Lone Bicycles Announce Updated 2021 Parabellum

Nov 25, 2020
by Lone Bicycles  

Lone Bicycles is proud to announce the launch of the 2021 Parabellum frame! An update of the model introduced last year with a novelty added to the catalog.

First the Parabellum frame will be displayed in a new matt bluish tint and shiny black stickers kit. The downtube shape is improved to fit a “ dlock” cage system in order to put a bottle up to 450ml.

Lone Bicycles maintains the unique modularity of its frame thanks to the N.a.s.T. (Nique All System Technology). This innovation allows the frame to be compatible with the 3 main wheel standards from the market (27.5 , 27.5+ or 29) without changing their geometry. (More information available on our website)

Second news for 2021 : the birth of a new specific size called "MixED". This is a more aggressive version of our Parabellum located between the L and XL sizes. This geometry has been specially developed for the mullet standard (29" front wheel and 27.5" rear wheel) but it also suits for a 29" setting. The MixED size will keep all the other assets of the Parabellum and will be delivered in an exclusive hand- polished then varnished RAW finish.

The MixED frame (with all the accessories including the saddle clamp, axle etc ...) is advertised at 3,6 kilos. For all Parabellum frame size/models it will still be possible to
• adjust the chainstay length by 20mm
• choose an internal or external cable routing
• install a standard or metric rear shock

Like most of the companies Lone Bicycles is not immune to the health crisis and its economic consequences. But it strives hard everyday to reply to your requests and deliver in short timing with the expected quality. At the same time they are pushing developments and tests in order to offer new innovative products.

As a rider owned small company Lone bicycles does not have the same economic strength as big groups and they are suffering from this difficult context. In this particular and unprecedented period they must be careful not to take decisions and make actions that could jeopardize the future of their brand. This is why they took the decision to set up a pre-order system.

They recognize the extended delivery time due to a strong and unplanned growth of the bike market which grows delays from their frame manufacturer in 2020. They apologize for this in advance and thank you for your confidence and support. They therefore invite you to pre-order your 2021 Parabellum frame on their site. It will help them continue this common adventure with more great surprises to come.
Pre-orders are available on the HxR Components website (delivery on 2021 March / April).

The idea of this unique bike comes from an observation
Many consumers are looking for a bike to do everything and the proliferation of ‘’ standards ‘’ complicates the market and its reading. To address these issues, Lone Bicycles offers a revolutionary solution: A unique frame, compatible with the 3 main models of wheels 27,5, 27,5+ or 29 without changing the geometry of the bike.

This magic trick is possible thanks to the brand’s unique N.A.S.T (Nique All System Technology) system. The bike has an eccentric mechanism in the bottom bracket allowing changing its height: a high position (27.5) and a low position (29). Simply loosen two screws to release the system, turn the assembly by hand until it stops and tighten again.

The bike is transformed without changing the geometry. It is also possible to adjust the length of the rear bases to 20 mm. Depending on the shock absorber used: standard or metric, the Parabellum develops 153 to 165 mm of travel.

The frame (with all accessories like saddle collar, axle etc ...) is announced at 3.6 kilos. For cable routing, Lone gives you the choice, internal or external. All the development, design and testing are done in France. The frame is handmade with high quality production and specifications in the best factories in Taiwan

Pre-orders on : www.hxr-components.com


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 Looks exactly like a Guerilla Gravity V2 aluminum frames from a few years ago. Like EXACTLY the same except for the linkage!
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 that frame color is real nice, especially with the DVO jade. I know its a CAD model, still looks nice.
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 it is beautiful: www.lone-bicycles.fr
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 Top tube and reach (B and F) are labeled wrong in that geo graphic.
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 Hands down a sick bike with useable adjustments...
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 What is it's anti-squat?

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