Video: 10+ Insane Whips in Slow Motion from Crankworx Innsbruck 2021

Jun 17, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Crankworx Innsbruck started off with a bang, quite literally, with riders going way past sideways at the official European Whip Off presented by POC. Which one was your favorite?

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 Kaos in his sister's pants. Kade, also in Kaos' sister's pants. Sick whips.
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 Surely you meant trousers... right? Big Grin
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 @noisette: Yes for Kaos, no for Kade
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 @noisette: yes we are not in Alabama
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 Looks like they are insanely close to the limit of what is possible on a bike. How could anyone top this?
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 fill tyres with water, use gyro forces to 360 one way and then 360 the other way
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Physics has left the chat
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 @GumptionZA: I can't whip and have a shaky or possibly delusional grasp of the physics involved, but I was also wondering if a heavier bike and more rotational inertia in the wheels would make this easier. Mostly because moto bikes can get upside down and backwards and still bring it back. But they also have a throttle...
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 Use an ebike so you have the help of a throttle to bring it back around.
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 @watchtower: throttle - a device controlling the flow of fuel or power to an engine.
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 @skidmarkbro: ah cool, so the pedals.
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 Unreal. Curious as to what a drone up above the landing would show for an angle. Could be a cool shot. Maybe offset just enough so if the battery died it wouldn't land on a rider. I dont know how they work.
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 What the hell did Kaos just do?!? I got up from my chair and went for a walk around the apartment after seeing his whip. Insane.
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 It’s no longer whips, it’s reverse 180’s. Insanely good!
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 Best lateral abdominals for Kaos!
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 The 2 kiwi Lasses on the podium!? Yeeow!
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 I'd call it 3
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 Wow, some of those whips are absolute works of art.
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 Thought I was impressed by Goldstone's whip... and then Kade.... but then Kaos is on another level!
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 Yeah I was surprised to see Jackson there
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 @Boxmtb: He won here last year if I remember it correctly. It was the first time I realized, he might not be that pushbike kid anymore...
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 That was absolute Kaos!
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