The Ultimate Guide - Sea Otter Classic 2016

Apr 18, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Sea Otter 2016
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Sea Otter Enduro

Photo Epic

Not to be outdone Andreasson took his whip off the same feature a bit further. Not bad on a high post bike in the middle of a race.

Sea Otter Short Track XC

Photo Epic and Results

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Sea Otter Pump Track Invitational

Results and Video
Photo Epic

Sea Otter XC Battle

Sea Otter Cross Country

Photo Epic

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Sea Otter Dual Slalom

Photo Epic

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Sea Otter Downhill

Photo Epic

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Just the Tip

Just The Tip, Day One
Just the Tip, Day Two
Just the Tip, Day Three
Just the Tip, Day Four

Felt Decree LE

Sea Otter Tech

Race Face Next SL G4 First Look
Shimano's New 11-Speed SLX Groupset and XT Di2
Devinci Limited-Edition Troy XT
Hope's Wild HB.211 Enduro Bike
BREW Nitro Shox
OneUp's New Chain Guides
Day One Randoms
Rocky Mountain Pipeline
Formula's New Cura Brake
Trek Farley EX
Vittoria's New DH and Enduro Tires
Andrew Neethling's Prototype Polygon Dual Slalom Bike
Bontrager's Line Dropper Post
Magura's New MT Trail Brake
Randoms Round Two
One Lap With the Pinkbike Ladies
Felt's Supercharged Decree LE
Funn Updown Dropper Seatpost
3 New Tools From Park Tool
British Invasion: Whyte Bikes T130C Works
Praxis' New Carbon and Aluminum Wheels
21 Bikes From Sea Otter 2016
Alley Cat Tour of the Pits
The Impossible Bike: Carbon Built Here in the USA
DVO Garnet Dropper Post
Random Thoughts from Monterey
The Final Products and People

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Bonus Sea Otter Content

30 Second-ish Bike Checks with Tippie - Part 1
6 Questions with Danny MacAskill
Catching Up With The Juliana SRAM Pro Team
I Say "E-bike", You Say...
Interview: Specialized Women's XC Women
30 Second-ish Bike Checks with Tippie - Part Two: Sea Otter 2016 - Video

PB Sea Otter 2016 Team photo
From all the staff on the ground, we hope that you've enjoyed our coverage of the Sea Otter 2016.

Laguna Seca mountain biking

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  • 43 3
 Missy Giove seems as cracked out as ever.
  • 18 7
 Be careful about what you say about MTB royalty son. Respect those that rolled before you.
  • 8 4
 @EricHarger: Whatever... You did see the video right?... "What she said and drug, sex and rock & roll..." Great role model...! She was a great MTBer for her time yes, but she also should have gone to prison for drug trafficking.
  • 21 0
 Lycra-xc guy doin a whip of a jump!
  • 24 1
 dude you got like 3ft of air that time!
  • 2 9
flag trance650b (Apr 18, 2016 at 16:47) (Below Threshold)
 He is a famous roadie
  • 2 4
 Wrong guy nvm
  • 2 0
 Do they make him dress like that...? I mean I get that you need some light and tight stuff to win XC. But dude...
  • 2 0
 He's got nothin' on Nino
  • 12 0
 Pinkbike seriously had that many people at Sea Otter? I saw like... 4 of you. You guys had a fort built so no one could come talk to you guys. I did have one conversation with a Trail Forks guy so I get why you did it... but damn... that's a lot of people.

And Missy... damn...
  • 5 0
 That's because we were out shooting events!
  • 4 2
 @andrewyoung: Yea, I saw the Rifle and Pistol range on the map.
  • 1 0
 I saw andrew and tippy quite a bit roaming around! It's surreal to be working in such an industry surrounded by so many awesome, kind hearted people.
  • 1 0
 @reverend: LOL! NIce catch...
  • 1 1
 @andrewyoung: How many photographers did you have?

I saw a couple guys shooting vid most of the weekend. And tippy of course. Only people I saw at the booth where hiding out in the conference room. But like I said... I get why you guys did it that way.

I tried to come drop by and say what's up a few times but couldn't catch anyone. Figured 10 years of being a moderator here a few of the O.G.'s might remember me. LOL!
  • 10 0
 Tippie's level of constant stoke is the best part of this
  • 10 0
  • 2 0
 can someone explain to me the trails, especially the DH course, as to where they are at? is this public land they are on / is this is public open space / is this a park? is the dh course available to ride year round or is it just set-up specifically for sea otter? just curious...gracias
  • 4 0
 According to the description from the trailforks map for the 'Sea Otter Classic DH Course trail'

"This trail is closed all year long. It is only available during the Sea Otter Classic event. A firing range is located below so riding it while closed is very dangerous"

Yeah, firing range. yum.
  • 2 1
 Most of the trails are in Fort Ord park. They can be ridden all the time as it's open to the public. Only the downhill and dual slalom are off limits.
  • 1 0
 they actually take down the DS track. They might leave a roller here and there but the only open trails are the XC trails.
  • 1 0
 The DH and slalom and XC short tracks are all on the same grounds as Laguna Seca Raceway ( ), only able to be ridden at Sea Otter. The XC course starts and finishes on the race track property, but most of it is on public land. Google , there you will find maps to all the trails available to ride at Fort Ord.
  • 4 0
 cheers pinkbike your coverage of sea otter has been amazingly great couldnt have done any better keep it up
  • 3 0
 I'd like to be paid to hang out at Sea Otter as well. I need to break into the biking industry.
  • 1 1
 Nice Job PB! Great coverage! But I was hoping to see a lot more early 2017 Metric-"ized" bikes/frame/linkage upgrades. Bummer no aluminum bronson/5010 or a carbon Nomad update. No 2017 Spec Enduro. Did get a production SPOT! but they didn't release the "big" SPOT. Eagle was already out of the bag. (it was so close, wonder why SRAM didn't wait?) Some interesting new wheels and tires. What's up with all the new dropper posts coming out heavy AND expensive. Not gonna rush out and "Beta-test" I mean "buy" a new dropper that cost/weights more than some proven choices already out there. Takes more than green accents to be worth a premium price! Hopes bike was pretty cool, but if you not even gonna "pretend" that you might come to market with something than what's the point of showing it...? Black and green Decree looks cool, but sure doesn't seem like much of an "All Mountain" performance boost over the regular Decree 1. Orange Troy, also cool but...??? Limited Edition "mostly" just XT bike....??? WTH Liking the 2.8 tire size Plus bikes shown. Though it's a bummer if your plus bike can't "also" be seen out and about as a 29er during full moons. I'm glad there is "American Carbon", but on the other hand it's not Rocket Science that you CAN build/produce anything you want in the US. It's just gonna cost more... So you just gotta hit/be accepted by that part of the market. It's got the looks and paint, (not the logo!) But we'll need some "serious" convincing that their frame is worth more than "whole bikes that ALSO come with carbon frames"...
  • 4 0
 No DH vid? I'm confused.
  • 3 0
 It'll be added as the crew was traveling back today - video up on Tuesday.
  • 1 0
 @brule: Thank you for the coverage!
  • 3 0
 nice job jared graves!!! keep it up!
  • 4 0
  • 2 0
 Till next year, Rampant sunburns and Cowbell blisters!
  • 2 1
 I love living in Monterey
  • 2 0
 Breaking news Wink
  • 2 0
  • 1 0
 Awesome coverage! Thanks guys.
  • 1 0
 My arms! They crumble like cracker bread!
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Thanks guys!!
  • 2 4
 short track xc guy, sorry but you look like a dork.
  • 1 0
 Dork or not, pretty rad World Champion, if you ask me.
  • 1 0
 @sml3765: didn't watch it and I'm sure the guy is an amazing athlete but XC dudes (as well as cyclo-cross and roadies) trying to look "aggro" just falls short for me, just my opinion....
  • 1 0
 @heckler13: Haha, it definitely does not have the same steaze or style as a DH or freerider would, agreed!

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