Video: 1 Minute of Raw Slopestyle Flow from France

Jul 22, 2020
by UR Team  

1 minute, 1 track, 1 rider. Loic Esteve built this flow jump line of his dreams in the South West of France so he could unveil all of his steeze!

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 I'ma need at least 2-3 more minutes of that.
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 thats what she said
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 @adrennan: No. She told she never wanted it again.
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 dear editors: we gotta stop making edit cuts halfway through a trick then subsequently showing the rest of the trick from a different angle/cut. Let your viewers see the full trick play out then show the other angle.
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 I second this. The last half of the video was less so, but the first half was frustrating, especially as he has great style.
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 unfortunately it is a rule of filmaking to cut during the action and never afterwards. it may sound wrong but otherwise the video is really slow.
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Slow for people that don't have any attention span or don't ride. Awesome for everyone else.
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 tru enuff
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 @t-o-d-d: it's certainly not a "rule" of filmmaking. A stylistic choice? Perhaps. But cuts like that aren't typically used for pacing either in action films, but instead because it can be difficult to get full action shots and guarantee the safety of actors/actresses/etc on set especially in fight scenes, have the entirety of a car flipping scene play out the way you want, etc. Jackie Chan and his stunt crew are big advocates of fully taking punches and showing follow through in their edits, it's one of the things that made him a great action star. It's a really difficult feat to accomplish by stunt actors in a way that looks real. That's why most block busters that don't have a resident Jackie Chan caliber star just resort to cutting before a punch lands.

In this videos context, bike tricks are best served whole because the riders are completing these tricks while they shoot, and pacing isn't a huge issue in a one minute clip. I'd wager this particular video was cut like this stylistically, not because it would bore the audience if they did otherwise. Pacing is certainly less of an issue in a one minute video.
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 @anchoricex ok Big Grin i admit i have not much clue about filmaking.
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 Makes s decent case for never put lairy music on bikes videos ever again
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 Yo! The nose 3
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 Do your helmet up.
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 Youtube compression sucks. We need that at a higher bit rate so it looks decent - need more.
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 Great build, action and style... but mec, buckle up ton fichu helmet!
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 Damn hommie. That was stellar. Reminiscent of the god.
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 agree. shades of the beast. well done.
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 So good. Whoa, I didn't notice he was on a full sus bike until the 3rd viewing. Is this the Tridd ZZ bike?
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 Loved it.....would like about 9 more minutes
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 Great video! Trails look sick!
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 what´s the funny sound at 0:43? A duck?
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 Chin bar hitting front tire

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