Vero Sandler on the Downtime Podcast: Following a Different Route

Jul 2, 2018
by Downtime Podcast  

Vero Sandler - Following a Different Route
Words - Chris Hall // Photo - Moonhead Media

Vero Sandler really is living the dream. After reaching a point where she felt her racing career wasn’t really moving forwards, Vero jumped at the chance to follow a different route with Marin Bikes. Spending her time having fun on a bike and committing that to film seems to be working out pretty well for her.

We sat down a few weeks ago to talk about how she got into mountain biking, her move away from World Cup racing, her approach to learning tricks, thoughts on social media, and much more. Vero has a really great approach to riding, and it’s one that I'm sure we could all benefit from, so hit play and find out more about Vero Sandler…

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 Thanks for sharing this, I hope you all enjoy it!
  • 2 0
 Thank you Downtime. Love your podcasts!
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 @brierb1: Thanks, stoked you're enjoying them!
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 @downtimepodcast: My job requires me to stand in one spot in the middle of the woods far from civilization for hours...your podcasts are my savior
  • 5 0
 @Jimmy0: Can...I have your job?
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 @scary1: timber companies are always hiring field techs, it's a good gig
  • 4 0
 @Jimmy0: no people, in the woods..sounds amazing
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 @scary1: I try not to take it for granted, but you're also talking 50-65 hours/week, typically 2pm-2am, hiking through lots of bullsh*t, etc....but there are some cool spots.
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 @Jimmy0: Are you a professional tree?
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 she's rad to watch ride! her slice of pie seggy's every year are awesome. Her, Tahnee, and Manon!
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 Yeah, she is an awesome rider, so stylish!
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 Ahh everyone loves Vero Smile
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 Awesome episode! Now you’ve got all my favorite girls covered. Thank you.
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 Nice one, happy to help! Any other guest you would like to hear from?
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 @downtimepodcast: just wanted to say that your podcasts are a great listen and you provide an excellent cross section of the mtb race scene, both legends and lower profile individuals as well. I can't think of any other outlet that has given as comprehensive coverage of females in the sport as you have. Keep it up!
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 @downtimepodcast: Rob Warner
He has great perspectives from being in the sport a long time and is a hoot to listen to.
Ben Cathro
I never get tired of this guy. I just wanna hang out with him for weekend.
Anybody who could put aside their ego and actually answer the question " who would you like to take lesson from or ride with?"...maybe ive only listened to the wrong ones.
Great show, it fills a hole in my soul.
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 @Kickmehard: Thanks, that means a lot to me!
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 @scary1: Good stuff, both those guys are on my list!
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 @downtimepodcast: i totally just read that in your voice. That was weird.
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 @scary1: haha, that is weird!
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 yeah like, yeah... Like, yeah! Like... like.. yeah! YEAH! Like... like yeah...

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