World Cup Racer Bryn Dickerson Shows Off Wellington, NZ

Nov 1, 2018
by Bryn Dickerson  
You can't beat Welly on a good day!

When someone mentions New Zealand and mountain biking to you, what is the first thought that pops into your head? Crankworx in Rotorua? Dream track in Queenstown? Nelson Singletrack or possibly even the mythical racing sheep....wait, what?

Odds on you'd have picked one of above four (probably the sheep) but what if someone told you there was so much more than what you already know.

Wellington is the nation's capital, nestled in amongst plenty of big hills it is absolutely overflowing with great riding. From all day epics to purpose-built parks it covers a massive range of riding disciplines and with some exciting developments on the horizon things are only just getting started!

It's generally windy as anything and home to some pretty interesting characters and culture (word is they grew hipsters from craft beer). Our stadium is called the Cake-tin, the house of parliament is called the Beehive (it makes the same amount of noise but the inhabitants never produce anything) and the movie studio is called Weta Workshop... must be something in those hops.

bigquotesword is they grew hipsters from craft beer.

With so much awesome riding around I wanted to show it off and let people know what they didn't know they were missing out on. With this in mind, good friend Joram Adams and I got out there to show two of the awesome locations that we have in the city!

Makara Peak

Makara Peak is the biggest park in the region. With over 40km of singletrack, it has everything from grade 2 to grade 6 and a whopping great swing bridge to boot (this is particularly entertaining when its windy). The park came to life in 1998 and 20 years later there is a seriously committed volunteer group whose efforts are bolstered by the lads from TGL Contracting. With all this people power the trails are well maintained and constantly evolving, keeping Makara right at the top riding destinations in Wellington. With linking tracks in and out of the park you can access other awesome areas such as Polhill and Karori Park keeping the stoke high for even longer. This wider trail network, along with stunning 360 degree views from the summit means Makara Peak is a must do for anyone coming through town!

Mt Victoria

Mount Victoria is quite literally a stones throw from the cbd which makes it a fantastic location for an after work ride. With a maze of epic trails and some of the best technical riding in the region, the quick climb back to the top means it's super easy to pump out the laps. Its central location and popular trail network means it is common to start your ride solo but you will almost always bump into riding buddies and more often than not a hobbit tour or two. A unique location with plenty of roots and jumps spread out all over the hill, it's a haven for finding new lines and there is always a way to challenge yourself. With plenty of Wellington's famous wind, Mt Vic dries out super quickly making it a popular choice in the winter time.

At the start I mentioned developments on the horizon. Wellington is lucky enough to have not one, but two lift accessed parks coming in the near future, Firstly we have Dirtfarm . Situated an hour north of the city, Dirtfarm will have a shuttle service taking riders to the top of their gorgeous hill and offering trails from entry level right up to full size Freeride lines, a dirt jump park and a whip off jump.They also kindly lent us the drone for our videos above so thanks guys!

Secondly the Porirua Adventure Park will have the first chairlift accessed trails in the lower North Island. Only 20 minutes from the city center it will provide not only world class trails, but a Wave Pool and Flying Fox as well!

Have you been here? Do you want to come and ride these trails? Well there is an international airport and plenty of places to stay so get out here and check Wellington out for yourself!


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 You can’t beat it on a good day might not apply here, but they failed to mention there are no lifts because they don’t need em, if you’re smart about your approach you get blown straight up the hill with gale forces
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 Add Wainui, Miramar and Belmont to that mix and you’ve got a pretty wide selection of terrain within 20 minutes drive of the cbd.
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 There's a reason why Wellington NZ is soo good. I heard Tom Bradshaw was the mayor!?
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 I lived in Wellington for a few years and loved the riding there, especially Makara Peak. The long slog from my house in Wellington city centre made the downhills all that more rewarding. Unsure if it's still there, but I worked in Penny Farthing Cycles on Courtney Place, but that was a long time ago, and I no longer live in NZ :-( Good times, though.
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 its a privilege to live, work, build and ride in the capital. The community is as close as the trails are to quality craft breweries, work and home. Great weather year round, a progressive city with an inclusive approach to developing sustainable access for all to enjoy this beautiful harbour oasis! but I could be biased, slightly
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 @TrailWorksNZ lol at “great weather year round”. I like how Wellington forces riders to develop inside hobbies alongside their riding...
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 @coney: Sounds great, would pop over for a week end, but would take a day too get there & a day to get back?
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 @aljoburr: totally worth it. maybe a week/month/year in between to ride a couple other spots Big Grin
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 I can vouch for Welly's trails! I spent a week riding here and definitely want to go back! True, there are no shuttles or lifts but a few sweaty mates and bikes crammed into an old Hiace works wonders. Velver Burger and Panhead XPA down by the harbor for lunch and then back into it. Yeow! LOL, good times
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 I love living in Welly...... 2 minute ride to awesome trails, and on the way I have to ride past breweries like Garage Project! Gondola coming in 2019! You rippa.
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 Trails look primo. Would like to check it out someday. Had some ads in my feed on facey and they were trying to recruit trades to NZ. When I pressed them about wages it didn't seem doable however.
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 Entry level wages are poor. But if you're a capable and experienced tradie you will quickly find yourself in high demand. I'm sure if you post here what you're looking for it would attract some interest
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 Welli- what a great place I live here ????????????????????
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 Hey! My happy faces turned into question marks!!
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 Cracker little city. Healing vibes Bryn!
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 Had the privilidge of chasing Bryn around the Wellington trails last year. The riding is world class, will be back there for sure!
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 Sick edits bro! Wink
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 Wellington is so sick for riding!
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 Seen Bryn at the Bull track hes got the skills to pay the bills.
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 The riding in Wellington was amazing, but the weather on the North Island is insane
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 Was expecting some cutties overdose. then I notice wrong bryn.
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 Come and visit our awesome trails and so many breweries.
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 Bryn Dickerson = Mega Style. Great vids!
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 reminds me against duke.
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 Go Bryn!!
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 Orange yt, yessss!!!!!!
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 ????. There goes the neighborhood????‍♂️. Way to to blow up the spot, Bryn.????

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