Up Close: Brett Rheeder Slopestyle Practice - Video

Mar 11, 2016
by Anthill Films  
Cam McCaul gives us an "up-close" look at Brett Rheeder practicing for the up-coming Slopestyle at Crankworx Rotorua.

Brett Rheeder Sony Action Cam

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx


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 Is it what you, British, call a "close Caul"?
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 Cam McCaul whipping out the Claudio Caluori laugh
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 I don't know who I wanna see win this thing:

Semenuk because he's the biggest legend in the pack
Rogatkin because biggest tricks
Genon because Belgium
Soderström because he has to come back
Rheeder for execution and repeat his win
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 Söderström will unfortunately not compete! Frown
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 Just seen Rogatkins 1080 in practice on Facebook... This competition is going to go off.... I seriously cannot wait..!

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 Rogatkins 1080 is nuts! This is going to be super fun to watch!!!
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flag hardyk (Mar 11, 2016 at 14:06) (Below Threshold)
 rogatkins only if he puts a visor on his helmet
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 @hardyk - at this point in time, who cares what he looks like? He has proven his skills now, and will be a great contender.
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 Funny how some people want every rider to conform to a stupid fashion. The visor is pretty much pointless for this type of riding. It's actually kind of stupid that any of these riders have visors for this event.
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 @Zen-Potatoes and @steelpolish its kinda a 1080 but a little different, he calls it a Twister but its a cork 720 but instead of doing a back flip while twisting he front flips making 1080 degree of rotation.
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 Drew Bezanson is going to throw a huge wrench in everyones plans
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 Probably, but not in Rotorua.
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 Also, I don't want to be the dinosaur here, but Mike Metzger proved bad-assery didn't need a visor back in the old school freeride motor days.
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 calm your tits gals i was just kidding
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 @hardyk calm tits are the worst kind and you know it.
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 A couple times I think they could have hi-fived they were so close
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 Lol yeah. If it looks that close on wideangle, then it's FREAKIN close!
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 Are you Fucking kidding me.... That looked so so cool...!
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 That was awesome! I want more of these!
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 Fest series...mtb on mtb and mtb on mx.
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 watching half speed with the sound on had me in tears almost haha....NAAASSSSSTTTYYY
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 Rheeder looks SO comfortable... this run would have won Crankworx even a few years ago. Next level.
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 It's crazy how natural and nonchalant some of those tricks seem for him
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 McCaul started to jump left so he would hit Rheeder in the air!
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 That was incRADible!
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