Vee Releases Limited Edition Jordie Lunn Snap Tire, Proceeds to go to Memorial Fund

Dec 9, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Vee Tire Co has released a limited edition version of its Snap tire in memory of Jordie Lunn with proceeds from sales going to his Road2Recovery fundraising campaign.

The Snap WCE was apparently Jordie's favorite from the Vee range so the Thai company is offering a limited run of it in 27.5x2.35" width with "Jordie Lunn Forever" and "#longliveJordie" logos on the sidewall. The tire also features a bunch of Vee's gravity tech including the Top 40 compound and the Gravity Core 2 ply casing.

Jordie's Road2Recovery page was set up after he passed away following a crash while riding trails in Mexico in October. Lunn's family were initially hoping to raise $40,000 to cover their medical fees, funeral arrangements and the transportation of Jordie's body back to Canada. The fund now stands at $92,725, more than double the initial target, so excess funds will be used for, "helping children with cycling and coaching opportunities, biking facilities to ride, helping to establish a baseline concussion testing for athletes worldwide, supporting brain health and injury research in mountain biking, funding research to better understand the health of athlete’s brains post-concussion, and how we can help avoid further losses."

Vee released the following video and statement to accompany the new tyre:

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Press Release: Vee Tire Co.

Earlier this year the mountain bike community suffered a shocking loss. Following an accident, while riding with friends, Canadian freeride legend and all-around awesome guy, Jordie Lunn passed away.

Upon learning of this extremely sad news, the mountain bike community quickly pulled together, launching a Road2Recovery fund to raise money for Jordie’s family to help ease the financial pressure they were under.

It took no time at all before the $40,000 funding goal was passed and at the time of writing mountain bike fans, generous friends and sponsors have managed to raise $91,035. The money raised so far will help Jordie’s relatives cover medical bills with the remainder being put aside to help upcoming athletes with coaching, supporting brain health and injury research, and to fund research to better understand concussion and brain injury so we can avoid further loss.

Jordie was and will always be a key member of the VeeTire Co. family and to help keep his memory alive and to support his friends and family with the Road2Recovery fund, we have produced a limited edition #longlivejordielunn tire.

This limited-edition tire is based on Jordie’s favourite VeeTire Co. Flow Snap WCE, a dedicated gravity tire that suited his freeride adventures and style of riding.

The limited-edition tires will go on sale soon with VeeTire Co. donating all proceeds from sales to Road2Recovery to help support Joride’s family and dreams.

We hope that you too can get involved, either by donating to Road2Recovery, buying a special edition tire, or simply by sharing the Road2Recovery foundation across your social media channels.

Everyone at VeeTire Co. thanks you for taking the time to read our message and for your support.

The tire is on sale here and priced at $74.00. If you wish to donate to Jordie's fund, you can do so here.


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 I like that so many companies are donating ALL proceeds of these products to foundations. Way too often it’s just 10 or 20% so they are basically making profits on the back of something bad happening.

Good job, Vee, endur and all the others Smile
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 Well done VEE.
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 Few people know how good vee tires are..and how amazing Jordie was..."that snake went into a snake hole!"
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 ."that snake went into a snake hole!"
I will never forget that one. First thing that comes to mind when i hear his name.


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 "eat your porridge, jordie"- makes me sad now
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 @dchill: nwd quote from the segment of jordie and cam mcaul dirtjumping in the lunn backyard. for me it always stood for good times. now i got mixed feelings thinking about it, but good times will always stay good times, no matter what happens later on i guess.
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 Don’t know what the ???? Was all about. It was a ????
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 @dchill: this is one of my fav pb comments ever. thank u, and have an upvote.

"Don’t know what the ???? Was all about. It was a ????"
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 @savagelake: when I type it in it's a sad face. when I go back to it it's ????. WTF????
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 @optimumnotmaximum: I remember my local bike shop letting us borrow that DVD a decade ago. Had no idea that was him but that that dvd definitely changed my life
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 @dchill: The forum does not do smileys. Just a few standards Wink
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 @Dropthedebt: That's great, thanks! tup

So dismiss my earlier comment...
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 Thankyou for this Vee tires!!! I am so stoked to ride these ones in memory of my favourite guy! Love y’all!
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 Class move. Jordie flew under the radar for a lot of people in the mtb world, but his legacy will endure for a long time to come. His creative builds, his fearless DIY style, and his love for the sport, will always be admirable. Present and future freeriders should be able to have access to the things he has been a part of. He was a real G who, sometimes, quietly carved out a unique identity. he will be missed.
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 I wonder what would happen if Vee kept the long live jordie tire up for sale at a higher price than the snap, say $5-$10 and kept it going for a while? Donating the extra to the fund regularly
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 I'm sure these tires in that durometer are great, that said I have a set of these in "cheap-ass OEM" trim level on myhardtail and they're downright scary. The rubber feels hard as a rock, they manage the somewhat hard to pull off combo of 'slow rolling, heavy and almost zero grip.' I actually sat at the top of one trail for five minutes because I knew the off-camber roots were going to be so treacherous that it scared me. Same roots (even slick) with a Maxxx Grippp DHR2 and it's a total non-issue.

ALL THAT SAID- good on Vee for doing this.
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 Most bikes come with inappropriate tires in terms of casing or compound. If you have a good relationship with your LBS, it's a non issue.
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 @jpcars10s: Yeahhhhhh, Commencal direct. No LBS support, but whatever- the price was right for a hardtail. I was planning on just riding them bald before upgrading to something worthwhile, but given how hard they are that'd take me a couple years of less awesome riding.....
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 What happened to the T-Shirt idea with the weekly comic strip on it btw?

Thank you VEE!!
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 Just got my T-shirt, socks and stickers in the mail last Friday... sadly looks like you missed out:
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 sry double post
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 @Chris97a: thanks guys! Damn, looks like I did miss out... huge facepalm.
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 We need a 26" edition
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 Yeah, I would buy a 26".
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 Vee seems to be a great company (Check the recent Made with Love Special from Freehub!) and this limited edition is yet another example!
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 I'll buy one and hang it on my wall
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 Nah, ride that thing. vee flow snaps are rad tires. Slow as hell, but super grippy, predictable, and don't get overwhelmed on big hits.
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 Great tire, great fund, not even shipping costs - zero reasons not to support this!
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 They nevermade them for Steve Smith.....
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 Was he on Vee tyres?
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 @Dropthedebt: he wasn't on any tires and he should have
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 Nicely done.
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 Tyres not seated or the graphics are skewiff.
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 thought the same...
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 Rim is unlaced, who cares ?
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 R.i.p. jordie
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 It’s “for sale,” not “on sale.”
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 regional difference, It is english after all.
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