Video: Stylish Trail Riding from Max Rendall on Orbea’s Laufey Hardtail

Mar 3, 2020
by Orbea  

Full details on the Laufey Max Rendall is riding at


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 It's nice to see some hard tail love. Looks like a nice bike and a nice edit.
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 Would love to see a big hardtail shootout, steel, aluminum, carbon, titanium, budget and dentist bikes, handmade, factory made, 27.5, 29... Love my Chromag Primer and would be cool to see how it stacks up!
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 @crash-brother: simmer down, man! "Let's have a shootout of 137 bikes that aren't all similar"
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 I'm all for ht edits, but they are always only shown beong ridden on soft dirt or ultra groomed trails. Modern progressive hardtails can tackle anything their rear suspended brethren can, only a bit slower. How about some rocky natural terrain?
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 I thought the exact opposite! If trails like this existed where I lived, I would definitely consider something other than a pump-track toy when I think of buying a HT.
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 Because the companies need to sell the full sus bikes that have a higher profit margins... People need to see the differences between bikes to justify their purchases... Why buy the pricier bike when you can settle for the cheaper hardtail?... n+1 is a great sales concept... You'll always want that extra one...

I don't know anything about marketing or business so I actually don't know what I'm talking about.
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 no roots were harmed filming this edit
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 Perfect trail for that bike.
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 That's some laufey countryside. Wales?

(BTW, for some reason the link redirects me to their India site. Interesting to see prices in Rupees.)
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 Not Wales - Scotland. Filmed in and around the Tweed valley - Glentress and Innerleithen. Visit, you'll like it
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 @Jethro1: Thanks! I've been to Scotland (my people are from the Clyde Valley, by way of Canada), but not to the Tweed Valley. Need to visit!
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 Looks like a great bike at the right price points! But I couldn't find the top-end build with the glass fiber leaf springs. They could call it the Laufier...
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 Sick work boys. Chill vibes
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 Whaaat?? This is a sick hardtail / sick edit. That color green will scare the living shit out of an Ebike.
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 Awesome stuff ???? The drone footage up golfie showing views of the Tweed valley was nice touch ????
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 love max
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 Not a bad looking bike, would ride her hard!
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 My hardtail was stolen 6 months ago Frown
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 Always a pleasure watching a hardtail shredder
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 Dirt sidewalk. Not a trail.
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