Video: Useless Trivia With the GT Team - Sea Otter 2019

Apr 19, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

We gathered up GT athletes Tyler McCaul, Rachel Strait, Phil Kmetz aka "Skills With Phil", Noga Korem, Joey Foresta, Hans Rey, David Lieb and Athlete Manager Steven Spencer at the Sea Otter Classic and asked them the most useless, ridiculous and trivial questions we could think of - and some really interesting ones too!

Video by Long Nguyen.



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 I just came here to to see Phil
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 Me: Hey anyone else think the dude in the thumbnail looks like Phil Kmetz? *Clicks and looks at article before commenting* Oh it is Phil! But wait, he's not on GT... oh, that's right, he changed bikes and I didn't watch that video yet. Facepalm lol
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 @BaGearA @Svinyard Seeing this is a pleasant way to start the weekend, thanks for the love Smile

I will say, the other being interviewed are way more interesting than me.
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 @PhilKmetz Just talked to us, life is good. Big Grin
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 @PhilKmetz: MY GASH Phil Kmetz replied to my comment , #daymade
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 I just came here to see Rachel. Sooo hot!!!!
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 @Soucy: Lol was going to post something about that... luckily I remembered she's with Kyle before I embarrassed myself. lol
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 @PhilKmetz: that t-shirt! damn! It's a shame those guys at GT don't sell merchandise. Blank Stare give them some input! cheers
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 Phil is the man! Great pick up by GT
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 Proof I’ll watch literally anything with Rachel in it.
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 It works out well for Phil to get more exposure here on a GT since PB hates Evil, ha!
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 T mac wasn't asked what trick he'd like to learn cause he knows them all already
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 how about who designed the very first Gary Turner BMX bike?
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 This was great!
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 No Martin or Wyn?
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 This video was filmed at Sea Otter, neither Wyn or Martin were present there. They are on the road plenty for the EWS, they deserved some downtime.
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 @PhilKmetz: Ah, makes sense … I wondered if that was the case. Thanks!
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 I'm confused by Phil's face... The guy seems to be stuck in the 70s
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 Dude looks like he belongs on a classic rock album cover.

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