Video: Rising Star Cecce Camoin Shows Us the Good Life in the Mediterranean

Jan 14, 2023
by Felix LE BLANC  

OFFLINE is what lives outside the internet. It's what we are as we turn off and return to the roots, to human interactions, the genuine innermost thoughts, with those who know us best, who know our weaknesses and our strengths.

In this series, we want to show racing fans the four Specialized Enduro team athletes through the eyes of an individual, the one who knows them best. What makes them who they are, and how does mountain biking fit within that landscape?

For this first episode, we met Cecce, a Corsican enduro mountain bike athlete. His father, Alain, told us the great story of an enriched life, full of energy and desire to live in harmony with nature. Through the breathtaking scenery of his native island, Cecce takes us through the rich contrast that exists in Corsica. The land, sea, and rocks of the Mediterranean island are the perfect playground for both action and contemplation.


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 I can't watch this on a freezing cold day in Yorkshire. I just can't take it anymore
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 Don't fret. Just make a video about the good life in Yorkshire's winter! Think of eating pudding, fish&chips, riding in the slop - you would sure miss that in Corsica.

Awareness is the clue. Not consuming a scenery for Insta!
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 @cxfahrer: what an extraordinarily uplifting comment, you sure you’re on the right site?
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 visit Portugal - Still deciding to put sunscreen or no on sunny days Big Grin
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 @cxfahrer: What is all this positivity? I came here to read unfounded aggression and you go and pour a bucket of unwavering happiness and mindful thinking on my soul. Thanks for ruining my frown.
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 Amazing video, so cool to hear it from his dad and see him riding and living the good life in such a simple way. So cool.
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 Such a unique take. Love this.
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 Looks almost identical to my childhood growing up in rural Ohio.
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 Man. I'm envious of the way this kid grew up and envious of his parents being able to provide him this lifestyle. Pretty amazing. It actually looks like they live a pretty simple life, even if they obviously have some privilege.
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 This dude is a lucky one to have that opportunity, and good to see he is using it to live life to the fullest.

It’s easy to be envious of those who get to play every day. Plenty of my friends have trusts to lean on, and that’s all and good for them, but everyone should work to contribute towards society in a positive way. I’d love to hang in the woods with my kid every day teaching him how to hunt, fish, shred, etc., but that’s just not how we live. I still plan yo teach him all that, but at the same time he also needs to have a good work ethic and get educated, even if I was rich I wouldn’t let him cruise by in life playing all the time. I put long hours, blood, and sweat into a career reducing the impacts of critical infrastructure on vital resources. Before I got this engineering gig, I worked hard as a farmhand, dishwasher, line cook, and festival security, while also taking my studies serious. And then when I can shred I go all in because I don’t take the time off for granted. The working class 100% deserves more respect. If it wasn’t for people like us everyone would be cold, hungry, thirsty, and sick. Shred hard, but also work hard! Take pride in the fact you have to grind to get by. Don’t sweat those who don’t, different strokes for them.
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 Seems similar to thiss old video from 1 year ago....
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 What a beautiful video.
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 I'm grateful to the makers of this video. Kudos to the father, kudos to the son. My 2 boys have a river with fish and a couple of standing waves, foothills, several mountain bikes and season passes to the ski area 16 miles from our front door. I hope that my exposing them to these things is enough and I struggle when they would rather play video games than drive the 35 minutes to a high-speed quad ski lift. I guess setting an example is the most important way to show them(?). If I force them to go skiing, riding, fishing, surfing, etc. I am afraid they will run the other direction. Privileged problems, I know.
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 This ain't real life groms..get a job.
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 Life is what you do, not what others do.

Live your life on your own terms, not sone idealized version of what it can be.

We will all get old, and your abilities will wain, don’t be sad for what you c as n’t do if don’t have, be satisfied with what you can do and do have.
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 Christ is my life.
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 B lines is my life
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 good he wasn't amongst the 8% specialized laid off
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 1:19 : In Osmosis with the Bush and with the sea as well...
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 Must be nice...
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