Velorim Sets Up UK Tire Recycling Scheme Before Scrapping Becomes Illegal

Nov 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Now that legislation has passed in the UK making it illegal to scrap bike tires, Velorim has set out to help retailers and riders in disposing of their unwanted rubber.

The law is set to come into place at the end of the year and Velorim has opened up its recycling scheme to allow shops, workshops, hire schemes and refurbishment centers the opportunity to become local collection centers. Velorim will then collect the waste tires and inners tubes and process them into new materials or reuse them in other ways. This means nothing will go to landfill or be exported to other countries. Currently, an overwhelming majority of the 30,500,000 used tires and 152,500,000 tubes head to landfill each year.

bigquotesCycling is a superb sport, great for fitness and superb for the environment.

But, there is a literal black mark against cycling. In the UK, over 44,000 tonnes of tires and inner tubes go to landfill, each and every year. This is a major issue. The cycling industry is not being complacent. Retailers, service engineers, hire schemes and third sector groups are all working together to bring an end to the scrapping of tyres and inner tubes, once and for all.

Velorim has been set up to manage the collection and recycling of inner tubes and tyres on a national basis. You simply need to take your tyres and tubes to your local Velorim Centre where, for a small contribution, they will be disposed of ecologically.

Cycling should be the greenest, most ecologically friendly mode of transport, let’s work together to make this so.

Once Velorim has your old tires they are shredded and granulated before separating the materials into their rubber, steel and fibre components. Each of these materials will then be separated and used for different purposes, Velorim say this could be for construction, safety flooring or insulation. The most useful output from the process is the rubber, this is reprocessed by Velorim into viable new raw materials such as Velo-Butylene™ and Velo-SBR™, both of can be used to manufacture new products.

To help get the scheme out to more shops in the UK, Velorim has now signed a deal with Madison that will now offer its retailers a channel to remove all of their rubber waste. Velorim currently does charge for their pickup service which will cost each collection center £90 per tyre cage collection, £16.50 per tyre bag collection and £20 per tube box collection. Velorim says that collection centers could offset this cost by charging customers a small share such as "50p per tyre and 20p per inner tube." Also earlier this year, Schwalbe launched its own inner tube recycling scheme where it will be recycling the old tubes to create new ones.

You can find out more about Velorim and its recycling scheme here.

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 This is a really good idea and I'd happily pay to get my tyres/tubes recycled.

However without seeing this article how are we supposed to know this law has been implemented. There's millions of bike owners in the UK that will throw away without even knowing. Poor communication as per normal.
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 I can't even find where this is law. Proposed yes, but not law from what I can find.
Article is also misleading. "Velorim Sets Up UK Tire Recycling Scheme BEFORE Scrapping Becomes Illegal" v
"Now that legislation has passed in the UK making it illegal to scrap bike tires"

So which is it? A link to this recently passed law please.
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 @mcozzy: it's this bill i think:


it's still in committee and is not yet scheduled for votes in the commons yet so i doubt it will become law before the end of the year.

I have a limited understanding of it but i believe it mainly gives DEFRA powers to impose 'extended producer responsibility' on tyre manufacturers to deal with them at end of life. which doesn't necessarily make it illegal for a person to put their tyre in the bin.

i could be completely wrong. somebody please put me right if i am

also, i'm in favour of things that enable easier recycling of my tyres and will make use of this Velorim scheme.
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 What? Im not supposed to take my old tyres to the tip or put them in the dustbin anymore? This is news to me.
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 Sad but true. Wheelie bin every time. That you bought folding tyres!!
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 Yeah me too. Its a good job I haven't thrown any out in years, they are all hanging in the garage
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 150 + million tubes a year are binned ? Thats nearly 3 for every single man, woman and child in the uk, back that up with facts please . I myself,and every single rider i know,and i know a fair few ,havnt used tubes in years, i think this is a worthwhile scheme,but dont try and guilt trip us with bullshit.Id happily pay a quid for safe disposal of a tyre ,but dont try to shame me into paying it.
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 The majority of cyclists will be recreational (rather than enthusiast) riders and use tubes. The rate at which people buy tubes is astonishing, especially 700c tubes, as repairing punctured tubes isn't the norm nowadays.
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 theres a lot of people still out there using tubes, people who arent avid bikers on tubeless
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 Commuters kill tubes. On a busy day in the shop a mechanic can easy end up with 10+ tube replacements. Tubeless is for the most part still only adopted by people into the sport/recreational side of cycling.
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 My current tube has 11 patches on it... Winning
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 @nordland071285: this is the way
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 @Spoonmeister: is that right ?? Fxxk me,as a kid starting out riding ,repairing a puncture down the woods was an essential skill to learn or it was day over ,Frown
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 even if the figures are wrong which they may well be its still a thing we should be doing
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 People often throw away their tires way sooner than they need to as well and i'd bet that lots get chucked when people buy a new bike and then want to upgrade their rubber. Shops selling bikes should consider selling them with the rubber of the customers choice to cut down on the waste.
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 This a 1000 times.
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 Cycling should be the greenest, most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Even greener than walking. Ha! Jokes aside, I am all about this. Great step, and not before time.
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 I fail to see how the way authorities (we pay taxes to) handle our rubbish, is "a black mark against cycling?

Been putting tyres in the recycle bin ever since we've had recycle bins.
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 Great idea and all for it. Just need more places to take them to. Currently my nearest shop in this scheme is a 40mile round trip.
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 I’d happily contribute to that!! Love it
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 I just soak mine in diesel then burn them .......joke !
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 This sounds like a great idea
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