Video: Riding Downhill in Squamish - Top to Bottom Lap With Henry Fitzgerald

Oct 17, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

For this top to bottom, we head to our hometown of Squamish, with local Norco Factory Racing rider Henry Fitzgerald.

Squamish is home to some of the best mountain biking on the planet and we took Henry down 19th Hole. The trail is steep, loose and fast. Plenty of line choice for a downhill racer to get sucked into!

Who would you like to see do a top to bottom? Leave a comment and let us know!

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 Hey Pinkbike , since you’ve came to town , you’ve largely contributed to a huge traffic increase on trails, which is all great cause we all love fellow bikers but YOU are clearly promoting the riding here but I fail to see how you are actually giving back? For instance, ever since Remi did his first run on credit line that trail,got trashed and all the fast, fun fast lines that had been there for years, quickly got eroded. That trails is in the worst shape ever at the moment and you are still filming on it, are you going to fix it one day ? And Now you’re gonna take this crap to 19th ? Really??

I dont think you’ve sponsored ONE toonie race this year , while other local businesses are donating.I cant even think of a single local event you guys ever sponsored.Im sure you have but quite frankly with all the revenues your making here Id expext to see PB everywhere and I just dont.I would be real curious to see how much money you are donating to Sorca every year....Surely you must be contributing in some ways...but how?

Heres an idea, Instead of using old beat up tracks, how about you commission and maintain a brand new trail?You could do all your racing/testing on it, get real consistency with your timing and old timers like myself would get pissed at you for taking advantage of all the volunteer work that weve done here over the past 30 years...

End of rant
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 Well, that’s just like your opinion, man.
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 Tuumbak has a point. Pb pls stop #Squamcouvering everything so hard.
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 the inter web can be brutal on all our favorite spots, be it fishing, skiing, biking
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 Well, said....I agree 100%
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 They definitely co-sponsored a social with fergies (soon to be rebuilt ) yeah good breakfast in Squamish again !
I have some sweet socks and a t shirt I won at it
Can always do more but the business they drive here helps allow all the local businesses to have the revenue to pony up and fill the calendar every year now with stellar events week in week out
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 @tuumbaq, thanks for the feedback. Giving back to our community, whether that be to the local Squamish community, or the larger global MTB community, is one of our core values.

We give back to the local trail networks here in Squamish and in the Sea to Sky corridor through direct donations, sponsored events and fundraising activations. We sponsored a SORCA Cinco earlier this year with Fergies. And our Xmas party will have a SORCA fundraising component too. (December 14th - Norm And Rudy’s - locals save the date).

Through our work with Trailforks we advocate proper trail usage and provide a platform for direct donations to trail associations around the world via Trail Karma.

Happy to send you more details of our donations. Please send me an email:
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 Oh and more thing - get off my lawn!
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 @tuumbaq, your post really got me thinking. Initially, I thought "here we go, this guy is just on a bitter rant..." and how dare you rip on PB! But then I ended up agreeing with the points you made, especially about the impact a video will have on a local trail. It happened where I live with a couple of my favorite local trails featured in videos and in the comment section the exact location was shared.

Now with Trailforks, any joe can get access to a trail system and put together a pretty decent ride. Now, we know some of the trails don't make it on Trailforks if they are not sanctioned, so there still has to be some local knowledge to ride the really good stuff.

So, who really benefits from a video like this and even more so Trailforks? Pretty much everyone except the locals that already know the trails and really don't want a bunch of extra people riding their trails.

We all agree if there weren't cool videos featuring these trails, we would have a hard time getting through the work week. Without Trailforks, we can't come up to Squamish and ride these awesome trails. So the solution? Simple:

If you use the app to help you navigate a trail system, simply make a donation to that area. I put my money where my mouth is and just made a donation to SORCA. The link to the local trail association can be found right on the trail area's page thanks to Trailforks (AKA Pinkbike).

So, if you have ever used Trailforks and not made any contributions, get on there now and SHARE SOME LOVE! Let's overwhelm all of the hard-working folks out there with the single biggest day of contributions they have ever seen! Who's with me? Hello? Anyone?
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 @jshloger: weird, your donation doesn't show up on the trail forks page.
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 Squamish Sucks Don't Go!
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 @djbuilder: thanks for the heads up! Turns out it was kind of a hassle to donate, I had to link my PayPal account. It should be good now, thanks!
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 So happy nobody is riding in Whistler haha!
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 Top to bottom lap with Randy
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 right here
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 one day we will see a norco factory dh with a 'zocchi on the front and all will be right with the world.
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 There should be a series showing experienced but average riders on a trail, segment by segment, then a pro riding it to show what is possible at the highest level of our sport. I would be so generous as to offer my services and willing to leave immediately upon receiving my plane ticket and per diem expense compensations.
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 So selfless of you
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 Weed is tight
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 Weed is legal today!
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 Hot Lap with Henry and a local to compare the difference!
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 you up for it?
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 @onecutmedia: I can volunteer to show how to walk the majority of those sections with grace
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 Henry is a local tho
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 Will get destroyed but hell yea im game to giver a shot!! @onecutmedia:
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 @LOLWTF: Hes from squamish??
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 hot lap with Randy.please.
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 Cameras don’t do justice to how steep and gnarly this trail is!
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 Can't be that gnarly, those dudes rode down it with open face helmets and no padding on bikes that looked like they had 70 degree head angles?
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 @Brahma: Welcome to Squamish. Old dudes riding super steep gnar, not giving a f*ck.
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 @jayacheess: squampton OGs
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 So sick! Always wanted to see if pros would hit that hap down lower with the super wild run in to an off camber corner landing! Gutted it finished so soon!
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 Did he gap the creek at the bottom of the trail?
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 Those dudes bring the fire extinguisher?
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 I have not done 19th in about ten years . The trail is more than 20 years old. I have never seen the trail so buff!
Bring your DH bike for this trail.
Warning: trail is actualy steeper than depicted in this video!
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 Sam Hill, the answer is always SAM HILL!
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 Henry Fitz bringing the sparks! that poor derailleur.
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 I think it was his pedal.
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 Looks like the perfect climb for my E-bike.
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 Having done that trail on a trail bike, I can say that that trail is really difficult, a DH bike is definitely useful over a trail bike
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 Loving that HSP1
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 19th Hole to Angry Midget ist still one of the best laps I've erver done... Still grinning from ear to ear just from thinking of it
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 Good riding! looks steep and rough even with the gopro effect.
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 struthers did it on a hardtail
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 that is one bad ass lookin old school descent!
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 rode that trail end of may several times... super steep and loose... went otb but had a lot of fun^^
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 Sparks for added points! Gnarr
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 Nice trails! I want to ride now
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 A great bike vid and keyboard drama - the total package!
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 That there is a genuine "Canuck Ripper"!!
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