The Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge presented by RockShox Preview

Aug 16, 2016
by SRAM  

This isn’t your dad’s pumptrack... the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge presented by RockShox is more like your local drag strip than your backyard track.

We’ve moved it from Olympic Plaza, up the hill to Blackcomb Base 2 where we were able to blow up all restrictions and build the biggest, fastest track you’ve ever seen.

You have two options to get to the Ultimate Pumptrack: drive to Base 2 parking, or take a free ride up the Blackcomb Gondola from just behind the SRAM Truck in Whistler Village. Gondola uploads begin at 5:00 PM and racing starts at 6:30 PM.

If you can't make the live show tune in to for the Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by RockShox LIVE from Crankworx Whistler Thursday, August 18, 7:30-9:30 p.m. PST., and watch some of the best mountain bike athletes in the world race head-to-head in the battle for pump track supremacy.

MENTIONS: @WhistlerMountainBikePark / @officialcrankworx / @SramMedia

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 Red bull strait rhythm
  • 7 0
 Crankworx Straight Rhythym with a twist
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 Totally what I thought of too !! This is gonna be wild !
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 am i the only one who thinks that looks a bit boring?
Its 11 seconds long.... c'mon!
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 @dave6797: Nothing's borin when yah racing! "yeeehouw!!!"
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 So the "ultimate" pump track is a straight line?
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 Except for the 3 corners each side.
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 Well you gotta pump through it so yes, I would consider this as a pump track. This is going to make for some awesome racing.
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 That's one sexy "pumptrack"
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 Should turn it around at the end and have to do two full lengths.
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 Or have jumps that you have to scrub like crazy on the way back??
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 *cough* nice rhythm section...I wonder why you call it a pump track though? *cough*
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 I kinda wish we'd used 'rythm track' instead- people around here look confused when we say 'pump track'.
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 Because you have to pump the whole track...
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 @WolfStoneD: that's not a pumptrack. Its a downhill rhythm section. Pump tracks are actual tracks, not a drag strip. I love the idea, but it's still not a pumptrack
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yes, pump tracks should recirculate to allow continuous riding

The Whistler race track still looks great but not technically a pump track
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 A 'track' can just be a straight, unconnected line. You pump to ride it. Pretty fucking simple.
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 @hampsteadbandit: is there a technical definition of a pump track? I doubt it. Thus, any track you pump on would qualify, no? @therealtylerdurden knows what's up.
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 well, @VwHarman accord to Wikipedia, a pumptrack is a /looping/ trail of berms and rollers for bicycling without the rider pedaling. So I guess, this isn't a pumptrack. It's a downhill rhythm section.
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 Oh DAYUM. That is definitely going to be fun to watch. Maybe not a traditional pump track, call it what you will... It's a fing track you pump on. This is going to be AWESOME to watch and I imagine everyone riding it it's going out have fun out there.
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 Two sets of berms would have been perfect. But still sick PumpMX course.
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 Thats PERFECT for head to head racing!!!
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 I would say straight is best for letting more people see the action. Yes having the inverted loop from other venues allows you to stand in one place and watch the whole thing but it reduces the amount of trackside to stand and watch. Swings and roundabouts I guess
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 Very cool, but i always liked when the PTC was at the back of the whistler village, made for a cool vib.
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 Add two more riders
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 For everyone complaining about it not being in the village, they're running blackcomb gondola. Couldn't think of a better place to shotgun a beer.
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 Just needs a quarter pipe at the end! Make them boost, turn around and race back!
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 Curious if pedaling is going to be allowed again, during a 'pump'track race.... Remove chains for once, make it a real pumptrack race
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 Looks super sick! Would be funny if a rider with rigid forks won this Rock Shox event (since rigid is actually faster on pumptracks than suspension)
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I concur
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 Pump track at the tube park.
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 Not in the Olympic village anymore.
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flag anchoricex (Aug 16, 2016 at 22:38) (Below Threshold)
 Boo Frown Festive as f*ck in the village, they should never move it out. Fun way to end the night, shotgun some beers and go watch the pumptrack racers under the night lights while the redbull girls hand out redbulls at 8pm because redbull is secretly trying to make everyone sleep deprived so they take more redbull in the morning and by the end of crankworx there are redbull syringes in our veins. It's good marketing. Bring it back to to village next year Sram, you weirdos.
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 Thats insaine. Id love to ride that shit wow props to the builder
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 should have kept it at olympic plaza....
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 This is so rad looking! Yeah totally like straight rhythm but makes for some awesome head to head racing.
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 Bmx tho..
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 Yep, 20" will be faster on a pump track, no doubt about it.
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 oh my
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 Need closeups of that pickup truck near the finish line.
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 I just creamed my pants
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 Dude go wash up
  • 2 0
 ...and don't use hot water!
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