Brits Williamson & Vernon Officially Riding for Unno - Video

Apr 12, 2018
by Ride UNNO  
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PRESS RELEASE: Unno Factory Racing

Greg Williamson and Taylor Vernon will race the 2018 World Cup on the Unno Ever downhill bike.

From the very first moment we started working on the bikes that today bear the UNNO name, it was clear that we wanted to race them. Racing has been our life, our passion and one of our main inspirations. With great pride, today we announce that Greg Williamson and Taylor Vernon will be competing in the 2018 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup on UNNO Ever bikes, designed and handcrafted in Barcelona.

Cesar Rojo, the mastermind behind UNNO bikes, had already raced an early prototype of the Ever to victory at the 2015 Masters World Championships, but this is an entirely new step in the journey:

bigquotesMaking our own bike brand, this was a dream already, but the fact that we now have a team racing the World Cups is beyond that. For sure it won’t be easy as everything is new for us and for the riders. The most important thing in our racing effort is to really push the equipment during the whole season, to make it stronger and better, and above all to learn, because you can be sure our next bike will be born at and for the World Cups…Cesar Rojo

Both Greg and Taylor are veterans of the World Cup circuit, but their first season with UNNO Factory Racing brings a level of excitement they have rarely experienced, as testified by their own words.

bigquotesYou know the bike is something special from the first moment you see it. And it’s so different from anything else I’ve ridden: the faster you go, the smoother it is. I am very happy to be part of this project, and it had me motivated to put in a lot of extra work this winter.Greg Williamson

bigquotesThis year is very exciting for me, everything is new: bike, equipment, the team around me. A fresh start is always good. But it’s also great to know that I will have the privilege of debuting the UNNO Ever on the World Cup circuit. It’s a special bike for sure, it has the feeling of a Formula 1 car, everything just works so well.Taylor Vernon

The team’s official debut will be at the first round of the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup in Lošinj, Croatia, on April 21st-22nd. Greg and Taylor will race the full World Cup series and selected international and national events.

Fielding a World Cup racing team is a big effort, one that wouldn’t have been possible without the support and dedication of our team’s sponsors:

"The goal of Formula is very simple but at the same time very ambitious, making the most innovative MTB suspensions out there. With this in mind, UNNO is the ideal partner for us. UNNO bikes is nothing but the pursuit of perfection and performance, we share exactly the same vision. We will do our best to give to the riders everything that can make them faster between the tapes. This is the beginning of a new chapter for us and we are proud to share it with this awesome brand." Giacomo Becocci - Formula Vice President

The team will race on the Nero R fork and the Cura 4 brakes.

FOX Head
“Being involved with the UNNO team was totally natural for FOX. Firstly we are sharing the same goals on progression and high quality, but as well it made total sense as our both companies are based in Barcelona and it was obvious that great synergies could be created today and in the future”. Vincent Saccomani – FOX Head Sports Marketing Manager

Greg and Taylor will be wearing the Flexair DH kit and Rampage Pro Carbon helmet.

Crank Brothers
“Superior function through disruptive design is what drives us at Crankbrothers, and we couldn’t ask for a better or more likeminded partner than Unno. We’re thrilled to support the team with our World Championship winning Mallet DH pedals, and to have Greg and Taylor helping us test and prove our new carbon wheel prototypes at the highest levels of World Cup competition.” - Kellen Trachy - Crankbrothers Global Marketing Director

The team bikes will be equipped with Crankbrothers Prototype Carbon Wheels, with the riders clipping into Crankbrothers Mallet DH and Mallet DH 11 pedals

“It’s going to be great working with UNNO Factory Racing, where Unno bikes are fully designed, engineered and manufactured in-house as our saddles. We are proud to have signed this new partnership, as a brand we are focusing a lot in the MTB segment over the last years”. Nicolò Ildos - fi’z:k sport marketing manager

Greg and Taylor will both utilize the MTB-specific Tundra M1 saddle

“We’re super excited to be part of the new Unno team. As a new team, on a superb bike which is new to the World Cup scene and two established riders with proven race speed, we’re looking forward to see what the 2018 season will bring.” Ian Collins – Renthal Marketing Manager

The UNNO Factory Racing bikes’ cockpit will feature the Fatbar handlebar, Integra stem and Lock-On Ultra Tacky grips.

“Maxxis Tires is proud to partner with UNNO Factory Racing for the 2018 World Cup Downhill season. We are stoked to support Taylor Vernon and UK National Champ, Greg Williamson, as they compete for World Cup podium spots. We just can’t wait for the season opener in Croatia next week!”. Ryan Huang – Maxxis International Sales Manager

"All of us at e*thirteen are thrilled to be working with UNNO Factory Racing for their debut on the World Cup circuit. Not only is it a privilege to help get Greg Williamson and Taylor Vernon to the finish line, but it's really a compliment and testament to our brand to have been sought after by such a dedicated group of people. We can't wait for the season to get started for e*thirteen and UNNO." Connor Bondlow - e*thirteen Marketing Manager

UNNO Factory Racing will rely on LG1r carbon cranks and chainguide, with SL chainrings

Video: Mito Echavarría - Creative Sidekick

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  • + 71
 This might just be the most exciting new bike/team since the Honda DH bike waaaay back!
  • + 22
 After listening to the @rideunno podcast with Cesar. I can't wait to see these bikes in person.. so much more than just a "boutique" brand. They follow their dream in a way every company perhaps should... Good luck with the races..
  • + 15
 Cesar's great. I like his attitude, he has huge backup of experience but he stays funny and doesn't mind throwing some potentially inflammatory opinions. Great balance of the-know and being a cool dude. I'm a big time fanboi of UNNO
  • + 1
 @WAKIdesigns: i sure am too.. 3hr drive from where I am im going to be knocking on their doorat some point.. armed with my curriculum vitae..
  • + 1
 @denomerdano: get armed with experience and what you can do. Even it’s cooking coffee. We just had an intern at our office who finished 3 schools which means he is as useful as one who finished one and less useful than one who hasn’t finished a single one but worked for a year.
  • + 3
 I don't care whether it is Unno or any other company, I want to work for one of those companies that do lunch rides. Hope, Santa Cruz, Transition, whatever. I don't even necessarily need their stuff (I'm happy with what I have), but a company that understands and cooperates with the importance of having a lunch time blast out on the bike seems like a good company to work with.
  • + 2
 @vinay: i can have it, the question is why would I? I’d come back messed up with not much will to work. Take the shower and stuff - it’s a mess. In brain computing power heavy labor it’s not that good to have a blast. I go to outdoor gym, but only because I don’t sweat much there and it takes me 30mins.
  • + 1
 @WAKIdesigns: I'm usually fine in a T-shirt until sub-zero temperatures, but I'll sweat loads especially at higher temperatures. That'd be a drawback indeed. If I'd take a shower right after a ride during mid-day, I'd soak my shirt after my cold shower. What would appeal to me is to be able to ride during daytime in the winter. In the winter pretty much all my rides are in the dark. Ride to work in the dark, daytime when I'm at work, ride home in the dark and then go for a mountainbike ride in the dark. So yeah, being able to ride during lunch would be nice. Still indeed, not sure how these companies like Hope manage to do this when everyone (and their bikes) return dirty and muddy after lunchtime. So I thought, if they can do it apparently there is a way.
  • + 1
 @vinay: It doesn’t matter for me that much what temperature is outside. I’d sweat, the difference would be sweaty a bit in the winter and sweaty like a pig in the summer. Smelly a bit and smelly as hell. Not to mention the mud on my face. Also I’m fine with no riding in the winter. Perfect time to get into the gym. Going to the gym in the summer sucks balls and if you want to up your game and minimize chance of injury at our age, then you go there or suffer consequences because any harsher form of mtb will ruin your body.
  • + 0
Sounds like you gotta move to Spain buddy..
There is thing called siesta and it last for 3 hours!! Ride your heart out..
Also most bike shops dont even re open after siesta.
Also there is job shortage, so even more time to ride..
You'll enjoy it... Sunny yearlong.
  • + 1
 @WAKIdesigns: Yeah I do strength training but typically just before I go to sleep. It doesn't really matter whether it is summer or winter either. When my girlfriend is off to yoga class in the evening, I need to stay home while the kids are asleep anyway. Either strength or just jumping on the trampoline. I should actually do more yoga or at least more exercises to restore my mobility. But I wouldn't say it is messed up through mountainbiking. More through just riding to work, school, the shops etc. The longer steady and heavy rides. And injuries of course. My mountainbike rides are typically shorter and I stand up pretty much exclusively. That said, now that the hardtail is broken I took the fully out for another few rides and it is definitely harder on the back. It may be a matter of adjustment or just getting used to it, but the rebound stroke still deals me that unexpected (through the legs but definitely into my back) blow every now and then. It isn't particularly fast (which may actually make it even more unpredictable) but definitely powerful. I can see that wear me out quite fast if I keep riding that bike all the time.

Back on topic, strength and mobility training isn't really in the way of lunch rides. Sure when working at home I do also pull out the dumbbells to replace my evening workout or I go out for a short blast on the pumptrack. It would just be fun to do that at work too.
  • + 1
 @denomerdano: I second that
  • + 15
 Nice looking bike. Good luck to the lads. Greg... keep it pinned. You are representing the Mast riders and the whole scene up hete remember along with Kenya, the Kerrs and Jamie.
  • + 11
 Well it dosen’t look like a session!Smile
  • + 8
 Why does it look like that was filmed here in the Southeast? All of it looks familiar.
  • + 4
 Looks a lot like Windrock.
  • - 2
 Don’t think it’s in the south east UK but I could be wrong !!!!!
  • + 3
 @Matt115lamb: I don’t think that was what @bizutch was thinking either...southeast USA maybe? At least based on the flag next to his name...
  • + 7
 @VwHarman: I know , Just the southeast could be anywhere on Earth
  • + 1
 @James2785: that was my thought too. The trail intersection didn't look familiar though.
  • + 1
 My first thought as well looking at the backgrounds. The trail doesn’t look familiar though.
  • + 5
 Is Taylor really a 'veteran' of the world cup circuit or was his name just put in the press release junket super computer and out it popped?
  • + 29
 I'm sorry I'm a pink bike commenter and therefore I reserve the right to a sarcastic pedantic asshle
  • + 6
 crankbrothers and prototype two words im not sure I trust being together
  • - 5
flag jaycubzz (Apr 13, 2018 at 8:09) (Below Threshold)
 and carbon and wheels might as well make it four words together that i dont trust
  • - 4
flag dirtnapped (Apr 13, 2018 at 11:50) (Below Threshold)
 The phrase "disruptive design" fits perfectly. Although I don't think it means what they think we think it means.
  • - 4
flag jflb (Apr 13, 2018 at 18:04) (Below Threshold)
It’s awesome hey?
Disruptive to their customers ability to keep their bikes running. Ha.
  • + 5
 I thought @vernonfelton got hooked up for a minute
  • + 3
 I saw this bike up close at the BDS at Cwmcarn last weekend and it looks even hotter in the flesh. It's a piece of art.
  • + 3
 Good luck boys. Love the bike.
  • + 1
 Hey if this is the half of a fox 40 as a shock bike then you ought to hit me up to sponsor you unno. I will absolutely enter every race and clean house. What can I say?
  • + 4
 sick bike
  • - 1
 sorry, that phrase is copyrighted...
  • + 2
 They really do make everything else look like junk. Like comparing a Macca F1 with a load of Fords and Toyotas.
  • + 4
 Those are sweet bikes
  • + 1
 All I could see in the video were their brake cables bouncing around. Had to re-watch to see the riding.
  • + 2
  • + 3
 Dunno about that ahaha
  • + 2
 Can’t wait for the memes and hash tag comments!
  • + 1
 what rear shocks are they running?
  • + 1
 I think it's an ext? I could be wrong...
  • + 1
 Fox Float X2 in the pics and still shots in video.
  • + 1
 Um where's the Kashima?
  • + 2
 Formula don’t do kashima
  • - 1
 the weight of the frame doesn‘t matter if the brake hose weights a ton.

PLEASE! Fix that!
  • - 1
 Your big deal race team bike release video and you couldn’t get the brake lines cut to the right length?!
  • + 0
 Surprise! Another thread dominated by Waki super penis.
  • - 1
 wonder what they weight i guesstimate 31-33lbs
  • - 3
 looks like...a..Demo Wink
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