Video: 11 & 8 Year Old Shredders Send Nico Vink's Huge Creations at Bikepark Ferme Libert

Nov 15, 2020
by ReverseComponents  

Les 9 Roues (The 9 Wheels) are one rad family, made up of Toni (dad), Laetitia (Mom), Raoul ( 11 ) and Emric ( 8 ). After their mother Laetitia was diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative disease, they sold it all to travel full time and pursue their love for riding bikes. The 9 wheels comes from the 4 bikes they ride together as a family, with 3x2 wheelers and 1x3 wheeler off road trike for Laetitia.

In the summer months they go from Bikepark to Bikepark, riding together. We had the privilege of meeting this incredible family and knew we had to sponsor them to help them push their limits and achieve thier dreams .

In early September, the boys had some time to shred the Bikepark Ferme Libert in Malmedy, Belgium, full of freshly crafted jumps created by Nico Vink. These kids can ride !!

Welcome to the team guys!

Please give the family a follow on Instagram @les9roues

Video by Jelle Harnisfeger


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 I rode a bike when I was 8 too.
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flag tmwjr777 (Nov 15, 2020 at 7:45) (Below Threshold)
 Yes.... But could you ride LIKE THIS at 8 years old??? If so, color me impressed! I've been riding for 20 years and these kids look more composed, comfortable and stylish on "big park terrain" than I do!
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 @tmwjr777: uh, nope, I didn't ride anywhere close to this when I was eight. I think I may have gotten four inches of air a couple of times, and probably half of those were accidents.
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 Got the Vink hair dialled.
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 So Girlyy
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 @RedBurn: revealed the real reason germans like richie schley. Just stick to david hasselhof and leave mtb out of it.
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 @pieters: not sure if he‘s joking or he‘s actually confusing Belgium with Germany
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 I think my training wheels came off at 9 lol
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 Never thought I would say that one day I hope to be as good as an 8 year old, but these are strange times indeed.
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 I saw Emeic landing a 8meter table into manual this summer in bikepark Ferme libert... Mind-blowing.
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 OMG!!! Shredders! They have my heart 3
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 Is Transition a popular bike brand in Europe? Anyways, those kids know how to ride!
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 In my area, north Italy, they are pretty common
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 The is a noticeable transition in people's choice for a bike Brand
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 They look like twins!
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 Great job ya little rippers!
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 Saw these kids ride the Malmedy trails. Super good to watch..!!
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 Wasn’t clear to me who was sponsoring them. First rule of promotion, make sure your name is mentioned
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 That's us!
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 First rule of watching a video, watch it till the end Smile
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 Those little Vinkers! Pun Intended
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