US Open Returns to Killington in 2024

Dec 10, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
Nina Hoffmann on her way to winning the 2022 Fox US OPEN Downhill in Killington VT

The Fox US Open of Mountain Biking has revealed plans to return to Killington Resort in Vermont between September 26 and 29 next year.

In September 2024, Killington Resort in Vermont will once again host the mountain bike festival where amateur and top-level riders compete for one of the largest cash prizes on the racing calendar. The 2023 event saw Dakotah Norton and Nina Hoffmann walk away with $15,000 each after winning the Fox US Open Downhill race.

bigquotesWe are excited to continue building the Fox US OPEN legacy in Killington. This event has become part of the foundation of US Downhill.

We’re also working to expand downhill racing at the national level and will announce more details in the near future.
Clay Harper, Co-founder and Event Director of the Fox US OPEN

Details about the 2024 event and registration for the races will be released soon.

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 $15k is much more like it. Would love to see a new series that’s based in the US/Canada with races similar to this. I love WC racing, just tired of it being mostly in Europe.
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flag Mac1987 (Dec 10, 2023 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
 We get the races. You get more interesting bikes, better prices for bikes, parts and gear, and PB contests you can actually participate in. Sounds fair enough.
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 @Mac1987: Maybe fair to consumers but certainly not fair to North and South American competitors.
  • 18 1
 @Chondog94: competitors in PB competitions you mean?
(No, neither comment was meant seriously)
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 @Mac1987: the competitions are a scam( im looking at you PB advent calendar)
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 @d-dog123: Aaaand previous comments like this is part of why it's not happening this year.
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 More US based DH events is a good thing. Thank you Fox.
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 Hopefully rumors of a new DH track are true.
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 Goat Skull is one of my favorite tech bike park trails around, but it’s a little lacking in pitch, length, and gnar. A DH track from the top of K1 like the US Open a few years back would be a game changer.
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 Goat skull is for sure an amazing trail but it seems like they groom it more and more every year. Whole sections of rocks and roots turned into flow, hopefully they leave it alone and keep what tech is left.
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 @yahmon: If they do this, Killington would be the best venue in the US for a World Cup. They have the terrain and all the accommodations needed to host a proper world cup.
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 Clay Harper said on a podcast that they run it on Goat Skull so all classes can run the same course. But I think he also mentioned something about a new course from the top being a possibility next year. I think everyone would love to see that.
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 @schwaaa31: Yes, I hope there is new course. I like the current one but it’s more like a bike park trail than a DH track fo WC level riders. I heard there maybe a new one being built on snowdon but idk if true.
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 @yahmon: from what I’ve heard the peak of K1 is in the alpine zone, thus they can’t build trails straight off the peak. Thus you have to do a bit of fire road bombing to get to trails. Could be wrong on that
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 @schwaaa31: what about when they ran it at creek. That track is gnarly as can be lol
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 @ahauck: they did it I think 3 years ago. Off the gondola, started right underneath then went left into the woods.
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 @bigmeatpete420: dunno. That’s just what he said on the podcast. Mountain Creek certainly is gnarly. Love it there.
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 The peak is all Bicknell's Thrush habitat which the state of VT requires 1 acre of restoration for every acre of development. I also believe how the bike park is permitted under act 250 they cannot build additional trail without restoring an equal amount of trail. For those reasons the 2018 track could only be temporary for the event, and not made permanent without a great deal of permitting navigation. Perhaps we will see another temporary track or Killington will actually draw the permits to make it permanent this time around.
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 @harryhood: It's also close to MSA so it would be an easy twofer for the teams, but may draw the same crowd if they are both in the northeast.
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Clay needs to reach out to Neko Mulally. The DHSE figured out the secret sauce of running a Pro/Cat 1 and a Cat 2/3 course.
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 I've heard this is true... also heard that rams head lodge will be under construction, so it may be ending at snowshed instead?...... will be interesting to have something from top to snowshed..... imagine the bottom jump lines leading to a snowshed area finish
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 @brianpleva: could be cool, but there always a lot more tourist over that part, may lead to over crowding.
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 @brianpleva: The whispers I heard was something cut from Cable Trail area down to Snowshed. There's a few OG trails no longer being used that have good pitch over there that could be revitalized for a race. That traverse across is a pain though (from the Stash area). So maybe utilizing the terrain from Cable over towards Yo Vinny/ Funny Bone and then down towards Snowshed. The pitch in there is excellent.
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 @animalrkent: I have seen race tape up in that area, but always assumed it was a hiking trail.
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 @norcoridervt: Unfortunately, that's the path modern mountain biking is heading. No one I wants fun tech trails anymore. They only want dull flow trails.
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 @Roost66: They've run a bunch of enduros over there. But that whole slope where the Superstar chair is has consistently steep pitch and would be ideal for a World Cup level track.
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 @yahmon: from what they said last season due to new construction at the ramshead side of the mountain the new course will be off of the K1 .
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 A NEW DH track is BADLY needed !!!!! THIS coming from a local who rides there A LOT... GOAT SKULL SUCKS..... Back in the day we had bootleg trails that Blew EVERYTHING away that's there today !!! AND YES, I AM AN O.G.
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 Expand hopefully means series points for amateur racers and more events nationwide. Think back to the days of Norba when a national series was a big deal.
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 Best event of the year
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 Wow, XC in Lake Placid and DH in Killington the same weekend. That's amazing.
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 Beast Coast getting recognized.
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 Amazing that we’re getting both events but kinda sucks that they’re on the same weekend. I wanted to see both but now I’ll have to choose.
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 Next we need DH at Whiteface again!
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 Aletha Ostgaard: P3 in 2022, P2 in 2023, 2024...?
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 Same with Asa Vermette. The format of the US Open, combined with the massive prize money, draw in some of the worlds fastest but always showcase the up and coming youth. Awesome way for the young guns to get seen and race against the best of the best.
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 Looked like a awesome event last year, good to see its return..decent purse for riders is much needed
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 ...Killington Killing It \m/
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 Is the track too flat? Heard rumors
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 All of Killington area is too flat. Not even worth the visit. Better off going to Ohio on your next MTB vacation/roadtrip.......
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 @truenorthsimon: still better big bear being closed due to fires over gender reveal. Those people need to be tarred and feathered for that.
  • 2 1
 @Fishoholics: agreed. Nobody cares what gender a sex trophy pops out as....
  • 2 0
 @truenorthsimon: Pitching “Is Omaha The Next Trendy Mountain Town?” story to Outside Mag.
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 @truenorthsimon: even the beer made in Burlington is flat

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