US Open - Practice and the People

May 22, 2009 at 22:35
May 22, 2009
by Tyler Maine  
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The sky is blue here at the US Open at Diablo Freeride park in Vernon New Jersey. Weather is amazing and the riders are loving the track. The general consensus is that it's ROCKY up there and that the lower section is fast and open. The teams are filling up the pits and the athletes were mulling about.

Check out the athlete video and pics inside (Giant Slalom qualifying results inside too):

Andy and I wanted to get you an idea of who is here for this year's race, so we went around the pits and tackled racers for their take on the course. Check out the who's who in this video:

US Open Day 1 and the people:
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The view from our room is pretty much bad ass:

There are approximately 110 pro men and 20 pro women signed up for this year's US Open. Names like Sam Hill, Stevie Smith, Gee Atherton and Curtis Keene will all be battling it out for their cut of the cash purse, while on the lady's side the start list reads like a USA versus Canada for who'll take home the money, but we can't cancel out strong riders like Fionn Griffiths and Joanna Peterson as they battle Kathy Pruitt, Katie Holden, Miranda Miller and Micayla Gatto.

The pits are all nice and close to the chairlift and the rest of the base area at Diablo. Today was set up day and dialing in bikes, but you can expect that tomorrow the pits will be full of the viewing public.

Brendan Fairclough

Brendan Fairclough

Men's Giant Slalom qualifying results:

1 FAIRCLOUGH Brendan Pro Men 40.71
2 LOPES Brian
3 HILL Sam
4 BEYTAGH Geritt
6 RANDO Jared
7 AIELLO Kevin
8 RYAN George
10 MCCAUL Tyler
13 ROLLAND Etienne
15 ORTIZ Alejandro
16 JEANNET James
17 McCAUL Cameron
18 PIPER Brian
19 HAUER John
20 GRAVES Justin

Jill Kintner

Jill Kintner

Women's Top Qualifiers for the Giant Slalom:

1 KINTNER Jill Red Bull Pro Women 45.13
2 BUHL Melissa
3 PRUITT Kathy

Video shot by Andy Tran.

Select action shots by

Here is a schedule of the weekend's events.

Check out the US open Photo Gallery here.

US Open Site
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  • + 7
 cam seems like a really nice guy, same with jordie lunn.

gee atherton seems a bit stuck up though?
  • + 3
 Gee is cool
  • + 2
 Apparently the whole 'Atherton clan' is really down to earth and mellow.
  • + 7
 wow...Fairclough first, nice oneWink
  • + 1
 I left my helmet on the ground by the bike wash on Friday(around the same time the Pro Men were GS qualifying) at like 5:45PM. It was a nice helmet that was hard for me to afford so any info regarding it's return would be HUGELY aprreciated. I'll pay for shipping, reward, and no questions asked. If I have to buy a new lid, I'm probably done racing for the season. The helmet is a Troy Lee Designs blue carbon flame, had my RockGarden goggles and Fly gloves in it. I can identify the gloves and Goggles/stickers for verification.
Thanks to everyone I already spoke to in the parking lot, pits, etc.
  • + 1
 Hey Baker!

I was looking for you at the end of the day! Your helmet is at the counter of the hotel!!
Have a great race season!

Marin Bikes
  • + 4
 tristan merrick went down??? rocks rocks and more bone crushing rocks. nice gash on the elbow on that one.
  • + 6
  • + 4
 Great coverage/pics/videos guys...keep em' coming! :o)
  • + 1
 I still don't understand why Diablo which is an awesome place to ride offers no amenities for their patrons. No place to eat or drink....bullshit
  • + 1
 the DC bar! Sweet place
  • + 1
 nice job on the video andy! keep 'em coming. and tyler, youre dead on, thats a sick view from the room. wish i coulda made it out there! and hope lopes beats fairclough!
  • + 1
 Congrats to Geritt from Morewood USA! 4th against top guys like that, My bet is on him to win Slalom and finish on the podium in DH.
  • + 3
 Tyler McCaul? Never new he raced, cool!
  • + 3
 good to see lopes still up there
  • - 6
flag the-k-man (May 22, 2009 at 22:59) (Below Threshold)
 lopes is looking kinda old(no offense brian)
  • + 6
 looks pretty young for 38. He was born in 1971.
  • + 9
 for being 38 and getting second against guys that he is over ten years older than, thats pretty good
  • + 1
 i didn't say he doesn't kick ass i was just noting a few gray hairs is all.
  • + 2
 Never underestimate grey hairs- its a sign that fear is under control.
  • + 2
 WHY WAS I NOT THERE?!?!?!?!?! i live sooo close! compared to like whistler and california
  • + 1
 You can still go there. It's on today and tomorrow.
  • + 1
 i take it back it was really late last night when i watched it.
  • + 2
 Huh, Lopes and EC fastest Americans. Is this 2009, or 1999? Nice one footer on the hardtail.
  • + 2
 Helloooo Kathy Pruit. What's that? You're not single? Ah shucks.
  • + 2
 Cam, I'm diggin those shades of yours
  • + 2
 steve smith has some crazy side burns going!
  • + 1
 man so many people are rockin neck braces now its whacky
  • + 1
 nice 1 footer on the hardtail Alex ...
  • + 1
 my guess for mens is graves hill faircloth
  • + 1
 9.3 seconds. graeme pitts. what a pinner.
  • - 1
 My guess for the men:

1. Sam
2. Brendan
3. Stevie Smith

My guess for the ladies

1. Buhl
2. Gee Atherton
3. Pruitt (10 seconds on Cam... at least!)
  • + 1
 oh your fuckin halarious arent you... gee is an amazing rider, dont put him down untill you can ride faster than him.. wich, im guessing, wont be anytime, oh lets see uhh, in your lifetime..
  • + 2
 kakah when was the last time u where world champ hahaaha never !!!
  • + 3
 Gee said that he's coming to Chilliwack and he's gonna race you on the Den trail Kakah, so you'd better get training. PS Rachel says hi, ok she doesn't but we all wish she was here too buddy!
  • + 1
 hahahahahahahahahha i dunno gee might even get the win
  • + 1
 good job andy
  • + 1
 EC get it done buddy

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