Únic Unveils Custom Kit Range for Younger Riders

Jun 4, 2020
by unic-mtb  


Based in Andorra, we get to see a lot of young riders ripping up the bike park, and seeing just how hard they shred we knew it wasn't going to be long before we offered a dedicated Junior range of custom clothing.

This isn't your usual custom riding wear though. Instead of a few basic options and limited colour choices, Únic's Junior range boasts a full selection of colours and designs created by the same team behind our adult range. Our junior range is every bit as technical, comfortable, and feature-packed as our adult riding kit, and best of all it's fully customisable so young riders can design the kit they've always wanted.

Using our online editor, little riders can design a kit that looks like yours, their riding hero, or a favourite character. With tons of race-inspired designs to choose from and a full palette of colours to pick the only limitation is imagination.

Because quality riding kit isn't just about looking good, we've also taken the time to tailor the fit for the perfect balance of comfort and mobility.

Únic Junior Kit Features:

Designed for comfort and mobility.
Cool, lightweight and fast drying.
Ratchet waist adjustment.
Zipped pockets.
Fully customisable.
Made to order in the EU.
For riders 120cm+.
Price: 96.75 euro per kit.

The Únic Junior range brings the fun of customisation to little riders, with features that mum and dad will appreciate.

For more details visit www.unicwear.com


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 Cause that's what every kid wants, a shirt loudly declaring them a Únic
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 Lmao my first thought was game of thrones
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 As a parent, I think this is great. And the argument they grow out of it, so what... Sometimes they want to go ride and dress out like their parents. And if that is possible why not? People spend much more than this on fitting their kids out for Baseball, Football etc etc. and you know what they grow out of that gear too! Being a Father, I am all for them getting some cool riding gear, even if all it does is help them feel the part i.e. at the bike park, trail or where ever. Prior to this I had bought my kids the Fox (Suspension) and Chromag Shirts for quite some time. At the end of the day I can spend or waste (however you may look at it) my money on Underarmor, Nike or other sports related clothing or get them something bike related, where their ego is stoked to be wearing some "real" bit of kit.

To each their own. I think this is a step in the right direction, just like when 5.10 and Scott offered Bike related shoes for kids... I say bring it on, we already have great protection for Kids (POC, Gform and more). let the little shredders look the part!
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 The irony that little boys will be smashing their balls up inside themselves trying to be the next Jackson goldstone is amazing. Ha... the French...
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 That kid’s bike looks better than his kit
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 How stupid. Kids don't need special clothing to go and ride. Parents don't need to spend thousands to get their kids into cycling, but hey spend your money how you see fit...
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 I agree that you don't need to spend a lot on your kids or even yourself to ride. However, there are good reasons to invest in some of the gear. For instance, my twin boys were destroying their clothes but I could only really snag some moto jerseys due to their size and availability of other mtb jerseys is pretty limited. So if I can stop them destroying their shorts, fantastic. It also looks like they have about 2 inches of size range so at least they can hopefully last a couple of years as they grow. Their comfort is a priority for me as well and riding specific gear is going to be better for that. Currently their shorts get hung up on their knee pads and causes problems. So if it keeps them happy and riding that to me is worth $200 for one set each. Bonus, they can have their name on it and pick the colors, my boys would be crazy stoked on that.
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 @Albe23: Enjoy your time with your family.
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 @Albe23: Till they outgrow it in 6 months to a year.

But really what are they doing that they are destroying their clothes. Tiny holes aside I've worn nothing but dirt cheap athletic shorts my whole life and they last 2-3 years minimum and I got some that are 10+ years old.
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 @Beez177: Thanks man! You as well!
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 @bulletbassman: I know they grow fast! I think its a symptom that some kids clothes don't hold up as well as adults. Thinner fabric and more basic materials. Also, they just fall a bunch right now, they're just about 5 so they haven't quite gotten the hang of trails yet. Now if I could find a lightweight full face like a proframe that would fit them.
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 This branding is not the best
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 Can't believe they haven't rebranded yet.
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 Yeah, it's pretty bad. A 'Q' instead of a 'C' would've been better.
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 Unic. Really.

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