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Jul 18, 2016
by Kickstand Hottinger  
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After being so close to competing, then losing the opportunity to a crash the day of qualifiers, I'm hell-bent on having another shot.

After years of riding the old Rampage sites around my hometown, it would be the events’ tenth anniversary that I would be given a number plate and the chance to ride a line. The week prior to the event spent building, riding practice and having good times was unbelievable! This year I’m riding as much as possible and doing the work necessary to be considered for the 2016 Red Bull Rampage. It would mean a lot to get invited back!

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Jeremy Hotingger
First practice session a few days before Rampage. Photo by Paris Gore

Locals getting loose at the old Rampage site jump jam.
Old Rampage site shenanigans. Photo by Margus Riga

2015 Red Bull Rampage
Photo by Gunnar Lindstrom

Our latest project was filmed by Rob Norbutt and team. Despite the July heat and gusty desert winds, our early mornings and late nights paid off. A huge thanks to everyone involved! Instagram @jeremyhottinger

MENTIONS: @jeremyhottingerf / @Sensus

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 @scott-townes showed up to say something shitty, that's how you know you've made it Jeremy!
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flag scott-townes (Jul 18, 2016 at 14:06) (Below Threshold)
 There weren't any big mountain lines in his edit but plenty of sick jumps... how's that shitty to say?
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 @scott-townes: if you know so much about it then where is your rampage edit? Freeride means you ride how YOU want, not how others think you should.
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 @elong801: That's a childish point because I'm not trying to compete but he is. Point being, he's submitting an edit to gain entry to Rampage which is mostly based on your ability to link up a sick big mountain line. He submitted an edit with only sick jumps (aside from a single big ass drop) including that 3 on the sketch jump and the no-look backie, but that's not what Rampage is about. Sorry for not just sucking his ass and saying something constructive instead. Freeride is about how you view riding but obviously this is not just a freeride edit you oversensitive jackoff. He made this to enter a comp. That's all.
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 @scott-townes: Childish? You're the one getting over sensitive. And clearly you have a reputation on here of showing up and just talking sh!t on everything. So who's really the childish one?
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 Big lines were not happening that weekend. It was windy as fuck. Kickstands strongest part of his riding is crazy exposed ridgelines and goat trails. Look up our video from last year. Pretty much is that entire video is big lines. This year we were lucky to get to film at all with the weather we had. I thought we were gonna have to bag it. Jeremy didn't give up and we still busted out some cool stuff.
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flag scott-townes (Jul 19, 2016 at 7:41) (Below Threshold)
 @elong801: Just explaining myself, bud. Relax. And yes, I'm talking so much crap by giving him props, haha.
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 @scott-townes: I calls it how I see's it.

You've been there, you've seen the lines in person, you should have a good idea of terrain and consequence as well as the relative difficulty to produce a decent edit in that terrain. Camera angle and proximity are a challenge, your video doesn't do your riding abilities any justice.

I singled you out because you have something critical to say on EVERY SINGLE POST on pinbike it seems. Your like the Protour of negative opinions everyone loves to downvote.

So when you took the time to comment on this I went wow, maybe someday I will be good enough for @scott-townes to critisize
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 @jewpowered: The basis of contests or contest entries are to find what's missing or lacking. Honestly this is way overblown especially to state I'm writing shitty things about him, haha.
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 @scott-townes: not about him, you just generally say shitty things

I get it, that's your schtick right, you say shitty things, protour is hellbent on convincing people that Demo's are the Worst, Wakileaks criticizes progressive enduro marketing trends.

If pinkbike is a forum, you have a legacy here, we can pick your name out of a crowd and say hey look there's Scott, just saying something shitty as high up in the comments as he can, lets downvote him, he must love that.

TLDR: your pinkbike legacy is just saying negative things about anything you can
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flag scott-townes (Jul 19, 2016 at 10:50) (Below Threshold)
 @jewpowered: Well that's a bit of an overstatement/reaction... haha
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Not really, its pretty accurate actually, you say mostly negative things. People start to notice, maybe try not saying so many negative things?
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flag scott-townes (Jul 19, 2016 at 16:10) (Below Threshold)
 @jjohnny350: Aw cute, its like a lil fanboy gang! Ahdorable. PB = serious business.
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 f*ckING TOOL!!! \,,/

Vicarious is such an apt song for the Rampage, especially last years event.
  • + 6
 So pumped to hear this in a an edit much less any TOOL track. Too bad it needs to be a cover-song, knowing the original well, this was a bit distracting to listen to.
  • + 4
 @Myfianceemademedoit: Agreed, I was a little bummed to say the least about that. I was like "WHERE THE f*ck IS MAYNARD?!" Haha
  • + 9
 I dig the fact he (or someone) brought their cat. You don't see that everyday... Kittie kittie.
  • + 4
 I want a trail cat to go riding with. No leash law for Kitties.
  • + 1
 @properp: Ha! Picturing the confused look on some ranger's face as he tries to figure out wtf.
  • + 2
 @nilswalk: as the cat gives the ranger a displeased look...
  • + 10
 That is RampageKitty!! We found him in our yard the week before we had to leave to shoot rampage last year. His eyes were not even open yet and he was pretty much a furry worm. We carried him in a little bag at the event for the whole week because he had to eat about every 2 hrs. He has been on a few different filming adventures now. We try to just treat him like one of our dogs.
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 @infinityphotorob: Cool story, thanks for the background. Restores some faith in us humans. Reminds me of a Chartreux (cat) we once had named snuggalor...Killer edit as well, good luck to Kickstand!
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 slo mo overkill killed it for me
  • + 1
 agreed. still sick though
  • + 2
 yeah but it was cool to see how he does backflips. he spots forwards then, whips around, pretty unique. 1:40
  • + 6
 nice. I like this guy's style.
  • + 2
 That was an awesome video. With the new format, who knows if he has the skills....i bet a few more well known guys will be left out, so it's hard to say. But I was impressed by the video, and determination and being a young buck is quite helpful. Good luck shredder!
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 I love the shit on pinkbike, all these comments it's like a high schoolers Facebook page, so much "shit talking" you guys keep it classy. I know I can always have a better day by reading such childish shit
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 speaking of rampage...
how is paul bas doing?
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 Unbelievable riding Jeremy and I hope you make it in......fantastic work!
  • + 0
 hes got my vote.
  • + 3
 I got to briefly chat with and watch this guy ride at Valmont, what an awesome dude! Best of luck!
  • + 1
 Nice riding. Glad to see deep creek get some advertising. The owners are friends with a friend of my wife and I's that lives in Rockville. Her scones and coffee are the best!
  • + 1
 Hell yeah Jeremy I hope you get in. You are a blast to shred with and I'm stoked I've gotten to ride with you a few times! You always inspire me to push my own limits and try to get better, keep on shredin the gnar!
  • + 1
 Thanks man! Application the support and hope we can get out and ride some bikes!!
  • + 2
 loved the edit jeremy and you always have the best photos! how could they not invite you back? you got it bro!!
  • + 1
 Thanks for digging and riding in the heat, throwing down! Great job on the edit. Pumped me up big time. Keep it up Yo, work and you will get there. Your doing it.
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 Hell yeah! Good stuff indeed. Unfortunately, you could post footage of leaf raking to a TooL soundtrack and it'd still be ferocious.
  • + 2
 Awesome video, great tunes, killer locations, great riding and a nice Kitty. Liked it!
  • + 3
 Sick riding, sick music, sick cat
  • + 3
 We will keep the dum bass photographers out of your line this time too...
  • + 1
 Hell yeah!! Wil White videos are the best!!! Just kidding Kickstand!! Great edit and find me a rampage kitty too!!!
  • + 2
 What a TOOL. Yuk yuk Good stuff!
  • + 2
 Best music in an edit ever!!!!
  • + 2
 Well done!
  • + 2
 Killing it as usual!
  • + 1
 Great riding Jeremy! Great filming Rob!
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 Yeahhhhh buddy Pinkbike Homepage!!!!
  • + 1
 Best of luck if you get invited this year. Sick edit!
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 Good shit Jeremy!
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