ridden Away from Ronja Blöchlinger
Sofie Pedersen has made her move to take a strong lead of nine seconds against Ronja Blöchlinger who looks to not have the energy to close the gap.

0:17 am PDT: The Battle for 4th & 5th is Heating Up
A group of five riders led by Sina Van Thiel are fighting for the final podium spots as they all sit within a few seconds of each other.

0:19 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen has Made a Big Move as she Leads by 31 Seconds
Sofie Pedersen has really picked up the pace as she has created a sizeable gap of 31 seconds. Samara Maxwell has caught Ronja Blöchlinger as she moves into 2nd place.

0:24 am PDT: Going into the Final Lap the Top 5 Riders Are:
1st. Sofie Pedersen: 51:44
2nd. Ronja Blöchlinger: +42
3rd. Samara Maxwell: +42
4th. Sina Van Thiel: +2:05
5th. Sara Cortinovis: +2:05

0:24 am PDT: Samara Maxwell is Looking Strong on the Final Lap
Samara Maxwell has kicked off the last lap with a big effort as she starts to build a gap back to 3rd-placed Ronja Blöchlinger.

0:26 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Closes in on the Race Leader
Samara Maxwell has pulled back 12 seconds in the first part of the last lap, it will be tough to fully close this but it could be possible if Sofie Pedersen makes a mistake.

0:28 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Pulls Back Another 5 Seconds
Samara Maxwell has closed almost half of the gap to race leader Sofie Pedersen, this is a huge effort.

0:30 am PDT: The Gap is Now 11 Seconds Between Sofie Pedersen & Samara Maxwell
Samara Maxwell has almost done the impossible as she has closed over 30 seconds so far on the final lap.

0:33 am PDT: Samara Maxwell Loses 4 Seconds After a Small Mistake
The loose conditions caused a small mistake for Samara Maxwell dropping her back by four seconds. There is still the climb-heavy second loop to go before the finish, we could be in for the first sprint finish for the U23 Women this year.

0:35 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen Ups the Pace to Add to her Lead
Sofie Pedersen could have ended the threat of Samara Maxwell as the lead builds again to 22 seconds.

0:37 am PDT: Sofie Pedersen Wins in Val Di Sole
Sofie Pedersen makes it four wins in 2023 as she comes out on top again.

The U23 Men's Race as it Happened

1:31 am PDT: The U23 Men's Race is Underway
The U23 Men are off the line with Alex Junior Malacarne leading as riders head into the shortened start loop.

1:33 am PDT: Adrien Boichis Now Leads
Adrien Boichis has taken the lead on the start loop.

1:35 am PDT: Tom Schellekens is Out Front into the First Lap
Tom Schellekens leads the riders into the first full laps with Dario Lillo and Luca Martin close behind.

1:40 am PDT: A Gap is Building from the Front 5 Riders to the Chasing Group
The leading five riders are beginning to ride away as a five seconds gap forms to sixth place.

1:42 am PDT: Luca Martin Pulls Away After a Mistake from Adrien Boichis
Luca Martin has created a gap at the front after Adrien Boichis makes a mistake going off the big drop.

1:44 am PDT: Adrien Boichis & Riley Amos Catch Luca Martin
Adrien Boichis and Riley Amos have caught the race leader to create a group of there at the front. Dario Lillo is chasing hard to catch up.

1:48 am PDT: The Top 5 Riders After Lap 1 Are:
1st. Adrien Boichis: 17:29
2nd. Luca Martin: +1
3rd. Riley Amos: +2
4th. Dario Lillo: +5
5th. Carter Woods: +6

1:51 am PDT: Dario Lillo is Now 17 Seconds Back from the Leading Group
The chasing pair of Dario Lillo and Carter Woods and falling further off the front of the race as Adrien Boichis ups the pace at the front.

1:56 am PDT: A Rear Flat for Riley Amos
Riley Amos continues his bad luck in 2023 as it looks like he has lost pressure in his rear tire.

2:01 am PDT: After Lap 2 the Top 5 Riders Are:
1st. Luca Martin: 30:24
2nd. Adrien Boichis: +0
3rd. Carter Woods: +2
4th. Mathis Guay: +29
5th. Dario Lillo: +29

2:02 am PDT: Riley Amos Back in 13th After a Wheel Change
Riley Amos is now 48 seconds off the leaders following a quick wheel change.

2:06 am PDT: Luca Martin Finds 3 Seconds as he Pulls Ahead
Luca Martin is showing his strength as he has found four seconds on Adrien Boichis in the early part of lap three.

2:15 am PDT: After Lap 3 the Top 5 Riders Are:
1st. Luca Martin: 43:06
2nd. Adrien Boichis: +19
3rd. Carter Woods: +20
4th. Mathis Guay: +53
5th. Dario Lillo: +1:07

2:16 am PDT: A Group of 8 Riders Fight for Fifth Place
A huge collection of riders are now battling for the final podium position as they all sit just over a minute back from the race leader.

2:25 am PDT: Riley Amos has Ridden Back to 4th
Despite a rear flat earlier in the race Riley Amos has ridden back to a podium position as he is currently in fourth place.

2:27 am PDT: Going into the Final Lap the Top 5 Riders Are:
1st. Luca Martin: 56:00
2nd. Adrien Boichis: +29
3rd. Carter Woods: +29
4th. Riley Amos: +1:13
5th. Andreas Emanuele Vittone: +1:13

2:30 am PDT: Carter Woods is Making Moves for a 2nd Place Finish
Carter Woods is trying to pull away from Adrien Boichis as he finds two seconds so far on the last lap.

2:32 am PDT: Carter Woods has Created a Big Gap to Adrien Boichis
While it is unlikely Carter Woods will catch the leader he has been able to build a gap of 17 seconds to third-placed Adrien Boichis.

2:34 am PDT: A Front Flat for Race Leader Luca Martin
Carter Woods may Just Catch the Leader and take the double win this weekend.

2:35 am PDT: Carter Woods Takes the Lead
Carter Woods makes the most of Lua Martin's technical issues as he goes into first place.

2:38 am PDT: Riley Amos Moves into Third
What a comeback for Riley Amos as he sits in third place.

2:39 am PDT: Carter Woods Wins in Val Di Sole
Carter Woods makes it a double this weekend with the XCC and XCO win.

Full Results:

U23 Women


U23 Men


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