Video: Solo Jumps & Flow Somewhere Deep in the Woods of Bavaria

Mar 22, 2020
by BRP Crew  
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The BlackRiverpark, a freeride paradise in the middle of nowhere. Man-made with heart and soul.

a handmade trailstory

This video project by Korbinian Blendl and Kilian Kemptner is meant to be a counterpart to the popular bike park videos and large film projects. It shall increase awareness of everybody's environment and their trails around. It doesn't always have to be the park with the uplift three hours away. Especially in times of climate change, virus and the question of how mountain biking should establish itself in the ever-growing leisure tourism.


Having a proper hometrail nearby is something everyone is keen for and yet it is a true rarity. But why? What is the core of the drive? In our opinion, it is the go out and dig and ride mentality. Practice what you preach! Go out there, pick up the shovel and stick to it. A good home trail lives from the people it brings together and the interaction that happens in such places. Together we create things and working side by side on a rad jump line means the world to us and we celebrate those good times.

Digging and creating things together by hand influences how we deal with each other in a positive way.


How good a trail spot is has nothing to do with how big its obstacles are, it is more a matter of compositions. It doesn't always have to be Dirt Merchant or Aline to keep things exciting. Quite the contrary: Quality originates in details. It is the arrangement of features and how they fit into the surrounding landscape, the change of centrifugal forces and the right order of corners and berms. These are the facts that make things exciting. The motto is to work on it together and get involved. Being a good trail builder also means becoming a better rider. Not only do jumps grow, but also friendships and everybody's relationship and awareness of nature. You'll be surprised how much of an impact swinging a shovel can have on your ideology.

Go out, create something and support your local trails!

Kind regards, the BlackRiverPark-Crew

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 Happy to say I spend more time digging than riding, built the local jump spot in my town and got all the young kids into riding jumps... the downside is the overly entitled attitude of older people, even the local bike store that holds an enduro event in the forest went and knocked down one of my jumps so they could have a 'safer race' for everybody. Too many strava idiots who cant ride knocking stuff down so they can get faster times. Ive resorted to not cutting in any trails so no one knows where they are, hopefully after the fires, flooding and now corona virus I can get back out there again soon!
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 Those people suck. Make your next trail insanely hard to ride. Add a huge gap at the beginning.
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This is exactly what I did with my current trail, scares me to even look at the first roll in feature, figured it would keep the douches at bay
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 @ctd07: would like that too, the good thing is if its hard enough most people dont think its a bike trail
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 Please don't see the text and the video as a snapshot in time and please don´t put it in context with the Virus too much, see it more as a general statement. These are rough times for everybody, so it should also be clear that the footage were recorded months ago, not yesterday. Hopefully the whole haunt will be over soon. Please stay safe everybody.

Get involved also means to talk to responsible people in your Area and get permissions for the things you want to build.
This is not just good for you, it changes the way people see Mountainbiking. It infects authorities in a positive way. I know its nerve racking sometimes but stay persistent and explain your perspective. I´m sure this is the right way to be successful.

Thanks for the positive response everyone Smile
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 Sorry, but in my area are too many hikers and foresters that like to destroy these built trails. one day its built the next its destroyed. if ever somebody says this is a bike area i loose it.
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 Its the same here, people destroy jumps to make them easier. In order to avoid beginners on the trail, I build a gap jump in the beginning.
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 @Tiez: here they are destroyed not to ride at all. they rip out bridges and pull logs over the trail every 5 meters.
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 All cool and nice, but... you have to be the landowner. Here you just can't go and build this stuff in someone else's woods. Owners are too afraid that random people get injuried in their property.
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 Word...but for now - please stay at home...
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 sick trails & nice riding!
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 Super dope, loving the style of the rider but also the building style
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 so nice. I'd love to see more of this over here in Germany
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 Such a nice crew! I love hanging out with them. Big love and props to their riding skills!!!
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 Sweet work syncing the beat just right... Feeling those berms and airs! Thanks for all the work!
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 Nice edit! Keep local trails in shape!
Grüße aus Regensburg, Ihr Franken Seggl
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 wish i could bould berms jumps etc like tht
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 Styles for miles!
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 Wo "ungefähr" ist denn der Spot? Sieht nach richtig Spaß aus.
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 What is he riding?
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 I was wondering the same thing but I couldn't see the bike properly. Maybe a trek remedy or transition?
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 @frednewton: Its a Scott Spark 900 Smile
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 @blackriverpark: oh ok. Thank you! it looks like a nice bike.
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 The song goes perfectly with these trails and the riding. Great vid!
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 nice one! good job with the digging!
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 Banner notice: "It is irresponsible to take risks."

Video title: "Solo jumps...deep in the woods, somewhere in Bavaria."
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 I know the Dudes and I don't think they were so irresponsible to film this clip now, instead it has been in the making for quite some time..
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 YEAH!!!!So everyone who already had footage filmed before the pandemic make sure you don't share it with anyone.Some people may think its irresponsible. If you want to complain about people being out and about then complain about the stupid American kids that wont get off the beaches for spring break.
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 @nug12182: relax peoples, just something that caught me as a humorously mixed message. Ride on Smile
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 @Feideaux: Im sorry
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 I know this guy!
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 great trails and riding
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 well that was cool!!
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 very sick flow
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