Veronique Sandler Signs with Santa Cruz

Jan 1, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Veronique Sandler has signed with Santa Cruz following a 3 year spell with Marin. The UK-based, Kiwi freerider announced she was parting ways with Marin on December 28 and left it just four days to let us know her new sponsors. Alongside Santa Cruz, Sandler will be supported by Title, FiveTen, WTB, Giro and SRAM.

bigquotesHyyype! Can’t even tell ya how stoked I am to be riding for Santa Cruz Bicycles for 2021 and beyond. I can’t wait to work on some exciting bits with these guys alongside these dreamy companies Title, Five Ten, WTB, Giro and SRAM. LETS GOOOO!Veronique Sandler


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 Ohhh now this is some rad news, she’s the type of rider that creates some solid content and not that her former sponsor didn’t help..SC will definitely make it that more young female riders get to see her shred!! Stoked for her and the next gen shredders!!
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 Pretty sure it's oppo. More young girls will by santa cruz bikes now.
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 This is super cool, I wonder if it means they’re going to sideline the whole Juliana thing as she’s such a good thing to have on side for their brand and just keep it all SC?? Juliana colours are usually cooler though IMO!
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 Yeah I never really understood why they did that. Why they didn’t just sign female riders to SC and just make female specific models instead of a separate brand.
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 They weren’t female specific though were they? I thought they were the exact same bikes with different paint and some smaller diameter grips - which is doubly sexist to be fair. One, Santa Cruz is not an exclusively male brand, so having a female specific version was a blatant attempt to exploit a non-existent market. Two, some women have bigger hands than some men. It’s pretty patronising to suggest women need smaller grips in the first place, and also to suggest they can’t sort that out for themselves if they do want to change them. Totally just going after sales - which obviously didn’t work if they are canning the whole thing.
It’s time for the sexist and divisive marketing to stop if you ask me. We’re all humans. Slightly different anatomy but everything else is social construct. There is no need for women’s specific bikes. Bikes are bikes are bikes, props to anyone who generates enough hype to sell them regardless of any slight difference in genitalia.
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 @jaame: They also ran them with different shock tunes as well.
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 @jaame: f*cking oath!
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 "Slightly different anatomy but everything else is social construct."

This is politically very correct.
But actually complete nonsense.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: ha ha ha!
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 I have several women friends who ride SC instead of Juliana, they all give the same reason why: “‘Cause I wanna be able to sell it when it’s time for a new one.” Can’t argue with that.
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 @jaame: "There is no need for women’s specific bikes" Aaaannnd... that' exactly what Juliana is doing. No women's specific bikes, just differents contacts points and a lighter shock tune. Same geometry, same builds, same everything. The saddle question can be discussed but for the shock tune and the grip size, it's just facts : on average, women have smaller hands and are lighter than men. Sure they can change their grips if they don't fit, but that's better when you buy a bike and you don't have anything to change on it before the first ride, don't you think ? Yes, there are some "exceptions" but when you're a big brand like SC/Juliana, you don't make bikes for exceptions. For me this approach makes sense, the most important things (geo, suspension, specs) stay the same. It's way better than what Giant is doing with Liv or Scott and their Contessa models.
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 I always thought it a bit odd that they didn't do a 'Juliana' pack on any 'standard' bike - a free option to have your bike with those smaller grips / lighter shock tune / etc.

They could even double up with a Clyde build and everyone would be singing their praises for the customer specific tuning. It would lead to additional complexity to the supply chain for sure, but not sure if that would cost more or less than their current operating model...
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 @slimboyjim: Awesome idea. That makes a ton of sense. At the end of the day they are charging top top dollar fr their bikes. You do get unparalleled finish quality... but I would never get another because they're just not worth the money to me. It was an intch I had to scratch but now it's stopped itching.
They have a cult following and a lot of people are willing to shell out the extra to get on one - surely for those people the "Juliana Pack" or "Clyde Pack" would be yet another USP.
For the dealers, heck they're already making money - Santa Cruzes are everywhere on the trails near me. And honestly a set of grips or a saddle at cost - probably the same as a tyre for the pair. Shcok tune might take a bit of getting around - there would be some potentially costly swappage there. On the other hand how much does a Superdeluxe cost to buy wholesale? I bet it's under $100 USD and it's not like unused shocks would be going to waste. Dealers could even sell their spare shocks on the cheap and still turn a profit - even trhough the Saturday boy on his FB account or right here on PB.
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flag ricochetrabbit (Jan 2, 2021 at 3:08) (Below Threshold)
 Wait. I thought there are multiple genders...what about bikes specific to the other 63 genders? Hahahaha @thenotoriousmic:
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 @ricochetrabbit: The number of genders is really a matter for debate. I recall reading that Facebook lists 109 or something. I have just done a bit of googling and found various numbers touted - 64, 21, 14. In the Czech census of 2021 there will be two options for male and female, and anyone who abstains from choosing one of those will be fined. While I think the idea of 109 genders is absolutely risible, I am also opposed to the idea that one could be fined for not describing oneself as male or female. Surely one has the right to describe oneself as whatever one chooses. Whether or not one has the right to insist on others accepting or agreeing with their self-analysis is another matter, however.
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 @slimboyjim: "I always thought it a bit odd that they didn't do a 'Juliana' pack on any 'standard' bike - a free option to have your bike with those smaller grips / lighter shock tune / etc."

I expect they don't do that as changing the shock tune to each order adds on quite a bit of labour to each bike sale, and not every shop/vendor is equipped to do that job. Easier to have a pile of bikes ready to go with a more appropriate shock tune.
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 In that case I identify as a cat. Now I have justification to sit on my ass and sleep all day. Sending my paperwork into my job now. @jaame:
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 @ricochetrabbit: a rabbit who identifies as a cat? 2021 - the future is here!
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 @ricochetrabbit: There can't be many better things to be than a rabbit. Get a ton of action, hundreds of kids and you don't have to feed, clothe or educate any of them!
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 Ricochet Rabbit was my favorite cartoon character growing up LOL @tremeer023:
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 @ricochetrabbit: Go back to 4Chan, mouth-breather...
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 @jaame: well said on all points!
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 What? Oh. I forgot. Only liberal group think is allowed here. Clown @eric32-20:
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flag unleash (Jan 3, 2021 at 13:20) (Below Threshold)
 @jaame: why are your knickers in such a twist over something so banal, maybe and this is just a maybe, you have no real problems to get animated over,there are women in this world truly oppressed and victimised your time would be better used championing rights for those poor souls ,these rants seem peurile and the product of a decadent first world view .
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 @jaame: it’s a set of grips get over yourself
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 @jaame: you're exactly right. Just marketing. They ride great, but the grade of carbon used isn't worth the price(for me), comparatively speaking. Fit just isn't that important in mtb as in road. Around 2006 the bike industry had an 'awakening' regarding all the years of lost revenue from not marketing towards women. I remember countless sales reps repeating the same rhetoric about women controlling the money, being xx% of y demographic and so on. Anyway, Santa Cruz has helped to push the sport in a good direction and I don't think it would have happened if they didn't support their ridders in the way they do. I've followed Veronique for years...she has stease (rare for any gender), cool personality, unique clothing, and DIGGGGGGSSSSSS!!! I think she is a great addition to Santa Cruz....that may worth the price tag
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 @ricochetrabbit: there is a hell of a lot of sanctimonious posturing on here ,get these f*ckers a few beers and their true opinions will come flooding out ,these forums are just popularity contests ,sycophantic gladhanders desperate for dopamine hits.
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 Well said @unleash:
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 @jaame: Nah they were slightly different i believe but not ones in the past two years but earlier models were.
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 Super rad. Curious why she's riding a santa cruz instead of a Juliana though? Wouldn't SC want to push their ladies line?
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 She probably likes the Santacruz name... I would too if I was her
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flag jaame (Jan 1, 2021 at 13:48) (Below Threshold)
 @dh-bomber: it’s “if I were her.”
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 "If I were" is correct when talking about hypothetical situations.
"If I was" is correct when talking about things that actually happened.

@ everyone who downvoted me - you're welcome.
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 @jaame: why the downvotes.... He may be a pedant, but he's correct and I salute him.
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 There is nothing wrong with trying to educate the grammar heathens. People should be thankful for the free education. To anyone who didn't know the correct usage of "if I was" vs "if I were" - I have literally just done you a massive favour. It could be the difference between you getting your next job and not getting it. I tell you what - if I interviewed someone who didn't know the difference it would certainly count against them. After all, if you didn't listen to your teacher at school, are you going to listen to me now? If you can't learn a basic grammar rule, are you going to be able to learn to do this job? Will serious business contacts take you seriously?

When people correct me I thank them. It may be embarrassing or seem rude at first, but at the end of the day I'm trying to be the best me that I can be. Every little helps.
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 @jaame: But your such a grammar pedant... Wink
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 @jaame: best grammar lesson on a bike site, ever. You sir, win The Internet today!
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 @jay-me: u have two accounts then?
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 @jaame: I hope that you only correct your friends. Otherwise, you should buy the new Santa Cruz HighHorse! Smile
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 Santa Cruz adding even more spit and polish to an illustrious brand. Nice move.
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 well deserved! keep going
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 Wicked! Deserved!
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 @voltagelmtd: wow, you really ran with that one.....Steve Peat gave Josh that nickname because he looks like a Rat. Or maybe you have a rat as a pet, then, I apologize.... I love squirrels, lol. I just don't think Rat Girl is appropriate for her. It just does't make sense at all!
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 Let the making shapes begin!!
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 Hell yeah! Great news! Can't wait to see some edits!
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 2021, already looking better
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 I think it's a good trade for loris. Can't wait for the TitleMtb edits. And for the launch edit for the updated bronson. I hope they release a more jibbable and jumpable bronson with her as the face of the launch.
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 Her Vision movie was super cool, really happy for her.
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 Perfect fit Cool . Congraty! 2021 is already shaping up
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 The trails in Santa Cruz are better than the trails in Marin. Great choice Veronique!!
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 A some upgrade for her. Even cooler it’s not a Juliana. They need to kick that and just have one brand.
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 One of the best riders to watch male or female. Congrats! I think it hurts Juliana brand if we don't see her on one at least some of the time. Is Juliana not for serious female riders?
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 There you go. Well done, Veronique. Now let's see us some bitchin' skids.
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 Perfect match
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 Such a great fit!
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 GTFR on MICHELIN tires and ALPINE STARS helmets!!!
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 Big Move for the Syndicate!!!!!
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